swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 2

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Swara is cleaning the Floor. She remembers her grah pravash.
” today also I remember my grah pravash . It’s so unique. We entered into the mansion. He was always holding my hand tightly. There were no one in his house. The wife of watchmen kamla kaki did my arti. I was a little shocked there was no one in this big mansion. But he had once told me that he had his family. When I asked him He said ” they broke all ties with me cause I married a illiterate village girl”
Swara stops her work. Her eyes are filling up. She went inside the bedroom. She opened the cupboard and saw a shirt of her husband she smelled it trying to feel him.
“Why do you love me so much ? You had to bear so much pain for me.you leaved your parents for me. I am blessed to have you”

She goes down and starts mopping. The mansion is very big. The job is very tough but her husband have said her she have do it for him.
She goes out of the mansion. She looked towards the main gate.
“What is the need of you to go out ? You don’t the way even you can’t come back cause you will not be able to ask anyone The way after all your are soo clumsy ”
Swara smiles ” he care for me so much that’s why he have said the watchmen not to let me go out.”
I saw my best friend chorui. No no its not a human. It’s a dog. It’s the only thing I bought from my village. The Sonagora.
It’s evening
He does arti and prays to God
” Krishna ! Please help my husband. May he have all prosperity. God please give all my good deeds to him.
God please give me strength so that I can be perfect for me.
She eats her food.
Swara : who knows if he had eaten or not . He is so careless. Should I call him once.
Swara calls him
Swara ( happy) :hello!
Sanskar : who is this?
Swara : its me
Sanskar : why have you called I am busy na.
Swara : did you had your dinner ?
Sanskar : yes
He cuts the call.
Swara : thank God. But I should not call him. He has gone there for work.
She goes in her room
Sh looks here and there. She feels very scared. She never stayed alone.
She takes his shirt and lie down. She hugs it tightly.
Swara : I love you so much. But not more than you. You have to face many trouble for me na ? Don’t worry I’ll learn English and become like that kavita. Then you can take me with you. I will not be have to stay away from you. It’s said that when we love someone dearly he becomes close to our heart. I want to say you ” I love you I love you from when I had seen you first in Sonagora. But I never thought I will be able to get you. Thank you thank you very much for loving me.”

At manali
In a party
Sanskar is seen in formal dress. All were happy. Sanskar goes to a man
Sanskar : Happy 40th anniversary Mr Roy.
Roy : thank you my son. Where is your dad?
Sanskar : sorry dad cloudnt come But meet my wife kavita.
Kavita : hello mr roy. Your look quite handsome even in this age.
Roy : Thanks darling. Indeed sanskar you have got a beauty with brain.
Sanskar : thats my pleasure
Roy : excuse me

Sahil: we all know your luck
Kabir : illiterate of sonagora
Rajat : why didn’t you bought your wife I mean real wife.
Kavita : stop it yaar. Sanskar how long will this go ? You have used her na? Then divorce her.
Sanskar : noo yaar. I can’t stay without her. I have become addicted to her.
Sahil : so she is that much hot ?
Sanskar : yes plus perfect dumbo wife. Her only work is to love me nothing else.
Rajat : I also want that
Sanskar : sorry dude she is my property .
Sanskar gets a call
Sanskar : yes dad I am coming and your daughter in law is with me.
Sanskar : bye guys let’s go kavita
They both went away
Sahil : saala gharwali aur bagarwali dono hi s*xy hai.
Kabir : we have to do something

PRECAP : Sanskar family
Sanskar slaps swara

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  1. Purvisharma

    Kar kya raha hai sanskar????? Continue soon……

  2. Sumeeta

    Really sanskar is too bad nd selfish.

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  4. Sumeeta

    Swara ko sanskar ki truth pata chal na chahie .nd continue dont end it

  5. SwaSanFan

    Awsum yaar..mast hai..bt hating Sanskaar alot..hw cn he use Swara fr His Satisfaction? ? I hope Swara cjngs herself n teach Sanskaar A Good Lesson..plzz write a longer part n Continue soon

  6. SwaSanFan

    Hello Sinin..i read ur ff it’s a awsum..n hence decided to include ur ff on my FF Page of SwaSan on FB..its really a good concept..n ur story is really nyc..so thot to add in my page..this is our page..jst go thorugh it n msg me on Telly Updates..think abt it 🙂


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  14. Jwala

    I hate this sanskar.. poor swara.. naje her strong dear.. this ff is outstanding. . you always have awesome concept with you.. and your writing talent also awesome. . in royal love update your sister told that you are only 15 years.. I must say your writing is very mature.. I’m already your fan.. love you dear. . keep the good work up.. I’m 8 years elder than you. . you are really mind blowing writer.. proud of you

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    Nice concept & awesome update lil sissy.
    Really enjoyed this. ?
    Plz dear make your updates lil bit longer if u can.

  18. Abirsha

    Its awesome…. Poor swara sanky s taunting her but she doesn’t know it….. She thinks that he loves her….. When truth comes out oh gosh swara will shatter….. After that bring a strong swara opposite to this swara….. So that sanky should beg for her love….

  19. Ameera

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