Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 49



the eye lock went for quite time but when it was disturbed by the sound of clicking pictures swara and sanskar felt it was just lasted for a second.
swara kept on answering the questions and sanskar kept on staring her.

laksh came in search of sanskar and saw him standing away from the crowd.

laksh : bhai ? come Ms swadheenta has came..lets welcome her .

sanskar :noo…my swara has come .

laksh : bhai not again ,

sanskar :see there….

laksh looks at the crowd to see SWADHEENTA but there he saw….SWARA..HIS SWARA BHABI…HIS ONLY BROTHERS WIFE. He looked very shocked and amazed.
he looked at swara in long lost hapiness and then sanskar

sankar : did u see laksh i used to say that swadheenta is my swara…see my beliefe was true.

laksh : yes bhai..your love won .

swara looked at laksh and sanskar then she entered inside the hall.

joy and nandu were waiting for her..nandu came and hug her..

nandu : shona your loooking stunning yaar !

joy : yes ladies today i will go flat by protecting u both from men….ohhh..how is my champ ?

swara : he is fine and me also..

swara side hugs him which was noticed by sanskar and laksh.

sanskar saw her open and friendly with joy..he felt someone was snatching his soul slowly. he decieded atlast to went from there.

swara looked here and there for sanskar but couldnt find him.

nandu : swara do u know…we have taken the contract of sanskar maheshwari…karma group of company belongs to them only..

swar : i know

joy : u know then why didnt u refused..u didnt even told me once.we could have refused them…

swara stands quitely

nandini looks at her and undrstand that she wants to give a chance to sanskar.

nandini holds her hand

nandini : swara i know that u can take ur decision by urself, im always with you. just listen to your heart.

joy : what you guys are talking about….i cant understand a thing.!!!!!!!!!!!!

nandu : u no need to understand come with me .

nandu drags joy with her.

party is going on full swing…

swara with full bost enquires to all if they need anything .

swara : arey bhaiya where are the staters…

she gets a call when she is about to take it…a lady pushes her intentionaly her phone falls down and she stumbles.
then a strong pair of hand holds her by waist..swara closed her eyes in fear and she opens slowly to seee sanskar holding her…there is little bit of anger with lots of concern.

swara stands with the help of sanskar..

both wanted to say lots of things but only their eyes showed the hidden emotions.

swara says thank you slowly slowly and bends to pick the phone.

sanskar had a hand still on her waist and pulled her preventing from benting down .

swara looked in amusion.

sanskar ; its not good to bent. i will pick that

swara : thanks again..but i will do that…

sanskar : no swara…no arguement…it may harm our baby…

he bends and pick it.

swara : our baby ?

sanskar remembers her saying ” you dont have any right on it . its only my baby ”

sanskar ; no…i mean to say …………your baby..

swara ; then its not your baby ?

sanskar : no i mean to say….yes…

joy came and saw them..he became furious…

joy ; shona come with me

swara goes with joy….the grip on her waist loses by sanskar…after going she turns back and says SANSKAR ?

sanskar felt the immerse love and concern…the love of whole universe was given to him on that one name…as if his love was coming back to him..he was able to feel the love which he didnt gave any importance and later he craved for….will he ever get that love back..

swara ; thanks….

she turns and goes with joy

sanskar looks at the way for couple of minutes and says..

this was my destiny

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