swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 4

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At Kolkata
Swara is cooking food. She has cooked all favorite dishes of sanskar. Only kher is remaining.
She smiles recalling sanskar
” oh god ! Swara your hands have magic. How do you manage to cook so well. You are a perfect chef for me.”
Swara : look Sanskar I have cooked all this for you. After two days we both will eat together.
She goes in the garden. Looks at the sun.
Swara : oh god it’s only 4 pm. Now what will I do.
Suddenly the phone rings.
Swara : hello Sanskar !
Nitu : arre swara it’s me nittu. How are you did you forget us ?
Swara : nittu what are you saying how can I forget you all. How are you all ?
Nittu : we all are fine. Where is jamai babu ?
Swara : your jamai babu has gone for some work. He will return today.
Nttu : swara are you happy na there ?
Swara : yes nittu I am very happy he loves me very much.
Nttu : swara you are very innocent. Don’t trust people so easily.
Swara : nittu he is my husband. Ok I have to go he have come back.
Nittu : ok bye

Swara point of view
I lied to nittu. My best friend. He has not come yet. I don’t like when someone say something bad about him. How can she say this ? I should not trust him. Arre he is my husband my better half. We both are life partner for seven birth. IF I can’t trust him then whom should I trust ? All misunderstood him. He is not bad. He loves me very much. I know it I believe it. This is the reason for my existence.

At manali
Sanskar and kavita are leaving. Sujata is crying . Ragini is consoling her.sanskar is irritated.
Sanskar : mom stop it. We will again come to meet you .
Sujata : be careful.
Kavita : bye mom Dad ragini
Sanskar : ragini I will meet laksh in Kolkata
Ragini : ok bhai
Rp : take care kavita sanskar
Sanskar drives from there.
Kavita : finally drama is finished
Sanskar : thanks yaar Kavita
Kavita : one more word and my shoes on your cheek
Sanskar : sorry yaar
Kavita : dumb idiot stupid donkey monkey moron because of your foolishness randhir is angry with me
Sanskar : don’t worry I’ll talk with him
Kavita : no need I will manage. Still I remember that blo*dy day when I involved my self in this rubbish.

Kabir : he is not in my room
Rajat : I checked the balcony no he is not in the mansion
Sahil : shit man he is missing
Kavita : let’s go outside maybe he is with that blo*dy swara
Four of them went outside and found the shock of their life
Sansar Maheshwari The business tycoon have married a village girl.
(Talking in English)
Kabir ” what the hell
Kavita : Sanskar what is this
Sanskar : guys I have married swara
Rajat : bad jock
Sanskar : it’s true swara you go inside
Swara goes inside happily
Sanskar phone rings
Sanskar talks for sometime
Sanskar : shit man dad have come to know everything now he is coming to see my bride
Kabir : perfect
Sanskar : I thought I will keep her as secret but how..
Rajat : that doesn’t matter what will you do now
Sahil : send a picture of bride
Rajat : that illiterate village girl ?
Sanskar looks tensly at kavita
Kavita : no
Sanskar pleads she goes inside.
Rajat : your gone sanskar
Kavita comes wearing a bridal attire.
Kabir : are you sure
Kavita : yes do it quickly
Sahil takes their picture and sends to ram Prasad Maheshwari.
Flash back ends

PRECAP : sanskar slaps swara

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  1. It was too short

    1. Sorry guys for short update. The next part will be big.

  2. nice please update next part soon. again same precap .. update soon.

  3. Awesome but it’s so short.poor swara .sanskar is playing with her emotions. I hate sanskar in this ff.I’m very angry on him.

  4. Purvisharma

    Awesome……. Continue soon……

  5. Abirsha

    Awesome…. Bring sankys truth to swara soon dr….. Cant c her innocence…. She is very innocent…. Want to c her in bold and literate….

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    Too short yaar… Same recap from 2,3 days

  7. Hadi

    yr storyline is good but u wrote too short dear write a little long i had read all epis in one go yesterday n am missing it today as other ff are also not posted yet but now u posted i really feel pity on swara how innocent she is what will happen when the building of trust will shatter which she made with so much love how can a person is so cruel only for his lust he married to swara nd made her wife less servant how could he do this hope so soon he will realixe his mistake

  8. Sumeeta

    Swara is too inocent

  9. SwaSanFan

    Awsum..hate Sanskaar..n poor swara..plzz chmg Swara asap..need a new Swara to teach Sanskaar a Lesson..

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    nice but y so short?

  11. Awesome.. But short..

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    Awesome… But a little bit short… Try to make it longer next time….

  14. that blo*dy sanskar…….ill kill him

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