Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 52



Sanskar’s life which was filled with darkness in the world of light,has got its pure light inside a closed lift. this darkness has shown him the full form of light..which one gets from pure love.
now as if this lift has become their heaven where he got his forgiveness , his love and his child.

as if the time has not stop for both of them. they are on that position for eternity.
sanskar has find his solace in her arms…he still thinks that it is a very blessed dream which will break anytime…he just want to capture the moments.

swara was careressing his hairs.

sanskar – swara….

swara – hmm…

sanskar – is this a dream ?

sw ara – no sanskar…its our reality…

sanskar – then we will live happily ever after ?

swara places his hand on her tummy

swara – yes..we will

sanskar – she kicked !!

swara – yes…baby also wants to stay with her father…

sanskar kisses on her tummy…

swara looks at him lovingly…

they both had an intense eye lock

swara – sanskar…

sanskar – shhh….i missed you…a lot..

he rubs his nose with her nose.

swara – me too….

he kisses on her forehead lightly….swara closes her eyes..

sanskar was hesitating first..he had the fear what if swara misunderstand his love as lust and leave him again…
swara understand it…

she holds his face with lots of love..
sanskar looks at her lovingly…
she brings her face closer…and now they both can feel each others breathing
swara gives a peak on his lips..

the rest was on sanskar…

he brings her face closer and kissses her lower lip first..he asks for her permission and enters inside her mouth..he tasted every bit of it came out…they both were breathing heavily
sanskar cupped her face and start kissing all over her face..
there were tears of happiness and satisfaction on swara…but sanskar was stil insecure..his kissings were becoming wild..

swara cups his face and stops him…

swara – never in this life ever i will love you..

sanskar – swara…i am not believing my destiny..he may cheat us….

swara – wait..

she removes her brcaelet on wrist and gives in to him

sanskar – this..is your mangalsutra !

swara – yes….i never made it away…it always used to stay with me as your resymbol…now wear it to me and give me your name

sanskar stares her and makes her wear the mangalsutra…which makes her mrs sanskar maheshwari again.

swara – sanskar….

sanskar – yes…

swara – i cant breathe..

sanskar – what,,,

he looks at swara…though it was absolute darkness..he could feel she was sweating profusely and breathing heavily

he had totally forgotten that they are stuck on the lift…where is no air passing way.

sanskar : dont worry…swara nothing wll happen u..have patientss..

he goes and starts banging the lift door…

sanskar – hello…anyone…please help…we need help…

swara condition was worsening….

swara – sanskar…im having pain in abdomen….
sanskar takes her head in his lap…

sanskar – no…no swara…nothing will happen to u,,,swara take breathe….nothing will happen to our baby………

swara – san…skar..what if..abor..tion…?

sanskar : no….no dont say it…

screen freezes on tensed faces of swara and sanskar

precap – doctor – sometimes execessive tension causes abortion !!

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