swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 11


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Swara is cooking food and reading the book. She is having difficulties…but is impressed by writer.
Swara : so nice thought… He is just like Sanskar… He also runs NGO and teaches old people and girls… Thus that mean he will teach me also…maybe..why not..I’ll work hard…first I’ll have to take permission from Sanskar… God knows will he agree ?

She gives food to sniff and talks with him and he to answers in his own arrogant way…like master…
Swara : chorui…I have decided I will study that to officially…
Sniff barks
Swara : don’t you believe me…wait let Sanskar come… I’ll surely pacify him…
Sniff grins
Swara : challenge ?…..accepted let him come.. I’ll make him understand.. After all he is not like that lafanga…
Sniff barks loudly
Swara : arre i didn’t told you about lafanga…you know when i was returning…

Swara was walking carefully and crossing the road. When an strong hand held her wrist and pulled back.
Swara was very scared and shocked. She looked at the person. A young boy wearing jeans and T-shirt with funky glasses.
Swara : who are you …leave my hand..
Man: easy..easy…I’m not kidnapper…i am a social worker…
Swara : so what should i do..leave me..Sanskar… Sanskar…
Man : i have a lot of Sanskar… But first help a girl..will you…
Swara looks at him confusedly. He was not looking like kidnapper or social worker.
Swara : who ?
Man : first please come and help me. And whenever i look at you just nod in yes…okay?
Swara looked double confused.
The man didn’t wait to listen answer. Just took her through a chawl. And stand near a house with seemed to be poor people.
He asked swara to stand and he went a head.
A man came outside and started to talk with him.he talked for sometime and and both looked at Swara.
She was feeling scared and uneasy… But she remembered the instructions and nods in yes
They both again talk and again look at her questioningly ?
She again nods in yes
They both talk for sometimes and the man looked convinced. He went inside and a girl of 7-8 years comes and hugs the boy.he swirls her and whispers something in her ear.the girl comes and hugs swara and hurriedly went inside.
Swara stands there confusedly
Boy: thank you very much. You saved a life today. Come I’ll drop you.
Swara : but what did i do ?
Boy : the little girl..rupa she is a brilliant child… But her idiot father will not let her study cause of fees,when i said I’ll teach he said not to a boy, when you helped us…
Swara : how…
Boy : when i looked you first time you said yes that means you’ll teach her and second time ….
Swara : what…
Boy : he asked who are you to me…then i had to say you’re my wife !
Swara was numb shocked and angered.
She looked at him as she will eat him.
Boy : I sorry but….
Swara slapped him !
The boy touched his cheek and gave a I’m -used – to it look
Swara trying very hard to control her anger said ” I’m sorry… You’re intention is very good but way is not good !”
She walked angrily .
” sorry but thank you ”
Swara : lafanga….
Flashback ends
Swara : i know his intention were good….but i would have killed him…but one good thing is i came home alone….

Swara : Sanskar… He came early today..
Good I’ll talk to him.
Swara came and received Sanskar with a warm smile.. Sanskar gave a usual look and went upstairs.
Swara served the food and Sanskar came downstairs after taking bath.
He eat food without talking. Swara tried to start conversation.
Swara : did u liked the food ?
Sanskar : hmmm…
And gave a cold look
Swara didn’t say anything.
Sanskar finished his food .
Sanskar : come early
He went upstairs
Swara : at this time…. But no problem.. I’ll get time to talk….

She went to her room. Sanskar was talking in phone.
She didn’t disturbed him and went near the balcony.
Swara was nervous how will she make him understand… How will he react…
She felt a familiar hand on her waist and she turned. He was looking at her .
He pulled her closer and tightens his grip
He was about to lean but was surprise as swara was drawing her name with index finger on near his heart.
Sanskar smiled at her and Tuck his hair behind.
Swara : Sanskar…..
Sanskar : yes…honey
Swara : i want something…
Sanskar : ohh..i was thinking why you’re so late…all are first in matter of gifts…
Swara : what..
Sanskar : no.nothing… What you want..credit card..no you can’t even go for shopping.. Sari..jewelry… Diamond..gold..pearl.. What
Swara stop him by keeping finger on his lip…he was surprise then kissed on it. Swara took hand back and continued her drawing on his heart.
Swara : what will i do with all this… I just want to read…
Sanskar : what…nick joke..
Swara : I’m serious Sanskar.. I want to learn..i want to know how to meet new people,how to behave and….so that you can take me with you…
Sanskar mockingly : learn…
Sanskar : honey..you don’t need to learn it is not your cup of tea.
Swara : no Sanskar.. I can..please i don’t want you to face any problem… Please.
Sanskar okay.. But who will teach you… Im so busy all day…
Swara : Joy mittal !
Sanskar : who..
Swara : he runs an NGO and he teaches girl’s..
Sanskar : i think i heard the name ….okay I’ll thought about it…
He pushes swara on bed and comes on top of her…
Swara : promise ?
Sanskar irritated : okay.. Promise now be a good girl and let me love my wife !
He dugs his face on her neck and continues…
Swara to hugs her hubby with a new hope…

Precap : Sanskar discussing with sahil, rajat and kabir and swara, sahil suggests his own center..

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Credit to: Sinin

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