Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 46


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Sanskar is in his room..he cries looking at their photos..
Sanskar goes on the baby room..
Sanskar pushes the babby cot and it swings

Sanskar : my baby…do u know today I heard ur heartbeats.. They were so tiny..the most beautiful sound I have ever heard.. Baby u know today after so many days I saw ur mother..she still looks the same..that means she doesn’t take care of you..sorry sorry I scolded ur mother na..
But what to do..she has changed so much..not that old Swara..who knows if she still love me or…move on..?

Laksh enters….
Laksh : ragini….ragini..
Ragini : yes laksh.. What happened ?
Laksh : did bhai came home…
Ragini : yes..and he had a cut on head..what happened there..
Laksh : nothing.. Just bhai had an delusion… Of bhabi..he ran and hurt his heard..I took him to hospital but he left from there…
Ragini : but it could be Swara also na ?
Laksh : ragini don’t talk like bhai…I have so many agent on field for bhabi…the couldn’t find her..then how can bhai..?
Ragini : cause they are agent and he is her husband !

Laksh sighs and goes to meet him following ragini…n sujata

Laksh : bhai…
Trio entered the dark room..
Sujata : sanskar.. My son are u OK ?
Ragini : bhai…don’t worry will find bhabi soon..
Sanskar : I found her ragini…
Laksh : bhai there was no bhabi..
Sujata :sanskar….
Sanskar : no laksh… She was in venue and on hospital also !
Laksh : what..
Sanskar : yes..it was Swara only.. Do u know mom…today I heard the heartbeat of my baby…I felt so blessed ma…

Sujata cries in happiness..

Sujata : true ?
Sanskar : yes mom…but I couldn’t go in front of her…I couldn’t ma…

He hugs sujata and cries….

Swara comes back on the venue

Nandu : Swara..how is the baby..
Swara : fine nandu all is normal…
Nandu : why u look so pale ?
Swara : nothing.. Did the owners came..
Nandu : yes..but not the CEO… Only his brother…
Swara : weird…did he liked the venue ?
Nandu : yes..green signal..!
Swara : good then let start our work…
Nandu : I’ll handle the food department.. U go and make the designs…
Swara : it’s almost done…just last touch is left…
Nandu : okay..don’t take much stress…
Swara : OK..u call ur idiot lover and say to handle the paparazzi department…
Nandu : okk boss..(realises what she said ) swara !!!

Swara goes from there laughing….

Its night time

Sanskar is sitting on the terrace…
Laksh comes there
Laksh : bhai I need your sign here…
Sanskar goes to sign there..
Laksh : at least read before u sign,
Sanskar : u saw na.no need…I never heard about this event management… Dream weavers…who r they ?
Laksh : they r new in this field… But quite famous in industry… Specifically.. Ms Swadheenta… She is Best… She is personally handling our party..
Sanskar : swara..!
Laksh : no bhai..its Swadheenta !
Sanskar : Swadheenta…..

Laksh goes from there leaving wondering sanskar….

Swara in working on her study room…
She is looking at the designs to find flaws….
She works…. And her hairs disturb her…
She gets irritated and ties them in bun..

” don’t ”
Swara shocks as there is no one in house…
She looks and see
Sanskar leaning against the door looking at her intensely…

Swara looks at him..and stands..
Swara : you here…

“Shhshh…he sounds and comes near her..

Her eyes well up seeing him..
He makes her sit on chair…
He unties her hair saying you look better now…

He sits on his knees….
Swara : what are u doing here…go from here now…
Sanskar nods in no…
Swara : why? did u stop me there…u have no right on me….
Sanskar : u forgave me na love ?
Swara nods in no…
Swara : go from here I have my works…
Sanskar : love did I ever came in this two month… No na ? Do u know why I came today..I came cause I know u forgave me after seeing in the hospital.
Swara : no…I hate u hate u hate u !!
Sanskar smiles and says why u love me so much…

Swara wakes up with a jerk….
She slept in the study tables itself….
Swara ties her open hair..
She got his dream after two months…
She drinks water…she feels suffocation..

She goes in the balcony….
Did I really forgave u…..

Sanskar wakes up from sleep…
He sees swara was sitting beside him…
He wakes up quickly but swara makes him lie again…
Sanskar : is it u swara ?

Swara smiles and sleeps on his chest..
Hearing his heartbeat
His happiness knew no bound….
He goes to hug her……

He was sleeping on the floor of terrace….
Sanskar : why I got her dream..is she OK…after so many days she came to meet me..she was so happy….did she forgave me…

Precap : face of…

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