swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 15


Hello friends sinin here. Thank you for the comments. Actually kaan pakarke sorry . from now on I’ll be happy with my regular readers, second I’m very sorry anu for disappointing you. Maybe im dragging but i promise I’ll speed up. And i have thought of something like this – sanskar will realise the care and love of swara, he will love her unconditionally, he will be guilty , insecured and scared of losing her and then someone will disclose the truth to swara. This is my plan if someone have something else suggestion then kindly share with me.

Sanskar : sahil yaar ! What was this, did you enquired properly ?
Sahil : wait did swara said something ?
Sanskar : no i havent talk with her till now but she is hell scared ! Why ?
Sahil : then what should she do..she have ruined your image, she was behaving like a dumb,? slum people are more smart then her !?
Sanskar : what are you saying what she did ??
Sahil : ? she went inside and started doing nonsense. She entered into the personal room of manager and started to badmouth about her girlfriend. Then when she entered into the class she don’t want sit with girls wearing skirts and jeans like seriously ?!! Then when she was asked her name she started crying maybe when they were trying to pacify her she Got them wrong and call you.. Seriously she can no study.. itWill increase you’re problem..
Sanskar was shocked to listen all this. He was hell angry and decided to confront her.

Swara was sitting on her room. Kamla was pacifying her. It was. Visible that she was scared.

Sanskar point of view
I was very angry on her.?? she just ruined my and sahil image. I didn’t asked her to get educated she only insisted? and did this drama. Iam nt going toleave her.
I entered into the room and saw kamla kaki with her. She was looking.very scared till now and her eyes had tears. She looked at me like…..i couldn’t scold her.?
i asked kaki to go. After she went i was w about to start. But before that..
Swara : San..Sanskar !
She called me with so much love ??
I suppressed my wish to hug her tightly and tried to keep my anger.
Me : why you did this drama..
She looked shocked . but i continued
Me : it was not needed.
Swara : but that was a bad place… U know..
Sanskar : i know eeverything… They said ….and all this are. Very. Normal in high society.
Swara : all this are normal !!??
Sanskar : all this are common etiquette.. I looked back and saw she was teary eyed. I could not sçld her more. I cupped her face ànd kissed her forehead i kissed her eyes.
Me – Darling, all this is. Not for yyou. For God sake forget all this. And concentrate on me. Ok ?
She was silent. Looking at me like something else… Eas this dissatisfaction.. I don’t know. But it was new.
She nodded.
I hugged her tightly. But she didn’t reciprocate. I was totally shocked and tighten the grip. Slowly she hugged me. Back. But i didn’t felt that spark. I felt something is changing. Is it good ?

Sorry ii wanted to write more but keypad errors. Sorry for mistake.

Credit to: S kabir

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