Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 48

hello friends sinin here back with the next part..so sorry for not posting regularly as my favourite tablet was stolen when i was sleeping like kumbkaran..i had to rewrite all parts.
i just saw the akheri salam of swaragini..colors is going to pay for this heavily…

lets start the story..

sanskar is paceing in the coridors. he is unsure wheather to enter inside or not. what if swara is awake and misunderstand him ? he cant control the happiness of this newborn fatherhood ! this feeling is above describing it just can be feel .

sanskar ses joy is coming towards them. ” here comes the giraffe ”
sans goes towards back..good he came now he can take care of swara and she wont be irritated seeing me..
he goes from there quickly

joy entrs the cabin in tension.
he shocks to see the scenerio..
swara is laughing and talking with lady giant as if they are long lost friends.
swara : hey lafanga..meet her she is neela my childhood friend…
joy : ohh..hi ! shona are u okk ?
doctor : she is absl*tely fine lafanga..
joy rolls his eyes
swara : once agin thanks neela
doctor : no swara..your decision of forgiving is right..punishment and repentence are good to a extent…if it crosss the limit it is loss to all.
swara : yes………….bye
joy comes with swara confusedly

joy : i dont understand a thing

swara : no need..i will tell u at right time . how is the work going ?
joy : super and duper..the combination and decorations all are perfect.just the way u wanted
food sample is also nice..bengali desserts are just yummy !!

swara : then lets meet at party .
joy ; but will u able to come ?
swara : yes…bye
joy : let me drop ou…

sometimes later…..

sanskar is sitting on his room.
ragini comes and switches on the light.

sanskar : ragini please

ragini : bhai please for gods sake stop this ..get ready and save my married life !
sanskar : what ..did lucky said something to u..wait let me talk to him.. ill never let him repeat my mistake .
ragini : wait…how can u scold hm..when the mistake is mine..i cant help my brother to come out of the darkness…even though he is repenting he is not getting forgiveness..im such a bad sister .

sanskar : shh..dont u say it..u know during this time i have learnt women are the luck of men..no matter which form they are in..no matter she is mom u or..swara .. so ur the best sister of sanskar.

ragini : then do a favour wear this coat and come out my hubby is waiting for u…maybe will start crying..
sanskar : such a cry baby he is !

sanbskar wears the coat and comes down…he looks at laksh who looks at ragini with gratefulness…
sanskar : did i ever know i was loved so much ?

they enters the car and goes to the party hall

the party hall

its real glamour is shining now…white perfectly suits in black autumn fullmoon night.
rich reputed business with their better half or girlfriend is getting down from the car, giving pose and fake smiles for photographs..and entering inside.

joy and nandini are on the reception..nandini is wearing a blue floral gown and joy is wearing a prince coat.

all are becoming pleased with the arrangement. all are praising dream weavers for the work.
sanskar and laksh walks in after getting congratulations for golden jubilee.

sanskar : lucky.it looks all good..i didnt expect this much within our budged.
laksh : bhai didnt i said…let me introduce u too Ms swadheenta…u didnt met her lst time

laksh goes towards them…

laksh : hello miss….
girl : nandini.
sanskar looks at the girl kneely…she looks somewhat familiar..yes..she is the girl from where swara comleted her graduation..does she knows her till now…will she also come here ?

nandini : nice to meet u mr mheshwari…

nadini recalls the incident but acts not to remember anything…just dont want any screen create.

laksh : decoration is impressive..where is swadheenta ?

nandini : she will be here any moment…

a car comes out.and a lady enters from it who graps the attention of whole paprazzi.

sanskar feels safocation in such crowd and comes out…or maybe a strong connection is behind this sufocation..

he comes out and her heart skips a beat.

a young lady toward whom all men are looking amusedly.

in the night in the party of high and modern society which angel ascended from the heaven ?
the lady comes in visible..she was wearing a white and baby pink mixed sari with elbow length blouse. she was having a only big pearl earrings and a stone kamardhan on her milky waist. her hairs were open with curl at the end and a very light makeup.

she was the only one wearing sari among womens and she became the gossip topic of other girls…while the men continued to stare her lustfully.

she didnt give anyone a damm chance and went ahead..
when a reporter asked question
reporter : swadheenta mam….what u have to say about another success ?

sanskar looked emotionally

swadheenta….swadheenta …” my swara..my angle..my queen ” the words escaped from his mouth..
maybe this was heard by the angel..
thats why she looked at that direction and…….keep on looking sanskar…

the first love of life who become her life and destiny…whos symbol she is carrying and waiting for him desperately.

sanskar too keeps on loooking..as if therew is no tomorrow left anymore.

precap — this was my destiny !

guys there is a news that this ff will need more chappies to complete so dont worry i will not end in 50. thanks to all commenters and silent readers who broke their silence..seriously i dont know what will happen if swaragini goes off air..

lets hope for the best.
guys do any of u play clash of clan..i love this game very much..u can say im addicted.

dont forget to comment guys !!!!!

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