swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 6


Hello friends sinin here after a long time. Actually there was some network problem. But now fine. Friends i know all of you want to see a strong and bold swara but please wait for sometime,the more pain she gets the more she’ll be strong. And more ever don’t you all want to see Sanskar changing? Then please wait .

All are totally shocked. So many questions were on their mind . who is she , why she was closed to Sanskar and why Sanskar slapped her ???
Kavita : kabir yaar do something..
Kabir : what should i do ? Sanskar is totally drunk. He is out of control. Actually it was our fault . we shouldn’t have bought him here. He cant handle this much.
Kavita : wait I’ll do something…
Kavita : Sanskar!
Sanskar : how dare you came he…..
He faints and falls on swara.
Kavita : rajat please drop Sanskar to the car and you all please enjoy.
She takes swara with her.

Sahil : you all please enjoy
Ankush : but who was that girl ?
Kabir : actually she was Sanskar’s ex girlfriend. Now again trying to lure him. You all know na this kind of girls… But don’t worry kavita will handle everything.
All become satisfied by the answer.

Kavita makes Sanskar sit on car.
Swara was stil on shock. She was going to sit but kavita stops her.
Kavita : swara i am sorry all this happened because of me
Swara looks at her with confusion
Kavita : Actually Sanskar wanted to meet you first but i forcefully took him in the party. And you know na he can’t handle.. Whatever he did….i mean he was not in his sense….
Swara : i understand… Thank you
They went away
Kavita : Sanskar this is what i could do… Rest is your destiny.

Swara point of view
I sit in the car. He was trying to lean on the door but due to shaking he was getting pain in head. I get into the corner and make him lie. I keep his head on my lap. I think he became comfortable and give a slight smile in sleep . I couldn’t hold my tears back. Not because he slapped me….. Cause how can anyone do this to me… What was the need to lie…only i know how i felt onthat moment… I feel i got my life back seeing him fine. But he have drink alot…i have head that people forget what they have done in drunken state. I just pray that he forgets what he did to me…. Otherwise he will feel guilty… And i cant see that .

We reached home. Kaka helped me and make him lie on bed. I escorted him and said “Thank you kaka and you please eat food.”
He slightly smiled and went.
I looked at dining table the foods which i made for him.those were cold. I leave from there.
He was sleeping a hand on one side and a leg on other….. Completely in disorder.
I opened his shoes and shocks. I make him lie on a pilow and covered him with a blanket.he was sleeping like a child. I also sleep beside him thanking god for this loving husband.
After 3 hours
I woke up by some noise. Sanskar he was coughing. Oh no… What has happened to him ? I tried to give him some water but he refused .
I am feeling vomiting….. He said i take him to washroom but before that he vomited. His vomit was all in his clothes. His face become pale.
I became very scared but i took a deep breath and make him sit on sofa . i first make him drink water. He refused but i made him drink forcefully.
I took of his clothes and cleaned his body. I make him wear his night suit. And again made him lie this time he was comfortable and sleep easily. But i didn’t take a chance i washed my face and sit beside him. I didn’t face much problem…. What can be more beautiful scenery rather than seeing my husband sleeping peacefully with a smile on his face ?

Precap – haven’t decided

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Credit to: Sinin

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    Interesting n inspirational story Sinin……

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