swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 14


Hello friend im back. I’m very sad seeing the comments. I think it has become boring. I thought to post another part by
But… Don’t worry I’ll try to end it in five six more parts.

Swara point of view
Oh God ! How should i contact with Sanskar… My phone… This not a good place, how can all this happen in a education center, i entered into another room …im trying to find a phone or someone who could help me but that room.. People were drinking and dancing.. The girls are to much…shameless ! What is the need of wearing dress…rather than this… A man came and hold my hsnd trying to take me in dance floor. I resists saying im not one of them. In return he said all come here to do this, he tried to come closer, i was hell scared i pushed him and ran from there. Oh God ! What place is this !

I got down on the first floor. Thank goodness.. Maybe he is still there. I rushed in the ground , before i could cross the gate a strong hand pulled me back !

Sanskar point of view
I reached office. I have a hectic schedule today. Three meetings, but i couldn’t do more than one i postponed both and sat in.my cabin. I told my PA not to disturb unless any emergency.
I don’t know why I’m feeling uneasy, it’s very weird ! I never felt like this, it looks as if im worried what she might be doing there…really ? This feeling is very irritating. As if something is going to happen with her, but it’s a safe zone sahil personally recommended that place . im over thinking?i should give her some space and time to adjust. My PA called and informed me sahil has came. I asked her to send him inside.
Sahil : what’s up dude !?
Me : nothing much..?
Sahil : thinking about bhenji ?
Me : sahil..
Sahil : sorry she’ll come out as a smart Lady !?
Me : hope so..
Now how can i ask him directly to contact with her, hell again start teasing me, better i keep my mouth shut.
Sahil : by the way , kavita is returning tomorrow.. Maybe with Randy..?
Me : oh shit ! This problems don’t end.. I have a important business. Party with foreign partners and I’m sure Randy will not let kavita come easily?
Sahil me too.

Suddenly my phone starts to ring !

Swara point of view

that man was Mr das. He looked quite angry, but suppressed it.
Mr das : mam ! You can’t go out your class in going to start.
Me : no ! I’ll not stay here it’s not a good place , i want to talk with my husband
Das : mam what are you saying ? Sir will be very angry.
I told him both situation except dancing freekers. But he seemed to have no effect as if all this are very normal.
Das : mam this is also a part of training to see how can you handled the situation. And that girl was doing her practical.
What the hell what kind of training is this. Is this msn is out of his mind ?
Me : im not going to do all this !
Das : no mom..that is not for you… You have only lectures.
I don’t have any option except following his orders.? Sanskar please take me

I entered into a room. There were some girls. They wers looking no starring me..i felt uncomfortable.. I sat with a decent girl comparatively.
She said whisperingly : you look from good house…
Me : yes, im here to complete my education
She said mockingly : education in a brothel.!
What hell did she said ? im in a brothel. Why would Sanskar do this to me…ni no maybe no surely he dosent know about this… I ve to get out of here. I can’t stay here whole night..
I ran out and stand in ground i found the office room that to empty.. Surely my God is with me..i remembered his number and i dialled.
Sanskar : hello ?
II felt now i can be saved.
Me : sa..Sanskar !
Sanskar : Swara ! Swara what happened to you why are you crying ?
Me : Sanskar please take me from here, itiit is not a good place come fast.
Sanskar : what happened , tell me wait im coming you don’t cry.
I felt relieved. When das came and took me outside.
Das : heyy you’re disturbing us… Go to your class
Me : no my husband will come and took me.

Sanskar point of view
I got her phone and immediately start my car with sahil why she was crying.. I cursed sahil. I shouldn’t have leave her there.
I reached there and reached the main gate. All people were surrounding swara. And she was sobbing crying looking totally scared broken. I called her by name she turned and looked as if she has got her life back. She ran and hugged me tightly. I too reciprocated and careress her hair.
Swsra : please take me from here…
I took her in arms and took into car i drived back to home confusedly. Then sahil was continuously calling me…
I asked kamla kaki to take her in room. And took the call.

Precap – sahil convincing Sanskar and swara shocked.

Bye bye friends ??

Credit to: S kabir

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  1. nice… but sorry dear stop this and bring sanskar reality soon.. dont show this sahil and all .. please unite swasan or show swara strong but dont show sahil and his friends doing this … sorry if i hurt you….. i dont know why but by reading tdy episode i want to say this to you till know i liked all parts but this one is not…. i am extremely sorry for hurting you….

  2. Thank god sanskaar came there..
    Awesome part dear. Precap seems ??
    Don’t end this so soon.

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  4. Mica

    omg what sahil upto toward swara..omg
    sshhh i feel angry to sahil, to sanskar
    s. kabir, awesome work , luv it.

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  6. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. And don’t try to end it dear

  7. Plz yar dnt drag it plz sorry if i hurt uh..bt today i felt vry bad abt swara..dnt drag this sahil part

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  10. Superb awesome

  11. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Awsum..yaar..bt Precap ????..Srsly ? Sanskaar will Agree ?? I hope To see Bold Swara nw n Sanskaar Realization..continue soon

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    wow dear awsm part plz dont end it i just love your story but plz make sanskara realise swaras importance

  15. Sumeeta

    precap is horrible.how does sahil convince sanskar?.
    this part is superb.

  16. Sumeeta

    precap is horrible?.how does sahil convince sanskar?.
    this part is superb.

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    Awesome dr…. Dont end it

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    awesome….sanskar did a good thing for d first time. Plz don’t end it so soon

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    if sanskar agrees to sahil I don’t want them to be United. I’m a swasan fan. but I don’t want sanskar who doesn’t care a little about swara. I don’t think you are dragging. . you are on the right path. and different people will have different opinions. just ask your heart and write it. and you are getting amazing response when comparing to other ff’s. 15-20 comments are really a big number. most of the ff’s here getting less than 10 comments. only very few ff’s getting more than 20 comments. so no need of stopping it easily. I think joy mittal will help swara. waiting to see their bonding..

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  24. Ooh common Yaar.. Y are u gonna stop it.. Its actually a good ff nd going well.. Its ok yaar If u dont get comments for a single update.. Atleast write for the ones who are waiting for ur update regularly.. Yeah coming to this chapter it was a good one nd I’m actually keen to know abt the precap.. Sanskar agreeing??? How come a husband do so.. If he agrees then better dont swasan unite.. Now itself he is committing mistakes by making her use for his satisfaction now again a mistake wont look good for him..

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