Swasan – does love need perfection ? Episode 17


Hello friends ! I’m back I registered few minutes ago. I couldn’t help but writing. I got a holiday for national mourning day, and tomorrow is art exam,so I can write. Don’t worry I have just 3 exams left.
Again very very very thank you to lovely Goldie for posting this ff on her page…and to my fb reader I’m extremely sorry for not able to reply to your lovely comments, but main problem is I don’t have a fb account but I used my cousin account once and saw your comments thank you all very much. ☺☺

Sanskar point of view
I woke up and saw she was not beside me….it’s not a big deal she must be in her favourite place… kitchen… Or house temple… But I felt like she is angry with me and went back to her village… I couldn’t help but search her everywhere.. She was not in washroom, kitchen or temple… I looked at the door it was open ! Oh My God ….she is gone, I run outside and saw ….thank god she was talking with sniff. I felt relief seeing her…I don’t know why all this happening to me… This fear is very irritating.
But the scene was enough funny
Swara : chorui..,you need to help me OK…no this arrogant look like your buddy will not do..,say yes or else no food ?
My poor sniff barked in irritation… I don’t why swara calls him chorui,and he doesn’t like… I couldn’t understand her talks…
I even didn’t try…I just went And back hugged her keeping my chin on her shoulder… She sensed my presence….
I just really hope everything becomes normal…this education and all goes from her mind…and she stop this silent treatment…
Swara : Good morning !
She turned to me happily she has a bright smile on her face…which is assuring me that everything is fine now no problem in life.
Swara smiles and keeps her hand on her hip and says ” I was going to call you… You’re late now hurry up and go its already 8 :30..?
I kept my hands around her neck and said : how about taking a leave ?
Swara ?no work first
She took me upstairs and pushed In the bathroom… As soon I return she gave my clothes and was yelling like I’m going on a local bus which will leave anytime…
I ate my breakfast and was going to office for the first time without own consent….?
“Sanskar ! ”
I turned and she gave me my handkerchief…
I smiled and gave a peak on her forehead.
Oh god ! I forgot… I had bought a gift for her…
Me : swara..I had bought something for you… Take it and open later . bye
I went to office in a happy mood…now there is no problems in life..I’m happy with swara and world is happy with kavita .

Swara point of view
This sanskar? is soo slow. What if I miss my first class..no I heard somewhere first impression is the last impression. Somehow I managed to make him go and I was curious to what he bought in gift for me,…
It was soon beautiful… A s&s pendent where is our marriage picture.. Now I get it s for swara and s for sanskar ! My husband is soo talented.
I wore it and got ready before that I finished my house chores.

This is the second time I am crossing this line without him…kamla kaki took me to the place.. It’s not much far…I was very nervous…my previous experience was not good..the place is quite big with very large ground and it’s name is PATHSHALA nice one…there is no tight security… And its tin shed house…look good according to me..
Kamla kaki bid me bye and said she will again come to take me. I touched her feet….
I entered there with my side bag. The place looks quite decent…all age people are there…I can even see an old uncle..and middle age aunties..
It’s safe…I don’t know what to do next..
I was about to enter the building but I dashed with a boy..he look like 18-19
Boy : sorry
Me : its OK…can you tell me where is this English class section..
Boy : shravan..its over there
He said and went from there…sweet boy..I wish I had a brother like him..
A girl came and said “stay away from him ”
Me : why
Girl : my name is piya…and the boy shravan is drug addicted…three time failed in board exam..amir bap ka aulad…I have seen him taking drug
Piya went away..I felt little sad..such a sweet boy..but drug addicted…?
I was going on and a boy bumped into me soon hard that I felt on ground… Not boy…man..no not man..Lafanga ! This idiot came here also..mannerless !
He was too shocked to se mee
Lafanga : miss fake wife..you here…I know you have come to say sorry but no need I know you are guilty but I’m very kind..
“Hawa me Matt uro I don’t have any work that I will say sorry to u.. Go from here I’ll give another slap..
I went from there and went in my class…there were ten twelve people in that section.. That old uncle shravan and piya was also there… I sat with piya waiting for my teacher.. When I discovered another piya was sitting beside me ! Both looked same…they both smile and one piya introduced herself as siya …both are twin and 20 years old…three years younger than me..I got friendly with them..and they said Joy sir and her friend Nandini takes the class…most surprise thing all call him J..only J…
A girl entered and introduced herself as Nandini… She was cute and sweet..but ? lafanga entered behind her…and all the aunties and girls shouted “J”
And he gave a smile
So he is Joy mitral…hayre meri kismat ! ? this thing will drive me crazy…
He looked at me and gave a look that I’m here to trouble you…?
So this is the beginning of my journey to became perfect for my husband.

Guys according to me this is a long episode… I know all my regular reader will surely comment. And silent reader I came back after soon many days.. In middle of exam I wrote this chapter for you all…if it is good and if you feel then do comment.
Bye bye ??

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