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Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 43


hello friends sinin here after long time. so much sorry for late actually my mom had seized my phone . as my finals are near…I hope you all will understand my problem don’t worry I will try to update when it when I got time.

its 9:30 p.m.
swara usually takes her dinner within 8. but today she is not feeling to eat. although the dishes are her favourite but she wants to throw them in dustbin.

swara is actually waiting for joy. his flight has landed and he should have been here before a hour…but lafanga is late !!

she decides to go throw the account files. The venue for karma industry need to be list…uff so many works are pending !

today she has decided…she will talk with joy and come to a settlement…after all elders have decided good for them.

knock ! knock !

swara opens the door and finds joy standing with a beautiful bouquet and puppy eyes
swara glares him

swara : what is the time 😠
joy : opps…sorry…this traffic of Kolkata will take my life oneday…
swara : lafanga kahika !!
joy : shona…see I bought ur favourite flower…yellow rose !
swara : thanks
joy : arre im so hungry….what is for dinner..just a minute did u had dinner ?
swara : no…I don’t wanna eat them
joy : they’re ur favourite….okk what u wanna have ?
swara : panipuri !!
joy : late night ?
swara : yes…
joy : okk…I will bring from a restaurant…
swara : no…I want to go and eat in roadside !!
joy : its unhealthy for u !
swara : no…I want it….
joy : okk…get on my bike…drama queen !
swara : thanks….ur too good…but I will go on my Scotty…lets have a race !
joy : need !
swara : ready steady go !
joy : arre wait for me….swara….

he checks his phone….and goes after swara

joy is looking at swara…while she is having panipuri as much she can….

joy takes his phone and checks…he looks very irritated…he calls someone…but no one takes it.

swara : yummy ! why nandu is not taking call ?
joy : who knows…stupid girl…
swara : you both fought !!
joy : no…she is behaving strange !! not taking my call not meeting me….silly !
swara : I have an answer of ur question…

joy looks with hope….

swara : before that answer me…why it matters to u so much if she does not take ur call ?

joy : cause she is my…

swara : thanks dada..keep the change…not only friend..more than that…

joy looks at swara..

swara : whenever she is with u…u forgot ur all tensions…all problem…your childhood friend supported u in every situation…even u get inspiration from her to help me..your whole world depends on her..and now when she is going u cant take it normally…cause u love her !!

joy looks shocked…..

swara : our relationship is very pious…friendship…but nothing more than that…u love nandini not me…

joy : shona I….

swara : look there…

joy sees nandini standing at far….looking at them

swara : go she is waiting…don’t waste time lafanga…go

joy goes forward but come backs again

swara : what..

he hugs her saying thank u…

he runs to nandu and proposes her…

siya piya shravan and uncle look and smiles

swara smiles and goes in opposite direction…

” maybe swajoy was meant to be till here…maybe all swara can’t move easily…maybe they cant give their heart again…this swara is one of them…who is meant for Sanskar no matter how he is…she will only love him…..”

precap swasan meet

guys I’ll post as soon possible…

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