Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 51


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swara and sanskar were looking at each other with mixed emotions. the unspoken words were conveyed by the eyes. but this time without any hindrence..sanskar kept looking into her as if his life depends on it .
he felt in the dim light of lift her face was glowing like noor. the noor, the glow which comes from the pregnent women have made her more angelic.
his trembling hands had the extreme desire to touch her face but couldnt gather that much courage to do it.
sanskat expelled a long breathe
it looked as if the nature have decided that she will shower her all grace on swara at the time when he cant touch or feel it , just too make him realise of his helplessness.

his chains of thought werte broken by a sudden loud noise.

other side music is going on
all are danceing and drinking , joy is with his team to take photos.
nandu is talking with the ladies
there is no one in food depertment.

the lift control room

the mysterious person enters and closes the door..
it looks the surrounding buttons ,switches and other machines
it takes a wire cutter and cuts the bundle of wires.

” it looks like misery has still not left you sanskar and swara , enjoy ”

it goes from there


swara looks here and there as she dosent knew what the hell is happening in the lift . first it went to 7th floor and then it came down with abnormal speed. and stopped at 3rd floor with a sudden thud.
swara falls on the floor

sanskar ; swara !.

sanskar holds her hand and brings her closer to him…first he was sure swara would be very angry but she didnt reacted as her whole concentration was taken by the lift.
again it shakes a little and the fan light goes off

swara hugs sanskar in sudden fear..
sanskar too reciprocates with her wholeheartly.

after sometimes reality hits both of them
they parted away slowly

sanskar goes and bangs the lift door loudly
but no result due to the loud music no one couldnt hear the bang sound

sanskar opened his coat and gave it to swara and swara hold it closer to her. as if nothing have changed in these days..everything is normal and they are a happily maried couple who have stuck in the lift and the hubby is very tensed about his pregnent wife.

he tried to open the door bare handed but the gain is a cut on his palm.
he winches in pain
and we all know….

swara holds his hand tightly…
and ties the handkerchief

sanskar ; im okay..thanks

swara ; u should be careful

sanskar : i think thee is some mechanical problems

swara : i dont have my phone..

sanskar : wait i have…let me call giraffee..i mean joy

swara narrows her eyes

swara told the number
and sanskar dials it

the phone rang but no one took it…
he tried calling laksh but its engaged

sanskar : oh…no

swara ; what happened ?

sanskar : no network in the lift

swara ; now what will we do…

sanskar : first sit here

sanskar sits and makes her sit beside him

swara looks at the darkness…the minimum light is not here to see sanskar

sanskar : we can just sit and wait..dont worry someone from lucky or joy will call back us hopefully

swara nods in yes

sanskar understand that she is scared and comes closer…

sanskar ; dont worry..im here with u

swara : i know

she and realises what she have said

sanskar tried to change the topic

sanskar ; thanks for saving me

swara : its ok….

swara : dont u think this darkness looks to much darker ?

sanskar : no not much than my life

swara keeps quite

sanskar hands touches her

their heartbeat increases

sanskar feels its high time and perfect oppurtunity to ask forgiveness again

swara feels its high time to accept the repentence and him

sanskar : swara…

he couldnt say anything more…

tears welled up in eyes thinking about previous moments

he starts crying like a kid who has broken the vase but cant confess to mother in fear of rejection

swara too was shocked and let the tears roll down her face

stll sanskar tried to say..

sanskar : can you…..can u please..please…

now that was enough for us nd swara…

she did the best part and hugged him tightly…

sanskar too holded her by waist and hide his face into her and kept on crying..

bopth were crying

sanskar : forgive me…

swara : shhh…i forgave u long ago….i am not angry with you anymore…

sanskar couldnt believe his luck…and thought a dream darkness has blessed him

well then darkness is not that much bad here………..

precap – kiss !!!!!!!!

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  4. Awesome.. Loved it.
    But who is this mysterious person??

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