Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 40

Hello friends sinin here with the next part….

Days were passing like years for sanskar. Every minute every second was hard for him. His whole life got upside down by this drastic change. Sometimes he thought to find swara and force her to stay with him…but then he knew that these are not going to help him..as he tried this earlier..

He then tried to sort his life..he tried to mend the messy life of him which was nothing without his love.he tried to get back in his old routine. Working and profit.. But of no use..he faced big loss in business..as all the important contract were handled by her..the staff the worker demanded swara for the betterment of company.. Then he realised he needs her even in professional life.

It looked like swara took the charm with her..no happiness.. No prosperity.. Nothing left to live in his life. It truely said she was the fortune of sanskar which is left..it also took his peace solace everything.

Kabir came to meet with sanskar.. Though Rajat and Kavita betrayed him..but he was his childhood friend.. He tried to make him normal by his ways. He took her to a bar full of girls..sanskar refused many times but he didn’t paid any heed..he pushed a girl on him but everywhere from the corner even he could her teary eyes..which always fill up seeing him with any girl.

Sujata with ragini and laksh stayed back with sanskar. By seeing his condition laksh took hold of business. Sujata secretly wept seeing his son’s this state…yes..she has forgiven him,.swara wanted this from her..sujata wonders how can this girl still think about him after such betrayal.. Ragini secretly tried to find swara as sanskar said strictly no one will trace her..she still has the hope that swara will return..return for the unconstitutional love..

Sometimes he thinks that maybe swara won’t return now..he will never be able to his child..his blood..for which he dreamed…his wishes will always remain incomplete… He often thinks about the child..how it will look..obviously like mother…and maybe her habit will be like me..sanskar is sure he is going to have a daughter… And he has also decided a name in his heart…

Now its just waiting and waiting…….

Guys if you all think that sanskar has done enough repentance then say…I’ll reunite them..all pleas comment…I’m very busy I’m studies sorry for inconvenience.

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  1. yeah…I want reunion

  2. He’s punished….he has realization of his mistake…Now reunion is required….Eager to know wat name sanskar has kept for his baby

  3. Awesome and yes reunite them

  4. Vyshu10

    nice…..it think its time to unite them

  5. Mariyajap

    enough of the seperation yaar reunite them please

  6. Dharshini

    Lovely update…

  7. Hi.. Your ff is awesome yaar. I am replying your ff first time. Now please reunite them.

  8. Reunion plz ?? but it should b prior to swara’s delivery. Let sanskaar bear her mood swings n feel his daughters first kick ??.

  9. Thamiazh Magan

    Plz reunite

  10. Mica

    aahh i missed this part, but as business woman, it’s kinda illogical that Sanskar get loosing in business as employer demand Swara company.. i know Swara is smart, but being educated just for few month (you described that she was uneducated before and here she mostly just study english) comparing with the experience one is kinda nonsense, sorry to hurt you Sinin…but this is my POV…

    1. Sinin_kabir

      workers demanded swara cause they also.witnessed the devastating sight of Sanskar…they knew only she can make everything right….sorry if I couldn’t describe well…??

      1. Mica

        in company or on his behavior ? if it’s about company activity, it’s kinda impossible,
        someone running company since ages without any complain with his skill, talent, education, experience but then inexperience person come in in her short term education (she just learn for not more than 6 month), suddenly she is more perfect hmm… if it’s about Sanskar behavior, it’s more logic for me. aahh what soever.. it’s over now πŸ™‚

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