swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 5


Hello friends sinin here. The last episode was short so this one is big. Please all comment and support me.

Kavita : I have to go and meet Randy I will leave for new York tomorrow. You handle your family drama.
Sanskar : no problem I will stay happily with my wife.
Kavita : I don’t know how can a girl be so much dumb ?
Sanskar : it is called blind love Dear
Kavita : what ever

Swara have wear a kurti with palazo. She is feeling uncomfortable. She is looking at the mirror.
Swara : how can I wear this…should I take a stole… but he said not wear the stole…no problem it’s matter of one night…at least he will be happy.
She goes in the balcony
Swara : where are you …please come fast I am dying to see you.

Kavita gets a call
Kavita : yes Rajat. Now ? Let me ask him
Kavita : sanskar will you come with us in Rajat house a small wine party
Sanskar : Umm…let’s go
They take U turn and went to rajat house

Swara is making the bed. She recalls
“Do you know swara you look most beautiful in my bed.”
Swara : he is too much..
Sanskar : I am too much ?
Swara : you..
Sanskar : comes and hugs her . He softly kisses on her forehead.
Sanskar : I missed you so much .
Swara : really come I have cooked all your favourite dishes
Sanskar : no let’s talk
Swara : talk ?
Sanskar : actually I never properly talk with you na…
Swara : who said ? You are the best husband of the world
Sanskar leans to kiss her….
Kamla : bahurani !
Swara stands up and looks here and there no Sanskar is not here
Swara : it was my imagination… please come fast or else I will become mad…..

All together : Cheers !
Sanskar : rajAt yaar you have invited so many friends.
Rajat : yes all our college friends..
Sanskar : I think I should go now
Kabir : so early for your wife na
Ankush : but wife is beside him..
Sanskar : kabir…
Kabir : sorry sorry let’s have another drink

It’s 11 pm
Swara is walking restlessly. Her mind is saying to wait..but heart is saying something is wrong.
Swara : it’s so late. Should I call him…yes
She calls him. But his phone is switched off.
Swara : kaka where is he I am feeling scared
Watchmen : don’t worry he will be back
Swara is feeling someone is strangling her.
She gets a call
Swara : Sanskar!
Caller : write a address
Swara : what
Caller : hurry your husband have suffered from a accident. Come quickly orelse…
Swara falls down her world have moved 360 degree..
She stands up and runs outside
Swara : kaka look Sanskar …. accident please take me here
Kaka : but we don’t have a car
Swara : I will go on foot.
Kaka come
Swara : God nothing should happened to him. I will die. Please God help him.
At party
Sanskar is talking with friends.
Suddenly swara enters and looks here and there She saw Sanskar and run towards him . She hugged him tightly by shocking everyone.
Swara cups his face and kiss his hand.
She is crying vigorously.
Swara : thank God you are okay I was so scared..
Sanskar is looking embarrassed.
Ankush : who is this clumsy… your wife ?
All starts talking about him..
Sanskar holds her away and slaps her hard.
Rajat : oh no
Kavita : stop him
Swara looks shocked.

PRECAP : swara point of view

Credit to: sinin

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  1. Abirsha

    Nice…. Update next asap

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    Awesome dear.. My poor swara

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  5. SwaSanFan

    Enough..hate Sanskaar alot nw..plzz chng swara asap..cnt see her soo dumb..btw awsum part..loved it..continue soon n posted ur part 1 on da page ☺

    1. Thanks very much for posting it. If you don’t mind can you please say me about comments ?

      1. SwaSanFan

        Response is Amzing..Ppl r Liking ur ff..i suggest u join fb n see da comments ☺..if any help msg me :)..

  6. Sumeeta

    Amazing.but i hate this sanskar too much

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    Superb!! This one is also too shorr

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    nice….excited to see swara’s reaction n to know if she changes now

  11. Divyanshri

    is he psycho….. why d hell. he cannot see her love….. idiot……. awsome episode Sinin..

  12. i hate dis sanskar…plz dnt make swara dis much dumbooo….
    chappy ws awsm bt shrt…plz cntinue

  13. So poor swara ;-(

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  15. nice….. please change sanskar soon and change swara bold… may be from sanskar friends some one called swara who called her….

  16. Sindhuja

    Nice one dear but something is missing. My opinion is elaborate the emotions and surroundings. I think you are rushing or your actual story will start after it. Sorry if I hurt you. Good luck.

  17. its different…. nice… bt feel bad for swara…

  18. very nice..but khub choto..i want big one sis..

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