swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 12


Hello friends sinin here. Sorry for late actually my exams are coming from 4 August. I will try to post three parts before taking leave from TU for sometimes. Im trying hard to get registered but facing problems. Please pray for me.

Swara wakes up in the secure arm of her lovely husband. She smiles seeing him sleeping like a kid. She was about to get up without making any noise but suddenly she is pulled back and she lands on his chest.
Sanskar talks to her while closing his eyes.

Sanskar : where are you going leaving your husband alone… Don’t you love him..
Swara smiles seeing his antics
Swara : Sanskar ! You have office… And i have to cook breakfast..
Sanskar : no…don’t go…
He tightens his grip.
Swara : I’ll never leave you till death.
Sanskar opened his eyes and says angrily ” don’t say this death and all..”
Swara : I’m sorry….
Sanskar tucks her hair behind the ear.
Sanskar : it’s ok Darling… Now i want my morning kiss…
He was about to lean…
Swara : you remember you’re promise ??
Sanskar : yes?
Swara stands up and runs outside saying ” first promise then kiss “.
Sanskar smiles

Sanskar point of view
This girl is just ….crazy…. I was drooled by this nature of her,when i first saw her in pond swimming with kids…
Everything is going perfect till now…. Perfect business and perfect wife. But today when she said death i just felt strange fear in heart.. But why ?…maybe because i need her.
Recently she wants to learn… I mean all this is not easy.or her cup of tea. But she is being adamant. And i can’t even directly stoo her . kavita is not here who will handle if something happens.. I need to discuss with sahil rajat and kabir.

Swara was making breakfast. She is sure Sanskar will talk with Joy mittal and help her in education. After that he will have no problems to take her with him or introduce to anyone.
Sanskar came and eat his breakfast.
Sanskar : swara…i will be late i have a presentation, after that lunch with client and
Swara : and ?
Sanskar : don’t worry I’ll see what i can do…
Swara hugs him happily and he reciprocates. As always he kissed her forehead and went to office.

Swara finishes her regular words and tries to read books. She is very hopeful that Joy mittal will surely teach her.

At office
Sanskar : so what should i do ?
Sahil : so you want to say you’re illiterate,
Kabir : low class
Rajat : village girl
Trio together : wants to read !
Sanskar : very funny ! Now tell me what should i do ?
Kabir : send her maybe she will learn something so that you can at least introduce her as maid
Rajat : but who will teach her ?
Sanskar : there is some Joy mittal..he is a social worker and he can teach..
Kabir : is it necessary ?
Sanskar : com on.man…how can i stop her she will suspect na…
Sahil : but the news will leak if she goes out.
Sanskar : that’s true…
Sahil : i have a solution… I have a friend who runs a reformation center….she can go there.
Sanskar : she is not addicted…
Sahil : idiot…here people are reform they will make her perfect for you… We have a hope maybe she can become perfect.
Sanskar : let’s see. Ill bring her tomorrow.
Sahil : ok she has to stay one day.
Sanskar : ok just one day ?
Sahil : nooo…first day little long after thar just 6 hours.
Sanskar : ok

Sanskar is playing with her hair and she is sitting on his lap. She is uncomfortable but Sanskar is adamant.
Sanskar : i have a great news
Swara : what did you…
Sanskar : yes…i have done all arrangement… You can go there from tomorrow.
Swara in happiness kisses her cheeks.
Sanskar smiles slightly
Swara : really Joy will teach me…
Sanskar : no..not him
Swara : then who…
Sanskar : actually he have a hectic schedule so he can’t teach you i requested but in vain…sahil have a good one you can learn there.
Swara : sahil ? But..
Sanskar : no problems i have checked all don’t worry..
Swara : ok

Precap : swara shocked to see the scenery.

Guys i am confused who will play Joy mittal parth sammthan or param singh please vote. And don’t get confusion im S kabir.

Credit to: S kabir

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