swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 7

Hello friend I am back again. Sorry for being late. Let’s Start…..

Sanskar opens his eyes. He looks around and tries to get up.
He saw swara was sitting beside him leaning against the bed. She gets up due to sudden movement of Sanskar.
Swara : Sanskar !
She helps him to sit. Sanskar admires her care.
“Whoo…my head is spinning like hell…wait was she sitting like this whole night ? And who changed my cloth… Swara…..but how can she….no problem after all she is my wife.”
Sanskar : who changed my cloth ?

Swara : me….woh actually you had vomit on him..
Sanskar : and you cleaned it….
Swara : yes…now drink this kara it will heal your headache
Sanskar :what….never i don’t like it it’s bitter
Swara : what ! Sanskar maheshwari the great business tycoon is scared of kara !
Sanskar : what…no problem I’ll drink it.. It’s not a big deal..i deal with so complicated person….this kara is nothing infront of them
Swara : then drink
Sanskar : ok..is it very bitter ?
Swara : yes
Sanskar drinks it making a disgusted face
Swara : good boy

Sanskar : yuck…okk i drank it now youll have to listen to me
He makes her sit on his lap and holds her hand
Sanskar : i am so sorry for last night…actually…
Swara : no problem kavita said everything…
Sanskar (monolouge) thanks yaar kavita
Swara : but …i shouldnt have come there…actually when he said about your accident…
Sanskar : my accident… Who said
Swara : i dont know..he just gave me address
Sanskar : who is this enemy of mine
Swara : but kavita..y..was ..she
Sanskar became tensed
He immediately engulfs swara into a hug
Sanskar : sush…let me feel you…i missed you soo much
Swara became happy and hide hr face in his chest.

At manali
Ragini :hello laksh ! When will u come ?
Laksh : hey..wifey..i am just going to board..
Rqgini : laksh actually bhai and kavita left they had an important mettting ……
Laksh : hey…but i wanted to talk with him
Ragini : no problem… Bhai said he will meet you at kolkata
Laksh :ok ..n i love you bye
Ragini :luv you too bye

Kavita : hello randhir…please yaar dont cut the call…i am just boarding on plane…
Randhir : why…stay with your fake husband?
Kavita :please yaar…once i come…everything will be fine
Randhir :you think soo….but just leave it…
Kavita : hello..hello…randhir..
Kavita :dont worry my love iam coming to you..

Precap- start of education

Credit to: Sinin


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    Its nyc..bt Very Small..n Haa waiting fr New Swara n New Sanskaar Very Badly..continue soon wid A Bigger Part..

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