Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 38

Hello friends sinin here with the next episode.. Thank you all so much for the comments.silent readers do comment.

Sanskar wakes up..
He looks here and there discovering himself outside his room. He recalled his last night. He feels the pain when ur loved one throw u out of heart.
He stands and finds the door is opened…
He peeps inside to see a glance of swara

There she was looking like an angle..in her sari..but he couldn’t stay lost in admiring her..when he saw..what she was doing…

She was packing her bags !!

Sanskar couldn’t wait and went near her..

Sanskar : Swara what are you doing..?
Swara doesn’t looks at him..and continues her work..
She finishes her packing and turns…
He saw her for the first time without any sindoor or mangalsutra…
Sanskar couldn’t find any word to express this feeling…

Sanskar : Swara.. Where is your mangalsutra..?

Swara : here !
She takes his palm and gives her mangalsutra shocking sanskar…
Sanskar : Swara…

Swara : this used to bind each other in this…fake relationship.. When your truth is out..there’s no need of it..

Sanskar : swara..don’t say like this…I beg to you…please forgive me..at least think of our baby….
Swara : don’t you dare.
Sanskar : what !

Swara : it’s only my baby..don’t you dare to say our..you have no right on my baby..there is nothing like OUR between us..

Sanskar looks at her with teary eyes..

Swara leaves with her bag..sanskar runs behind her..he holds her hand and back hugs her tightly…. Swara resists but he tighten his grip…

Swara : leave me !
Sanskar : don’t go like this…please forgive me…I will never do like this..I’ll always listen to you..I’ll bear any punishment.. But not this separation… Swara please..
His tears falls on her shoulder…
Swara closes her eyes..

Sanskar makes her turn..
He cups her face..
Sanskar :_ Swara…
She opens her eye..
Sanskar : swara don’t go…you only say na..the eyes which were filled with love for me..the eyes which used to cry on my wounds…there were happiness on my success.. How can I..how can I bear hatred swara..how can I see tears there for me…
Swara : your responsible for this ! U know what I never wanted you to love me back..I used to feel pain when you were not with me..but I never expressed.. It was my only my satisfaction to love you ..buy you couldn’t love me but you just…wanted my body..u bought me from my dad..every time lie and lie..u made my life a lie… Now not anymore.. Its over..

Sanskar : swara pleas…
Swara : you wanted punishment… So ur punishment is..you’ll never see your child !
Sanskar : Swara ! I’ll not let you leave…
Swara : stop me if u can…!

Swara walks and sanskar walks ahead her trying to stop her..

Mat ja re..song from tanu weds many returns plays in background

Sanskar stops …swara keeps going….


Laksh and ragini tries to stop Swara but she doesn’t listens to them…
Swara : enough laksh ragini ! You both also helped him in his crime..
You both also played with my feelings !

Sujata : swara..please beta..don’t go..
Swara looks on..

Sujata : I know beta..we both don’t know each other..but when you called me ma..from that time I’m your mother..beta I know sanskar did wrong..I’m not giving any explanation.. But dear think of your unborn baby..

Swara : ma..forgive me..but from now on..I have to be independent.. I’m sure I can at least bought up my child in a good environment.. I can be both mother and father..I can’t trust anyone now…

Sujata : beta..

Swara : you called me beta..its enough for me..ma please fulfill my one wish
Sujata : yes..dear say ?
Swara : ma please forgive your son…
Sujata and all other present there shocks…

Sujata : beta he needs your forgiveness…
Swara : no ma..it can’t happen.. I have no relation with him..but your relation can never be broken..he needs you..please forgive him..

Sujata : beta..husband wife relationship is like that..he didn’t loved u in beginning.. But he loves you badly now..I saw the love for you..n your baby..I’m afraid he will harm himself if you go away..

Swara gives a painfull smile..

Swara : no ma…he only loves himself..he can never harm himself…

She seeks her blessings..
She head towards the door…
She thinks to look back for once but later thinks…no she can’t fall weak..she has to be strong for her child…
She has to broke this attraction.. This bond with everyone related to him..

She closes her eyes..
She steps to cross the border of house…when she feels something..
Something wet…something wet on her forehead..
She touches her forehead and sees……it was blood on her maang !!

Everyone shocks…
She starts feeling scared..and unknown fear takes place in her heart..
She looks up..
The blood was falling from near the railings..

She throws her bags..and runs upstairs… Laksh ragini sujata fans behind her…
She reaches near the room..
Her world freezes there…

Sanskar was on the for..unconscious… Blood was oozing from his forehead,.which were tripping on the railings… And at last on its destination… Swara’s empty forehead !


When swara was talking with sujata…
Just its upstairs…
Sanskar recalls all his bad deeds..their lovely moments.. Swara pregnancy.. Her silence.. Hatred..her leaving…

Sanskar : I know you still love me..and its the only way to prove u still love me…
He starts banging his head on wall..until blood covers it fully and he falls down…

Precap : nayi shuruwat…

Guys one question
Want a leap of 7 years or this track is OK ?

All please comment quickly so that I can write the next episode.
I’ll start my other ff after ending this so kindly wait..


  1. Lavanya

    awesome story.. i read all parts today wow… but plzzz no leap.. give some swasan cute moments..

  2. Meher


    |Registered Member

    Oh man!! Loved this.. this helpless sanskar.. strong swara… Mature Sujata… Everything is perfect..

    I don’t like leap.. I want sanskar to take care of swara in her pregnancy.. I want them to spend moments together which they can’t spend earlier

  3. Swasan

    Leap is not required, its husband wife relation, its not easy to break dear and in your fanfiction it is completly not required becoz she has full support of family. Just it required time through which sanskar can rectify his mistake living with Swara only. And nobody loves his wife or her husband at first instance. Many marriages have lust only first.
    The good thing is Sanskar brought her instead of anyone else which can be wrost proved. He never cheated on her for other women.
    Trust need time which they both can developed with time living with each other

  4. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Loved it…
    Still hez taking wrong step to stop her by harming himslf… he needs to earn her trust n love… need dere sprtn for sumtym n swara joy bond

  5. Simin

    Plz dear no leap continue in this way only
    Sanskar’s idea is good to stop her
    When they will stay in one house then only he will be able to seek forgiveness from her

  6. xavia

    Its superb dear….n no leap….ds track z osm….n y uh r nt posting royal love plz post dat 1 too….

  7. aamias

    I think 7 years leap is too much 2 to 3 year leap will be awesome as swara will mature and go into a bold strong lady and my sadistic heart wants to see Sanskar feel guilty and also the pain and longing will be so good to express by u like awesome writer. He will also prove that he loves only swara.

  8. crazy princess

    no leap and chap was awesome but dont seperate swasan make sanskar earn her trust by living under 1 roof

  9. Pramudi

    Superb. Ha haha.. like kumu said, last part was lil bit filmy.. But liked it. Whole chaper was amazing. Well done.
    Sinin, no leap plz dear..

  10. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Awesome chappy dear … feeling happy after seeing bold Swara.. loved it … n about leap i really don’t think leap is needed here… do continue with d same track… i wanna know d further circumstances…

    thnk u.. 😉

  11. chanu

    nice epi.
    lv it.
    plz no leaps. i wanna knw wt will hpn nxt.
    did swara 4gv him?
    i want swara lives in same house and gv his a 2nd chance. sanskar hv 2 prove his lv and win his swara back.

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

  12. DivzS


    |Registered Member

    Jeez, no leap…. Eeewwww…. Continue the story smoothly.. And it’s becoming dramatic by the day…. Liking it though.

  13. Mica


    |Registered Member

    sorry late Sinin.. not have much time to read ff nowadays

    but Damn! you made me cry in morning… just love it soo much ty

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