Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 39

Hello friends sinin here back with the next episode… Sorry for short one..and I’ll post swasan fear to love you soon.

Sanskar is sitting on bed.his head has a bandage.all Maheshwari members are present there.
Doctor : Mr Maheshwari you should be careful..you have come out of paralysis few days ago..this carelessness may cost you heavily. Leave it I’ll talk to Mrs Maheshwari..only she can take good care of you..

Sanskar looks at Swara who was standing holding the door..trying to listen to doctor pretending as if all this doesn’t matter at all..tear marks wear visible on her eyes..

Laksh goes with doctor… Sujata signs and ragini goes out.
Sujata : what was this sanskar ?
Sanskar while looking down
” I had no other option ma…this was the only way to stop her..and now I know she still loves me…
Sujata : why..every time your taking wrong way..she is broken..she need time..you can’t force her to stay..now I’ll also not pressure her..let her go its better for both of you..
Sanskar holds her hand and cries..

” no…mom please don’t do this..I can’t bear this..this separation.. Is killing me..mom see she can’t see me in pain..it means she still loves me..ma her condition is not good..I know she is angry but she can’t stay without me even for a day..ma please stop her…

Sujata sighs…
“_ but u promise..me that you’ll not do this kind of work again..”

Sanskar hugs her tightly…

Sujata and sanskar comes downstairs…

Laksh is scolding Suraj.. Ragini is sitting on couch with a sad face..

Sujata : ragini laksh..what happened.. Where is swara..I need to talk with her..
Sanskar shouts..swara..swara where are you…
Ragini : ma..
Sujata : what happened.. Where is she…call her na..
Ragini : ma she left..
Sanskar : left means…what the hell r u saying ?
Ragini handovers a letter to him…

” still you won’t change.. You are always ready to play with my emotions..but this time your dirty tricks won’t work..I’m going…
Don’t worry I’m not going to commit suicide like u..I’m enough to
Take care of my child..as you have some attachment with it..
Don’t worry I’ll take care of my baby..and try to be a good son..
Don’t give pain to her..don’t try to find me unnecessarily..
If right time comes I’ll come on my own….

Sanskar falls on his knees…not able to gather strength to say something…

Laksh : why did you do this…you could have stop her..


Swara stands on the gate..
Kamla : beti don’t go leaving us alone..
Swara : kaki..don’t make me weak…
Kamla : but what about sanskar baba…
Swara : he needs this kaki..every time all can’t be in his favor… He’ll have to learn to defeat..
She bends down to sniff..
” chorui…take care of all..u know na..what to do…
Sniff barks slowly…

Swara passes the gate..,and again comes back..
She hugs kamla… Whispers in her ears ” kaki..he is weak take care of him”

She goes from there…..

Flashback ends..

Kamla and Suraj stands quietly…

Sanskar goes in his room…

Sanskar : its OK…if this unbearable separation is my punishment.. Then its OK..maybe after this I’ll be able to get you and our baby..I’ll wait for you swara..I’ll wait for you…

After some hours..

Swara : are you sure I can do it..?
She looks quite nervous…
Joy : of course… I’m super duper sure..only u can do it perfectly…
Swara still looks undecided…
Siya n piya : ohh…di don’t think so much..we’re with you..its the perfect one…
Swara : is it ?
Nandu n shravan : yes..yes..yes !
Uncle : yes beti go for it…
Swara holds her tummy…
Nandu : see even chotu baby said…mamma u can do it…

Swara looks at her surrounding who are triple confident than her..she takes a deep breath…and signs the contract…

All shouts in joy…not lafanga aka joy its happiness aka joy…

Swara thinks how she met joy hours ago..

Nandu : and swara no need to find any house..if you can stay at my house..that’s vacant after mom dad went to abroad.. And I’m not going to shift there again…
Swara : but how can I….
Nandu : ohh..madam your now the official head of ” Dream weavers ” so definitely I’ll take extra rent from u..
Siya piya : and we both r just a few minutes away…

Swara : I can’t believe…I’m going to…
Joy : ur the head planer of Mr murthy’s anniversary !!

They all share share a group hug…..

Precap : thinking thinking….

Do comment guys….where r my other readers ??

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  1. Rabia0032

    Kya dear here also swasan sepration n in serial also kya ho raha hai swasan Land main

  2. DivzS

    Wow nice, she’s right, sanskaar need to learn a lot, and she need to explore a lot…. Time is always the way…. Loved it

    1. DivzS

      But still, please don’t put leap of direct 7 years, few months, at max 1 year… Please….

  3. Ayonti(swasan)


  4. NDSG

    I’m happy for shona… But this stupid heart can’t see sanky in pain…

  5. Interesting dear
    Finally new swara will emerge
    Hope she forgives sanskar soon

  6. Kaynatk01

    am happy for swara but i really cant bear swasan sepreation

  7. U know wat now she left when swara will come back then like serial her rant will start i have left u becoz of u, u have not seen your child growth becoz of you, where were you when i need this in pregency and that, if you have sincerly repent then i would have forgive you. You were not guilty of your acts. You haven’t try harder to bring me back.
    Likewise opposite also happens.
    Yaar he have tried alot to stop her asking her to forgive him, finally she have taken this step and he is keeping her is not wrong but i know way is wrong and i really don’t know wat is right way.

    1. NDSG

      I’m with sanky

  8. And sorry to say i would really appreciated her if she have gone with either laksh ragini or sujata instead of Joy becoz she don’t have good relatives. And Joy is doing everything for Swara out of love not friendship and ofcouse she is not abondend from house she would have thrown Sanskar out of the house and joy would have helped her from outside. That could be given a great sense of decency.

  9. Tamanna

    Nice… But sad for swasan separation…

  10. Rabia

    Oookay soo now punishment session started ?

  11. Hey I was a silent reader but I love your ff that I had to speak out and tell you how amazing your ff are
    I stated reading your ff recently but I found all of this ff from episode 1 till now and must have at least read each episode about 5 times
    You are an amazing writer
    I love your ff so much
    Lead can you update longer ones as I love reading them too much

  12. Mica

    oohh love this part.. yeah Swara is rite, i mean what kind of love Sanskar want to prove ? he still selfish in his own way somehow, it’s not love, it’s his obsession to swara…i love Sujatha aunty so wise mom…

  13. Soujanya


  14. Meher

    Finally she left… It was badly needed..

    I just hope you won’tturn joy’s character as an obsessed one..

    Now m waiting for swasan moments?

  15. Abirsha

    Superb dr….. Amazing…. Sanskar need this punishment…. Sanskar deserves this…. Joy is very nice…. I loved him….. He always helps her in tough situation….. Very nice

  16. Vyshu10

    nice…..plz if there is a leap…let it be just for 2-3 mnths max plz

  17. Awesome
    Swara did right
    Joy is a true friend

  18. Dharshini


  19. Arshaanya

    Amazing dear…loved it
    It was needed n m glad she lft him… he desrve dis coz again he was using wrong way to stop her… ??? for sujata n happy swara didn’t lstn to raglak also bcoz dey r also at fault…
    Want to see swara joy bond n swara emerging as a strong prsnlty n bond wid her evry frn…

  20. Maryum


  21. i m happy for swara..she took d right decision..

  22. awsome dr.
    i rly like dis part.
    its highly needed punishment. sanky need 2 understand wt is true lv.
    lv sujatha here. she is so gd.
    im hpy with swara.
    bt im sceard f joy! wt if he bcm a obsessed lover?

    keep writing
    be hpy always

  23. Wow loved it plz don’t seperate them fro long time so like a few months and plz don’t make Joy a obsessed one ❤️??? This seperation was needed for Sanky but I can’t see him? In pain nor can I see swara in pain ? Plz plz plz don’t seperate them for long time ??❤️

  24. Short yet superb.. Swara did right..She shouldn’t stop as he tried to commit suicide. Sanskaar needs these types of punishments. Don’t take a long leap dear.
    And i’m lil bit confused about this joy.. Will he become a obsessive lover?

  25. Nice

  26. Superb dear…I thought you will add same cliché scene she will return to him after his drama….but you probed me wrong….wow he needed this punishment… He is now obsessed with swara….loved sujatha..her support towards swara….

  27. Kakali

    I loved it … i love it when Swara took a step for her … spoke for her … but at d same time why u went with Joy?

    Sanskar again took a wrong way to convense her .. huhhh !!! whyy?? wwhyyy??? give her time.. u can’t get her in this way… i hate it Sanskar …

    Thnk u dear…

  28. Arshi

    Awesome awesome…. happy to c bold and cutebswara…. want to read next chappy

  29. Awesome!!! Well…what does sanskar want to prove by harming himself!! I feel sorry for him…but at the same time…I am not liking his acts!!!

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