Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 36

Hello friends sinin here….I’m back with the next episode… Thanks for the comments on previous part.


Swara is walking on a narrow road which is surrounded by different trees… This green smell..flowing river…birds chripping.. All reminds her of her childhood days…her 20 years which is spent Here…

Joy is following Swara from a little distance..

Slowly people are gathering around her…all are happy and shocked to see their daughter after 3 months..she has returned after so many days…but why her state is vulnerable… The girl whom they send happily has come back crying.. Why..

Swara reaches near her house..a tinshed hut..it was supposed to be..but now its a one storied building… Her Father is seen reading newspaper…
Swara crises the boundary… Her father looks at her shockedly…

Jagat : u.,,swara..?here ?

Swara doesn’t says anything just stares jagat which describes everything.
Her mom comes out of the kitchen… She looks at her daughter shockingly… The other name of happiness is devastated….
Ayush her small 8 years old brother comes runningly from playground… They both hugs swara tightly…
Jagat avoids eye contact and goes inside the home…

He calls someone…

Sanskar point of view

Oh god….!! Thank you thank you thank you so much…I have found her..oh god after so much separation… At least she is safe and sound with our baby..I will not leave her for a minute from now..she travelled such long distance.. Till Sonagora… Maybe to confront her father…that jerk called me and asked to take my wife as he can’t keep any disturbance in his peaceful life…I’ll just now have started for Sonagora….I don’t want her to stay with that blo*dy man for a minutes… Who knows how she is…

End of POV..

Swara is hugging her mother n brother back…but still staring her father..who is looking little scared..that’s how a criminal should be…

Jagat : if you think that I’ll accept you after being disowned by husband then your wrong..
Swara : no..,baba..I have come here to ask you what was my mistake ?
Jagat : what…
Swara : baba..what was my mistake…. I never wanted anything from you..I never questioned you..I never disobeyed you..then where’s my mistake…
How could you let someone play with your blood…daughters are the glory of father..then why baba..why..

Jagat : yes,.I had done it..cause you’re always a burden to me..my son will take care of me in my old days…what will you do,.huh..nothing.. It was your bad luck to have beautiful face..which was wanted by all..thank to god that someone is ready to keep you for lifetime..
Joy : enough.., what kind of father you are…

The villagers fumes in anger..they took plough..scathes,,. Knife..whatever found near to attack jagat..

Swara was looking shockedly at her father..

She starts feeling dizzy… She stumbles and falls….but sanskar holds her at perfect time…

Sanskar : swara..are you OK ?
Joy holds swara from him..
Joy : she is OK…
Sanskar shocks seeing him…
Sanskar : swara..your weak..let’s go home..
Joy : she’ll not go anywhere with you..
Sanskar : Mr mitral…she is my wife..!
Joy : don’t say it in front of me…see what have you done to your wife..
Sanskar : its our personal matter..
Police comes n stops joy…

Sanskar holds Swara.. But she stays still..sanskar looks at her with tears… He takes her in bridal style and carries till car…
Swara doesn’t reciprocate or resists…
Sanskar drives back to Kolkata…

Sujata and ragini is waiting at the entrance worriedly….
They are very tensed for her.,.

The care comes and sanskar comes out with Swara in his arm….
Ragini comes near him..
Ragini : bhabi…
Sujata : sanskar.. Take her to room.. Sher looks exhausted…
Sniff barks loudly seeing swara.,
Sanskar : not now buddy…

He takes her to room and makes her li on the bed..he holds her hand tightly and kissed her forehead….
Sanskar : do you know how tensed I was for you..don’t do it again..I know your angry with me..and its justified.. But think about me and our baby also…please forgive me….come back to me..
Sanskar places his hand on her tummy….
Swara stays emotionless….

Sujata : sanskar come out….

At night
Sanskar comes with food..
Swara sitting on the bed..
Sanskar : Swara see..I bought dinner for you….l have cooked for you taste it and say…
He brings it closer..but Swara dosent opens her mouth..
Sanskar : swara..eat na..its not good for the baby.. Ur already weak…
Swara dosent says anything…

Sanskar : swara..please say something.. You punish me..slap me..but I can’t bear your silence…don’t do it…I can’t bear it…
Swara looks staraightly in his eyes…

They have an emotional eye lock…

Pas ayye..duriya phir vi cum na hui…
Ek aduri si hamari kahani rahi…
Asma ko Jami eye zaruri nahi…..

Hamari adhuri kahani…hamari aduri kahani…

Sanskar breaks the eye lock not able to bear to anything else on the eye which used to have immerse love for him…

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  1. Its awsome

  2. Crystal

    It was a very sad update 🙁

  3. NDSG

    Waooooooooooooooooooo finally sanky took shona back…. I love it… This is one of my favorite ff….????

  4. Its really painful to hear such things from your father
    A girl is her father’s princess but some people feel they are burden huhh sha.e on such people

  5. Kakali

    Can’t even imagine d pain when a father says these words to a daughter !! wanna vomit on them for their cheap mentality … huhhhhh !!!
    Sanskar feel the pain !!! damn it feel d pain …. love it Sinin … thnk u…

  6. Thank god sanskaar found swara.

  7. Soujanya


  8. Praju

    Loved it…..

  9. Cutiie


  10. Arshaanya

    Yr wat r u doing again n again wenevr v feel hez going to get punishmnt n little seprtn u again let sanskar bring her home evrytym… n feeling bad for joy evrytym he tries to help her bt she doesn’t even care for him as friend…its one f my fvrt ff
    M not liking it dis way… sorry it hurt u

  11. Tamanna

    Wow… Awesome… Soo emotional…

  12. IT wz osm dear…i wanna kill dat jaggat hw dare he say lyk ds to his daughter……feeling bad fo joy…..plz make sm light moment b/w swara n joy….n punish sanskar at least to a lil extent …..

  13. Awesome……. Continue soon……

  14. Ayonti(swasan)


  15. Nice

  16. Your story is going awsome dear, i like swara’s character very much, its really nyc to see that how she changed her husband lust into love without her knowledge, she just cared about her husband always maintained a proper distant from others whether friend or anyone giving no chance to others to raise finger on her character. I find her she is capable of doing everything without anyone help.

  17. Maryum


  18. awesome…!! loved it…!! Eagerly waiting for next part…!!

  19. Meher

    I feel it incomplete.. I want her motherto react after knowing the truth.. but still nevermind..

    Swara’s silent tourcher is important for sanskar.. he should suffer

  20. Vyshu10

    aww…so emotional. Swara’s silence is killing us too. I know sometimes silence can become the deadliest weapon. And hope villagers won’t leave swara’s father easily.

  21. Another awesome and short epi…it’s ok.. I can understand your problem….?..keep writing dear?? and waiting for the next

  22. Wow loved it❤️

  23. awsome epi.
    its rly emotional one.
    i want 2 kill dat man. he ddnt worth 2 cl dad. uurrrrgg…..
    thank god sanskar cm thir and her away.
    hope he will take care f swara and prove his lv 2wrd her. 🙂
    keep writing
    be hpy always

  24. Sanji

    feeling like killing that blo*dy jagaat….huuuuuh?????

  25. Dharshini


  26. Mica

    oh god! i just want to kill this Jagat!!! huft thanks God to gave me such best papa..
    Swara,, please you can keep silent to Sanskar! but don’t let your baby suffer dear!

  27. Superb.. ? loved it.. Want to punch that cheapo jagath. He is not worthy to call as a father.
    Swara is a strong girl.. Feeling happy about the silent treat which swara is giving to her husband. Sanskaar is himself responsible for this..
    Post the nxt part soon dear.

  28. It is awesomeeeeeee.

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