Swasan- does love need perfection ? Episode 35

Hello friends sinin here with the next part of DLNP…thank u all very much for the comment on last part..,hope to see the support till the end..guys do tell what you say about reaction of swara…

Sundays are making its way through curtains and falling on sanskar… Who is sitting on floor resting his head on bed…no one can even say that it was his birthday yesterday and he got to know that he’s going to have a baby by seeing his swallowed eyes…
He opens his eyes slowly.. Hoping to see angelic face of his love but no she was not there… Why…then the haunted memories of last night comes in his mind…
He turns to see swara sleeping on bed…..but no she’s not there…maybe she is on the washroom… He saw the door was open… He walked through the corridor.. Terrace.. Kitchen garden…no..she is not there..she is not in the house !!!! Now that was enough for him..he shouted and gathered all..its just 5:30 am…no one have any idea where is she.
Sanskar : what the hell you guys where doing ?…no one saw and she was gone out of house…what’s the use of keeping guards…useless !
Sujata : but you were with her na ?
Sanskar : yes…I was beside her…I hooded her hand tightly… Then how she went..where she will go..such a stupid I’m…how could I sleep…how could I?
He banged his hand on wall…
Laksh holds him..
He sat on couch and rubs his face…

Sanskar : I know.. I’m sure..she left me..she is angry and she left me…
Sujata : any self respected girl will go away from you !
Laksh : mom ! Bhai don’t worry…I’ll call the police..

Sanskar : lucky..do something.. Yaar call commissoner….. I’ll talk with him…ram Singh ! Take out the car..Swara please please… Don’t do something wrong…don’t go away… I’ll not be able to bear it…

At an isolated road

A girl is walking aimlessly.. She is wearing a red sari..her hairs are scattered and she is bare footed..she is wet little bit..it just rained a little few minutes ago..her sindur is washed in rain…but she is least bothered.. She is least bothered about anything is this world…she looks so devastated.. Hopeless emotionless.. As if she doesn’t have anything left..she remembering her happy married life.. Just for her..how stupid she was..really a dumb..she believed every word..never tried to judge him..
Nothing is good beyond limit.. Trust n love also…n she’s the witness..
She’s completely blank now..her existence.. Nothing is left..

She Heard a call…and then..she was pushed on the road..she rolled..a truck passed..but she was least bothered…

Joy..yes he was following her from Kolkata till here..
Joy : shona..what r u doing.. R u mad..all this ? For him who doesn’t even care..
Swara was still mum..
Joy : swara stop thinking about him..he’s not that much good..he did such a big fraud..we’ll go n lodge a complain come with me..
Hr tries to take her but she stays still
Joy : what…don’t tell me..you’ll cry like other women..com on..your my shona..or you still have feeling for him…shona no..he will hurt u again…

Swara : joy…
Joy turns hearing her trembling voice…
Joy couldn’t control and hugs her…swara stays still..
Swara : I’m sorry..I’m sorry..I’ll sorry… Please… Please forgive me.,.

As her voice is stocking in her throat…she would feel better if she cries..

Joy : such..shona..
Swara : you were right.. N I slapped u…didn’t even listen u for once…
Joy : no shona.,.don’t cry..everything will all right..
Swara : joy.. Will u do a work for me..take me somewhere…
Joy : sure..where you want to go…
Swara : Sonagora… To ask my right…

Joy looks at swara..who is not Swara right now..something else..like a ignited fire..which can burn everything.. But it depends on her..or will she burn herself….

Sanskar is trying to find swara madly..from Constable to commissioner.. He begged to everyone for finding Swara… Hr did every mean..but there is no sign in Kolkata.. Then where she will be..where she went..where can a mentally broken girl unknown to outside of Kolkata can go…sanskar is feeling if he can find her he will give his everything in feet on god..


  1. xavia

    It wz osm dear……plz dun make her frgv sanskar easily…..she shd cm back wid a bang…nt dat old stupid jhalli type…..who trusts evry1 so easily….n y r uh ending it so soon…….

  2. Pramudi

    Awesome.. Feeling bad for swara.. But happy to see her fighting for herself. Swara shouldn’t forgive sanskaar so easily..

  3. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Loved it dear … loved it…
    Sanskar deserves this … let him bear some more pain…
    don’t make them together too early. ….let him bear the consequences he himself build up… hurting his wife …

    but plzzzz not much big punishment … u know naa we all can’t see them broken … thnk u Sinin…

  4. Romaisa

    Wow loved it plz don’t seperate them for long timeβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜­

  5. Mica


    |Registered Member

    Siniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin… just soo awesome, i know even Swara will hurt so badly for this Sanskar’s punishment since even she loves him soo much…
    but, somehow she needs self respect, fight for her own dignity.. just soo love it..ty

  6. Arshi


    |Registered Member

    Wowo read 2 epis in one go.. such aan emotional epi… u r blessed with sucj a cute talent deat… now u have stpped it in such a way tat everyne is waitig desperately… post asp… 😊

  7. Simin

    Yes yes yes now she will emerge as a strong powerful woman
    Do give punishment to everyone who did wrong with her her father her hubby sanskar but eventually unite swasan

  8. Arshaanya


    |Registered Member

    Nyc chappy…
    Sanskar desrve punishmnt… want to c bold n strong swara… sanskar suffrng… she shud not frgve him easily… he needs to earn her love n trust…

  9. chanu

    awsome epi as always dr.
    lv it
    let sanskar suffer sm more tym. bt nt soo long cz he is repenting.
    feeling bad 4 swara.
    i am hpy that she is fighiting back.
    lv it.
    keep going swara

    keep writing
    be happy always

  10. Sanji


    |Registered Member

    sanskar should be punished,…..bt somewhere I’m feeling sorry for him…..plz don’t punish him much

  11. Riya

    Its just mind-blowing….waiting for nexttttttttt….sorry I can’t wait anymore 😰😰 post it today itself 😍😍

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.