Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 42

Hello friends sinin here back with the next part. Guys I had decided from beginning that the pairs will be swasan not swajoy…I hope u all will support me in this…this story has 8 episodes more..so all readers please support me.

Nandini is seen walking in the room in tension..
Swara comes there with some files…

Swara : nandu…this accounts files..u check na once..
Nandu : ohh..shona did u take ur lunch…joy will be very angry….
Swara : yes baba..I had my lunch..
Nandu : swara did u had any talk with him…he is not taking my calls..
Swara : no…he might be in the flight..
Nandu : yes…OK.
Swara : nandu is this yours….

Nandu turns and shocks to see her diary in her hand…
She snatches it from her hand..

Nandu : I was finding it…where did u found it ?
Swara : near my desk…
Nandu : OK…I should go now..call me if he reaches Kolkata..
Swara : why aren’t u meeting him for few days ?
Nandu : no nothing like that…
Swara : nandu…
Nandu : I should go now…bye take care….

Nandu goes from there and swara looks on…


Ragini is seen talking with laksh…

Ragini : no…sanskar didn’t came till now..I called him many time..he didn’t even had breakfast…
Laksh : okay… Let him stay alone…

Ragini : how will he live like this..two months have passed when swara bhabi left us…he rarely comes out of room..as if his life is limited to it..

Laksh : maybe because he finds her presence there..
Ragini : really laksh.., sanskar bhai has changed a lot…

When swara was here he didn’t love her…n when he loves her madly she is not here to feel it..
Laksh : they both are so unfortunate….
Ragini : laksh did u talk with the new agent ?
Laksh : yes don’t worry we will find swara bhabi soon…
Ragini : bye…

Laksh calls his secretary….

Laksh : Nora…where is dev..did he signed the contract or not ?
Nora : I’ll send him right away sir…

Dev enters his cabin…

Laksh : what happened about the contract ?
Dev : its final sir..” Dream Weavers ” are going to organize our party..
Laksh : thank god…who is in charge ? I had said na it should be Miss Swadheenta only !!
Dev : yes yes sir…she is personally handling this…they will go to see the venue tomorrow…
Laksh : good…brilliant girl…she has earned name n fame within short time..every company wants her to organize party… U can go now


A very dark room is seen…though it is noon..the curtains are not opened till now…the room is a messy one..nothing is arranged as if this room represent his life..

Sanskar is in on the bed…
He is holding a sari very tightly as if someone will take it away..
His eyes are open and they’re completely blank…
He sometimes takes the smell of the sari to feel like he is holding Swara.

He stands from there and walks ahead…
There was a door inside their room which is connected to the next room…it was closed for many days…now he has unlocked it…

He opens the door and switches the light….

It was complete kid room…
The walls were painted baby pink with princess posters…there were a very beautiful cot and also a bed…in the middle there was a swing… Like Pegasus..
There was Cinderella cupboard full with a girls clothes.. Starting from new born till ten years…

There was very royal throne type couch which was full with toys..Elsa Anna..Cinderella.. Teddy bear..pooh Micky mouse and what not..

In short it was a room which every baby girl dream for !

He touches the cot…and sits bending his knees…

He takes the soft toy and careress it…

” my baby…u have become for month old..u might be angry na that papa is not near u…but what to do I have done such deeds..that my punishment is staying away from u..ur mom is taking proper care of u na..she doesn’t want me to be near orelse I would have taken care of u both..u know papa planned about you many many days ago…my friends used to laugh..but I always used dream About you…I hope you will not hate me like ur mom..
Paps wanted to feel ur touch first..wanted hear your heartbeats first..but unfortunately I lost the right…you might be having ur legs now na…do u kick ur mom…does she scolds you..I had so many dreams for you…but now see I can’t even see you..

He weeps there hugging the sari and toy…

Precap : swajoy conversation… Swasan meeting

Guys hopefully sanskar has completed his punishment…

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  1. It wz superb …now m olso feeling bad fo sanky…..bt joy..baechara…uska kya hoga ab???

  2. Nice but short

  3. Simin

    Yeyyyyyyy wooohoooo
    Swasan meeting bring it on dear

  4. Awesome….. Waiting for next

  5. nice..tc..

  6. Nandu loves joy, yes please enough of saskars punishment , now unite swasan please

  7. Rabia0032

    Thank youuuuuu so much waiting for swasan meeting

  8. yaaa
    nw enough f sanskars punishment.
    he sufferd alot.
    feeling bad 4 him.
    swara cm back & bcm swasan again.
    i dnt hv any prob with joy. bt he is nly frnd f swara.
    waiting 4 da swasan millan.
    keep writing dr
    be happy always

  9. Yeah. Love u yaar 4 dis. Umaah.

  10. Mariyajap

    so sad dear, waiting for the next part & nice episode

  11. Meher

    Now I actuallyfelt bad for sanskar..
    He is repenting badly…

    Please unite them soon ????

  12. Ayonti(swasan)

    awesome.. aab swasan ko mila do

  13. Sammykapoor

    is nandini loves joy?????

  14. Nice

  15. U don’t worry I will support u pls join swasan

  16. Dharshini


  17. Kakali

    Nandu do u love Joy?? hmmm !!! seems like that..

    Simin. !!! u gave Sanskar punishment.. now Want Swara to punish him with her late nights demands.. huhuhuhu !!! actually i forgot d proper word … hmmmm !!! what was that ???
    anyway i hope u got my point…
    Thnk u..

    1. Simin

      Kakali mood swings during gestation

  18. Kakali

    sorry !! its Sinin.. not Simin..

  19. very emotional one….. Awesome…….. Continue soon…………

  20. Simi

    Bechara Sanskar.. make them unite soon…

  21. Excellent…. Waiting for next update

  22. Awesome ha yaar bohot Hua punishment

  23. Maryum

    Awesome poor sanskar ??

  24. Vyshu10

    Awesome awesome…u made me cry. So emotional. Loved it. Swasan will meet….yipeee! Upload soon

  25. As usual awesome part.
    I also think that nandu loves joy.. Felt bad for sanskaar. Ok unit them dear..
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt part.

  26. Rabia

    superb 🙂

  27. Soujanya


  28. Emotional..feeling bad for sanky..plzz unite swasan…

  29. It made me cry on sanskar condition ? yeah dear now enough of his punishment .. ? unite swasan now ☺

  30. Wow loved it plz plz plz unite them and make joy and Nandu a pair❤️ Cause ab Joy ka Kiya hoga so plz make them as a pair ❤️?? And meri Swara na mere sanku ko bohot zada saza de di Hain plz ab unko unite Kar do meri jaan❤️??

  31. Hadi

    Good one episode now enough of sanky bearing plz unite swasan soon n I think nandu wil be for joy post soon

  32. After reading this epi
    I m saying that samskar is really repenting for his mistake and now u should unite them before thè borns
    Sad ep + amazing

  33. Kaynatk01

    plz yr i cant see swasan suffering plz do unite them

  34. hi sinin ..i reading your ff from starting ..i like it very much…I hope sanskar will get a chance to prove her love to wards swara..every one do mistakes.. if the person is close to ur heart..If they hurt it give us more pain…For swara sansakar is Pain and love. Her life starts with sanskar and ends with him. you describe his character very well. some many persons in the society is facing this. But in this ff How sanskar is repenting .. u shows his love for swara clearly. So many supporting Joy. i understand that..but my thought is if swara move with Joy sanskar will not serve ..he will become mad and more than that…As for Joy Character ..As a teacher, guide and true frnd we can agree not more than that,,because if Swara came back to sanskar ..Joy can move on in his life. because For Joy , swara is love not life . But sanskar ,,swara is Life more than that as of swara it is same repeat. I think with joy swara can live happily but not statisfaction. As swara needs now a pure love which sanskar only can give her that not any other person. for you described character I understand this. I think my message prove you hw much i like ur ff sinin.. If i hurt any once feelings I heart fully sorry for that. But think guys we will also do mistakes. at that time . if we didn’t a chance to repent. that mnte . hw we feel. It is easy for every person to say punish him or her . it is easy..but guys we forget about happiness, love and affection.

  35. superbb dear

  36. Mica

    haaaa.. yeah enough…at least Sanskar never betrayed her to sleep with other woman even thought he humiliate Swara in her uneducated state,
    still i prefer that Sanskar loosing in business was because of lack of his attention, not because of Swara more smart than him in business.

    1. Sinin_kabir

      yes…I tried to show that only that he couldn’t concentrate on his business after her leaving….maybe I couldn’t describe it…sorry…very sorry it will not happen again

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