Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 41

Hello friends sinin here with the next episode.. Thank you all for the lovely comments.

A man is shown talking on phone..
Man : yes sir..I got the appointment.. Don’t worry sir..I’ll make sure they take this…
He wipes his sweat and looks at the two storied building in front .
With the a big signboard ” DREAM WEAVERS ”

He enters into the building… He waits for his turn…

” Mr dev ? ”
The man jumps saying its me….
He enters inside the room…
A 50 – 60 years old man was sitting on managers chair…

He is our…uncle !

He looks at him and asks..,yes ?

Dev sits and says…
I had called yesterday,..
Uncle : sorry we are reserved for this month…

A boy comes and says….
Uncle..he had booked before !

He is shravan….

Uncle : oh..I see ! Please fill up this form..
Dev fills it quickly
Uncle : what kind of program is this ?
Dev : our company’s 50th anniversary.. Its a big business party !
Uncle : what’s the date ?
Dev : after 3 days…

Shravan : okay..you come with me..let us discuss if you have any specific requirement…

They goes on upstairs….

They enters into a very beautifully organized room….

Shravan : didi…they have come for the business party….

The girl in a jeans and tops turns her chair…
Girl : take your sit Mr dev…
Dev : thank u…mam are you Miss Swadheenta ?
Girl : no…I’m Nandini.. U can discuss with me..she will come in some time.
Dev : sorry mam…my boss has specially requested for Swadheenta mam..
Nandu : then you’ll have to wait…
Dev : no problems… If I go without meeting her..I’ll lose my job…
Shravan : di…I’ll call shona di…siya and piya has gone to take Mr bhat’s cheaks….

A house is shown…
A neatly arranged designed one…every painting.. Furniture.. Utensils.. All are just perfect….
A very big window is shown…
Someone removes the curtains and sunrays enters inside….

The girl is shown wearing a kurta pajama…she takes a sip of coffee…there is a big smile on her face…she keeps her hand on her tummy…

Yes…she is our swara….

She talks with her baby….

” good morning ! My baccha…today my baccha become 4 month old…see I even have a chotu bump..when will my baby come out..still no one understand that I’m pregnant… My baby just five months more…then you’ll be on my arms ”
She takes her phone and checks…
Oh my god…seven miss calls…this lafanga…will never let me be in peace.

She goes to dining table…she takes only juice…and finds a note..
” eat the full breakfast ? ”
Swara makes faces..and eats the breakfast…

She takes the keys and locks the door..
She takes out her Scooty….
She drives to her office…..

Shravan : di thank god..u came a client is waiting for you…and do you have any news of joy bhai…
Swara : aarre…he has gone on a important seminer of journalist… To Mumbai..
Shravan : he didn’t said and nandu di is in tension….

Swara goes on her cabin…..

She takes her place…
Swara : soory Mr dev for late..I’m Swadheenta…
Dev : hello mam…

They both discussed about the arrangements..swara took necessary information…

Dev : OK…mam I’ll go now…
Swara : OK…Mr dev..but you didn’t said your company name ?
Swara : ohh…OK !

Shravan : shona di…have u think anything about joy bhais.. Proposal ?
Swara facial expression changes…into a serious one…

Swara : no…not till now…
Uncle : okay dear you take your time…but remember he loves u a lot…

Swara looks at the windows and tries to stop her tears……

Suddenly one Sunday… Joy comes on his knees….
Shona…..I know you will find this awkward.. But I can’t hide my feelings more…don’t think I took advantage of our friendship…. I love u a lot…from the very first day…but I could never confess due to situation… But now situation is changed…don’t think I’m showing sympathy… You do not need anyone.. Rather I need u…even if u don’t agree everything will remain the same….

Hr didn’t even gave her chance to be shocked…and left….

Guys did u all see swara became a wedding planner in serial also…
All do comment

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  1. Loved d epi dear…..n swara has bcm an independent gal……gd…..

  2. mou(swasan lover)

    superb.bt plz don’t separate swasan yr

  3. Want swasan back pleaseeeee

  4. Ayonti(swasan)

    nycshort update.please don’t separate swasan

  5. Unite them swasan

  6. Yeah that’s great… BT plss unite swasan soon

  7. Wow loved it plz now unite them plz plz plz ❤️???

  8. Meher

    Now whatever u want to do, do but make sure that we will get to read sanskar taking care of swara.. plsshhh
    *Puppy face*

    1. Simin

      Di aap kab apke ffs post karoge?

      1. Meher

        Hopefully this week ?

  9. Abirsha


  10. Rosey

    i hate this joy

    1. NDSG

      Me too ✌

  11. DivzS

    Yup it’s really good.. Superb..

  12. Dhara

    Unite them soon with respect

  13. Sammykapoor

    nice……but at last make swasan

  14. nice..tc..

  15. Wats the problem watever she expected from her she is getting through Joy then wats the need to go back Sanskar. He always gave her pain. And ofcourse she is very happy in her life without Sanskar so i think she don’t have any problem in accepting Joy proposal.

    1. same here

  16. Soujanya


  17. Dharshini

    Awesome dear..

  18. Maryum

    Awesome they love ur idea

  19. Praju


  20. Simin

    Waah my shona is independent good
    Plz unite them soon

  21. Why didn’t she tell anything to joy when he proposed her…. sorry but it’s clearly confirms she isn’t in love with sanskaar. .and she never love him either! ..feeling heartbroken to know that ?

  22. united swasan plz plz plz

  23. Awesome……. Continue soon……

  24. Ab boring lagne laga hai

  25. Simi

    Plz unite them..let Sanskar get chance to take care of Swara in the remaining 5 months

  26. awesome…!!

  27. Vyshu10

    Nice…waiting for swasan reunion

  28. Rabia0032

    Plzzz dear unite swasan now its enough for US plzzz done torture US by seprating swasan

  29. Kakali

    We can’t understand Swara’s state of mind … her feelings,, her condition,, her pain ,!! only she knows… even we can’t imagine…well let’s hope for d best…
    Thnk u.. ;¤..
    hmmm thinking about Jay n m totally Blank… ;-0

  30. Kaynatk01

    plz unite swasan now

  31. Sethooty

    I think now sanskar is repenting…. But somehow swara’s love is exist in her mind….but I want swara to accept joy proposal…and miss sanskar….make a situation were they confront…
    I don’t like …she would easily come to sanskar….I know the love for him still exist in her….so she should realise it…..bz sanskar also loved her and he is repenting on his deeds

  32. I hate joy ???

    1. NDSG

      Me too.. ??

  33. Nice but unit swasan soon

  34. NDSG

    Niceeeeeee but please unite swasan…

    Sanky need shona… He deserves one chance.. ????

  35. i dont think sanskar never deserve any chance she should move on and accept joy’s proposal . it will be a good lesson for ALL . As it is swasan so it has to be swasan who says it . Thinking Joy as Sanskar and Sanskar as joy then our attitude changes . I want Swara to move on

  36. Di i think joy should marry swara
    And sanskar should move on

  37. Mica

    run to next part

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