swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 16


Hello friends I’m back. Thank you so much for the comments. Guys forgive my grammatical errors but main culprit is keypad. Guys this is the last post of DLNP , I’ll come back after finishing my exam which will start on 4th August and maybe end after 15-20 days. Sorry for inconvenience. I’ll give back to back episodes after coming back.

Sanskar point of view

I was not feeling the same spark. Something is missing but what ??..I shrugged my though aside when she leave the hug. Always I’m the one who leave the hug but today…?
But i continued my work after all I’m her husband she has to obey me. I hold her wrist and make her sit on my lap. She didn’t show any emotion. I tuck her aside and said in a husky voice : you don’t know.. I missed you a lot.iam craving to love you.
I leaned to kiss her but she stopped by putting her hand on my lips. I was hell shocked.
Swara : Sanskar ! Im not feeling well. Can we sleep please ?

I was like what to say…I never imagine in my dream that she can ever refuse me !!?
Now first i wanted to slap her…no no it will be excess …but I will scold her..how can she refuse me then I’ll force her …? yes. Its my Right. She cant deny that. Or i will lock her in house..? but she is locked since the day she came ! Oh God ! All this is so confusing. What should i do …all this are not good signs? actually im the idiot one i should not have agreed for education and all. All this are spoiling her minds. I just want a peaceful life with her. For that i should take a drastic step..yes I’ll have do something big which is beyond her thought so that she obey me all her life.
But idiot , stupid , useless etc business tycoon Sanskar Maheshwari did something like this —
Me : are you ok ?
Swara :yes just tired.
Me : if work all day, you’ll be tired na?wait I’ll arrange a maid for you.
Swara ?
I hugged her tightly but she didn’t reciprocate. I made her lie and sleep beside her. She looks with confusing maybe because i never sleep with her without making love.
I kissed her forehead. And hugged her in that position. First she resisted but later give in and keep her hand on my chest trying write something with her finger.
I bought her near my chest and careressed her hairs.
II don’t know but i was feeling scared. I was scared ?! But why ? Im a Happy man, with a wife who loves me unconditionally ..more specific blindly… But will situation remain like this always… Will she ever change ?…God please don’t change her. II got itI…no i admit that i am scared of losing her ??? !

Swara point of view
Its mid night. Sanskar is sleeping tightly hugging me. I am feeling thirsty. But there is no water in table. I forgot to keep the jug.
I slowly removed his hands from me and got down from the bed. I went downstairs and drank water. I was not feeling sleepy so i took a shawl and went in the garden. Chorui was guarding us he looked at me and barked. As if wants to say” what are you doing here ? Go inside ! ”
I sat on the bench and started to look at the stars. I am very very angry on him, he didn’t even listen to me for once!? how can keeping camera in a washroom ne normal ?! For first time i refused him ! I know he is sad but i couldn’t do anything …can’t i even expect him to give a chance to explain.. All this was not good…
Kamla : bahurani !
Me ; yes..kaki
Kamla : me and you’re kaka have bought this for you please don’t refuse and always remember life doesn’t give second chance to all.
She went. And i opened the envelope.
It was oh my god !????????
Admission form of swara maheshwari in Joy mittal NGO !!!!!
Oh god.im already admitted !! But what if he is one of them, but no….a person who have nice thought can be like them..
But he will never agree im sure. Vain to ask him. Life doesn’t give second chance to all..yez swara grab the opportunity.. I will inform him later…and my kaki is soo smart my classes are from 10 am till 1pm . Sanskar goes to office at 9. So i have enough time. Yes i will go.. Its the new beginning of my life !

Precap — Education and Joy mittal,increase of insecurity

Bye bye friends be happy and pray for me.

Credit to: S kabir

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