Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 47


Hello friends sinin here back… After a huge long break..missed me…but I missed u a lot finally my all exams and commitments are done..so now we are back to track..swara have forgiven sanskar from heart now what…..

Let’s see…

Swara is seen on the party center. She is guiding the workers on field. Tomorrow night is the party and lots of works are pending.. Swara loks quite tensed she is managing alone not want to trouble the new love birds.

Swara : Dada white flowers here..and blue there… Debut what r u doing use blue cloth there…where r the cookers. I wnt to taste sample dishes for tomorrow.

She feels tired and holds her baby bump while sitting… She drinks water and wipes her sweat.

She feels a little dizzy… Maybe cause of shouting ,she thinks

Piya : didi u r sweating too much…you should go home n take rest..
Swara : but work ?
Piya : we all will manage…
Swara doesn’t argue as she was not feeling much good…

She starts going by getting down through stairs…


“Bhai you should go for once and check the arrangement ” laksh said to sanskar
Sanskar is making the child room proper and neat..he doesn’t pay much attention to laksh

Sanskar : you are checking na..its enough and you only said they are reputed people then ?
Laksh : still I insist you to go…come out of this room.. Please ! I beg to you.
Sanskar nods and comes out of the room

Sanskar : laksh only for sometimes !!
Laksh : okk okk !

Sanskar comes out and gets in the car…
He starts driving…


” the work looks good ” said laksh
“Yes…indeed” said sanskar looking around
This combination….
“What ? U didn’t like it ? Asked laksh

” no its good…this combination was most liked by swara …according to her white flowers resembles pureness… And it helps to fulfill wishes…except mine…” Said sanskar dejectedly

Laksh gets a call and he excuses himself..

Sanskar starts going ahead.

When.. When he saw her..Swara !

He couldn’t understand what to do that moment… Should he confront her or get out of her way…he looked down to avoid eye contact… But swara was emotionless, sanskar couldn’t understand why she was walking bthis way or why she was sweating profusely..

Swara was feeling dizzy..her legs were so heavy that she was not able to lift them..her vision was getting blurred.
But she could see that a shocked concerned man was looking at her. She finds him familiar . is he sanskar ? No..how can he be here ?
She couldn’t think much as she fainted.

Sanskar looks horrifiedly at swara who was unconscious on his arms. He couldn’t think of anything and felt like drowning on the sea..
As if his world is breaking in front of him.

Sanskar : swara..Swara ! Open ur eyes…

No response…


Sanskar is waiting ouside the cabin where swara is being checked by the doctors..he is feeling damm restless… What the hell feeling is this…that mad girl what might have done that she landed on hospital.. Maybe skipped food or meficine.. What the hell that useless giraffe was doing..? Can he do anything except shona shona…
Now why aren’t the doctors coming out…oh god now I will faint in tension !

Sanskar enters the cabin

Doctor eyes him but doesn’t say anything..
Swara was still unconscious on bed..
Doctor : take sit Mr Maheshwari !
Sanskar sit and asks doctor

Doctor : she skipped food and medicine last night.then she took lots of stress and tension.. That’s why she fainted nothing serious but u should take care Mr Maheshwari !
Sanskar eyes unconscious cswara angrily for carelessness.

Doctor : she will be fine..,and your baby’s progress is also good. Did you felt it’s kick ?
Sanskar nods no in uneasiness…
Doctor : what kind of father ur ? Keep hand and feel now then report me !!
Sanskar : I..ii..
Doctor : now !!
Sanskar keeps hand on her tummy carefully as if she will wake up now and slap him tight.
The doctor also doesn’t look easy…she is observing his every move.

Suddenly this tension and uneasiness was takeover by a happy feeling which he felt when he first heard the heartbeat of baby. Yes..she kicked…!!! His baby kicked and he felt it..!!

Tear starts forming and he goes out of the room not wanted to show tears to rude lady doctor but if he stayed he could have seen the mischievous smile of doctor and when a tear escaped from the corner of swara’s eye.

Precap – party

Guys I know you all were waiting for it but soory… Now I will be regular and I want my previous support back..!!

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