swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 13

Hello friends im back again. Thank s Krish and smita for comments. And all regular supporters thanks. Most of you have choice param singh so Joy mittal will be played by Param Singh. I’ll post one or two part before going on chutti.

Swara point of view

I am getting ready. Today is the day. Where I’ll start my education again. If monir kaka had been alive he would surely be the happiest. But my teacher is not Joy mittal…Sanskar has chosen someone else. He said that they are better, they will also teach me courtesy.. How to maintain my class and all…i just don’t understand that what is this class which differentiate between human…
” swara..we’re getting late”
Ohh God Sanskar is calling me..I can’t be late on my first day !??

Sanskar point of view
Urrghh ! This girls na…all are same….kavita or swara ….they are always late…??
I am worried will she be able to do it…its not easy at all..after all she stayed in a village… But she is confident and sahil is More than her…he is repeatedly pressuring that that is the best reformation center of world !?? seriously ! But let’s hope for the best.. I am not feeling good to let her stay out for night but….what to do really she have attracting powers..?
Swara : I’m ready..
Me : you’re late ?
Swara : sorry?
Me : it’s okay… Get in the car..
I started driving. She was looking nervous.
I tried to give some courage…
Me : don’t be nervous… They are very professional and trained…
Ohh..i forgot to give a important notice..
Me : Darling… You have to make sure that no one comes to know about our relationship… You know na..it can ruin my image…
Swara : no problem.. I’ll be careful
The work is done…?

I reached there . it was a big bungalow type house.. But it was very big…it was very stylish.. And people looked from high class society. I think she will be comfortable here. Sahil and Rajat were all ready there.
Sanskar : all ready ?
Sahil 😕 done
Kabir : hello bhabi !
Swara hides behind me..and holds my hand. I feel very happy and irritated same time. What is the need to hold hand like s kid…and I’m happy cause she feels protective with me…
The manager came Mr. Das
Das : hello sir ! Welcome we were waiting for you. Who is she to u ?
Before i could say something sahil said relative…
I saw she was shocked and hurt by this.
But i cant let her come in front of all..
She hold my hands tightly
Sahil : Sanskar yaar..they are very professional… You can’t go in side..
She pressed my hand. Her face was pale.
I to wanted to stay with her.
Sanskar : swara you have to go alone…
Swara : Sanskar ! You too come na..I scared…?
Das : mam please come..
Swara again hide behind me. I was damm irritated. It was soo embarrassing.
Sanskar : swara don’t create a scene.
You wanted to read I didn’t bring u here..??
She looked at me with moist eyes. And started to follow das. I know it was stupid.. Very very stupid..but when she was leaving my hand i wished to hold it back.. When she was going i wasnted her to turn back….why? It’s soo confusing…

Swara point of view
I left his hand and started to go…only me and my god knows how i was feeling.. To leave him..cant he stay with me for sometimes… This rules????

I went inside.. It was a very big place… Many people were there…they were wearing short dress like kavita?
Why cant they were something decent…but only im wearing sari…the man took me in a room… And said
“You’re class is after an hour please take some rest.”
I sat and remembered about my husband.
What he might be doing…
I sight and went inside the washroom. It was a very big one with a large mirror. That was very beautiful. I was about to unpin my sari…when i remembered joy mittal in his article had said ” we have to take care of ownself. Suspecting strangers is not bad…..
I have heard there are secret camera behind the mirror…
I put her one finger on the mirror and saw deeply….
She was shocked… A camera was fit there. I rushes out from the washroom… I thanked God and Joy because of them I was saved.
I don’t want stay here.let me call Sanskar.. But my phone is with Mr das.
I went out of room. I was confused which room to go…i entered into a room but it was open.. I knocked and it opened and and i saw…..

A man was lying… On bed with a women.. Sorr Sorry girl…maybe 18 -19 bur the man looked 50-60 …they were naked and certainly not husband wife…i rushed out Sanskar… Where have you sent me…please take me from here…?

Precap : guess….???

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  1. Awesome…what will happen to swara now.??will sanskar b abl to save her??post nxt part soon

  2. awm..hope nothng wld hppnd to swara…

  3. Nyc chapie.. wr sanski too hv some feeling for swara… bt sankar think lil abt swara nd her condition. He always think abt his reputation alone.. hate dat… joy mittal save swara nd atleast u saved hr frm dat blo*dy room.. nd sanskar save hr frm dat blo*dy place soon.. waiting fir nxt part sinin

  4. OMGGG!!!!! Pls sanskar save ur swara..i was guessing sumthng like dis nly in last part..eagrly waiting fr nxt try to update soon

  5. This Sanskar I want to kill him..seriously..???? stupid idiot…how can he leave her like that…don’t he enquired about the place…which type of husband he was…thank god she read that article… Poor Swara…what will happen next….
    I wish joy mitral will come and rescue her from there….

  6. Awesome chappy dear…
    I knew this is going to happen cause it was suggested by that Sahil. .?
    Nothing should happen to swara.
    Hope sanskaar will save her.

  7. I have expected it to be something else like this only when sahil was suggesting but I wished it shouldn’t be. But how can Sanskar do like this yar, she is his wife. I agree he don’t know but at least he should treat her as a human right. When will you reveal the truth to swara yar. I am just waiting for that episode. So only am reading this one. Please please reveal it soon dearl

  8. Mica

    omg…. sanskar’s friends want to trap swara ? what kind of friends they are ?
    but it’s sanskar who ignited the fire
    he didn’t give respect to his wife, so, how can his friends will respect his wife.
    idiot sanskar
    btw, your story so awesome

  9. Really it’s very intresting …waiting for next..

  10. Sahil n rajat got punch 😛 😛 😀 😀

  11. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

  12. awesome..!! waiting for next part..!!

  13. Abirsha

    Awesome very nice

  14. Thamizh magan

    plz save swara from this hell

  15. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Omg..awsumm..kaha phas gayi Swara..Hope Sanskaar Saves Her on Time..Plzz.continue soon

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  17. Vyshu10

    superb…hope sanky saves swara

  18. Arshi

    Suprb… its one f unique storyyy… waitng for next chap

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