swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 3


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At manali
A big mansion is shown. A very stylish one with brand new furniturs. Servants are cleaning the mansion. Gardener is watering the plants at garden. Driver is cleaning the brand new Mercedes.
Sanskar and kavita enters
Sanskar : mom ! Dad !
Sujata : I am here. How was the party ?
Kavita : mom it was very good. Mr Roy is indeed a millionaire.
Rp : kavita dear your observing power is fabulous. He owns a gold mine.
Sanskar : where is lucky and ragini ?
Ragini : I am here bhai.
Kavita goes and hugs her.

Kavita : ragini how was your exhibition ?
Ragini : all went smoothly. And bhai laksh is very angry with you.
Sanskar : I know I know. When will he return from Paris ?
Ragini : day after tomorrow. But we are also angry with you. How can you marry without informing us ?
Sujata : yes. You could have told us that you love Kavita. We would happily arrange your marriage. But no you went to our ancestors place and got married.
Sanskar : I am sorry ma. I am asking forgiveness for ten days.
Rp : ok. We forgive you. Even I liked kavita as daughter in law. She is perfect for us. I have booked a honeymoon sweat at los Angeles.
Sanskar : sorry had kavita have her fashion show. I also have a meeting.
Rp : oh ! No problem. You are staying here na.
Kavita : sorry dad . We have to return tomorrow.
Sujata : I don’t understand today’s generation. What is the need of staying at Kolkata when you have your own house here ?
Ragini : ma let’s go and buy some jewelry for kavita. She will go away tomorrow.
Sujata : yes yes. Let’s go kavita
The ladies went for shopping
Sanskar gives kavita a your-my-best -friend look.
Kavita gives him a I -will – break -your – jaw look.
Sanskar point of view

Thank God I am saved. I don’t understand why mother ask so much questions. I don’t how will I hide swara. It’s okay till now. But what will happen when lucky will come back ? He knows about kavita and randhir. God please help me. I am really a dumb. I don’t know why I married a illiterate village girl. Who doesn’t Even know how to behave? This kind of girls are born to stay in kitchen and making childs. I am not in love with that stupid. But I am attracted towards her body. Yes she is soo damm. Hot and s*xy.I have no idea why God have this beauty in a illiterate. But I have many profit I have got a all time caretaker without any money. She is very dumb she actually loves me and thinks me too loves her.so whatcan I do if she is soo dumb idiot and stupid ?
At Kolkata

Swara is cleaning the furniture. She looks at the clock.
” he said he will return at night. But now is it is only 1 pm. Thank God that monir kaka had taught me how to tell the time looking at sun. He was the only educated person of Sonagora.he was very good person. Only due to him I could read till class 5 .before he came in our village there were no education in Sonagora. He came and started to teach us without any fee. He tried to take help from ministry. But who will pay heed to us. At that all time only boys were send for teaching. My father said ” what is the need of her to study will she became doctor and lawyer ? No she will have to marry oneday. And girls start to fly high if they get education. So no need”
But my mother was adamant. She sent me to monir kaka at night when father used to sleep. We used to study in a broken house. One-day monir kaka took my exam.

He was very astonished seeing my copy. That night he went to city and come back. He said ” our shona is a brilliant child. She have got triple promotion and a ngo will sponsor her education”. I didn’t understand much. But I was happy that I can study more. But the day when we wereabout to go some people brutally murdered monir kaka. We cloudnt find why some one have to kill him ? But he leaved a note for me. But I can’t read cause he said to read this when I need him most. But now I have sanskar with me. I wanted to Said my wish to him but he was very busy. Indeed he is very big business man. But sometimes I became selfish and want that he give some time to me.. but this is wrong I am sure he to wants to stay with me and I think even now he is recalling me. After all he is my husband. God thank you so much for giving him to me. Can anyone say me WHY HE LOVES ME SO MUCH ?

Credit to: sinin

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  1. AnuAnn

    Awesome yaar.. I feel pity for swara.. BT I knw one day swanky w’ll change.. Plzz make it longer dear

  2. superb!!! waiting for next pert!!

  3. Poor swara she thinks sanskaar loved him but in reality he is just using her body

  4. nicee.. hope sanskar changes soon.. show swara strong and change sanskar can’t see him like this..

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  6. Madhu

    nicee.. hope sanskar changes soon.. show swara strong and change sanskar can’t see him like this.

  7. Purvisharma

    Poor swara…….

  8. Mica

    nice story…hahaha, even writer and sanskar realized that swara is soooo damn s*xy (though just me) hahahaha, sorry couldn’t stop laughing.

  9. Divyanshri

    swara will suffer for loving sanskar…..

  10. Interesting and so sad for Swara.Waiting for next post Sinin di.

  11. Interesting and so sad for Swara.Waiting for next upload Sinin di.

  12. Tamanna

    Nice but please make sanskar to fall for swara….

  13. so sorry for swara………..
    dear swara don’t worry soon ur hubby will love u out of the world.

  14. Ameera

    Nice loved it

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  16. SwaSanFan

    Awsum..bt hw cn Swara be soo Dumb..feeling soo bad fr her..Want to see A Bold n a Educated Swara..n Sanskaar shud he taught a Good Lesson..Hate Sanskaar alot in dis ff..Plzz.Continue soon n being Bold Swara asap..n will Strt Posting ur FF Soon on my Page :)..Will Inform U ..

  17. Vyshu10

    awesome….eagerly waiting for d moment when swara will punch sanskar

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    Sanskaar is so mean.. ?
    I feel pity for swara.
    Plz make swara bold & educated soon.

  19. Sindhuja

    nice update dear!!!

  20. Yaar plz make swara bold educated and even 10times richer than sanskaar

  21. Very well written the concept is so good but reading sanskar’s character I really start to hate him he is so selfish & cheap though he is educated his thinking is so narrow poor Swara I feel like crying ! She thinks how much her love her but the truth is something else hope sanskar ‘s true face comes Infrnt of Swara & she left him & then come back as confident & educated girl! The most disgusting part is addressing kavita as his wife Infrnt of others later what ll he says her wide run away or had plastic surgery ! He jst should how well educated he is

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