swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 10


Hello friends I’m back. Sorry for late. Thank you very much for comments. I will post a os tomorrow night please Read and say.
And to swasanfan,
Thank you very much for posting my ff. I visited your page yesterday by my cousin fb account. The cover pic was awesome… Thank you vv much…. Do u also write any fb there ?
Let’s start

Swara is waiting for Sanskar. It’s time to come home. Swara didn’t eat anything.
Sanskar came and passed the bag to her and step forward without even looking at her.
Swara : he might be very tired…
Swara offers him water. He drinks it.
Swara : shall i serve your dinner ?
Sanskar : no sweety i had my dinner outside..
Swara : ohh..
Sanskar looked at her.
Sanskar : you’re looking gorgeous…
He comes close and leans towards her but the phone rang on perfect time. He cursed the caller.
Sanskar : hello….lucky ?
Laksh : yup…what’s up busy in romance ?
Sanskar : kind of…
Laksh : i wanted to talk with you
Laksh :bhai….if you and kavita loved each other then what about randy? He loved kavita na ?
Sanskar became tensed.. He was about to explain… Just then phone rings
Sanskar : woh lucky… Actually… Randy
He became irritated
Sanskar : swara pick up the phone… Yes lucky ….what i was saying… They both break up…and
Laksh :ok…that’s alright… But who is swara
Sanskar : woh..actually.. Wow daughter of kamla kaki… Works here…
Laksh : she has a daughter ?
Sanskar : yes…came ten days ago…
Laksh : Ragini don’t ….
Sanskar : what happened.. Ragini ok?
Laksh : don’t ask bhai…ma is calling you on landline
Sanskar : what?!
He looked at swara..she was going to take the phone.. Sanskar runs towards her.
Swara : hello ?
Sanskar took the phone from her hand. Swara was shocked.
Sanskar : i want coffee.. Now !
Swara goes to kitchen.. Shocked and confused.
Swara (monologue) why he behaved like this…. Maybe some important call…I na…thinks too much..let me make a perfect coffee for my perfect husband…

Sanskar : yes..yes mom ?
Sujata : sanskar ! Who was the girl ?
Sanskar : woh…that girl..daughter of kamla kaki…
Sujata : ohh..she have very sweet voice…let me talk with kavita…im not getting in her phone…
Sanskar : woh…mom she has gone to new york….for some important meeting with foreign client.
Sujata : what….but she should give some time to you also..you both are newly wedded na…
Sanskar : mom…come on…she is a working lady…and i dont mind….
Sujata : i dont understand today’s generation…
Sanskar : mom…bye
Sujata : okk…bye

Sanskar is working on laptop in his bedroom couch. Swara comes with coffee.
She gives him coffee he looks at her once and again starts working…..
Swara starts making the bed. Sanskar finishes his work and comes near her. She feels his presence.
Sanskar comes and holds her. He makes her look into his eyes.
He could see immerse love for him but swara couldn’t see even a bit…
He rubs his thumb on her lip. She becomes uncomfortable. Sanskar pushes her closer. Without any gap. He looked at her lustily.
Sanskar came near her and without any consent of swara pressed his lip on her. His hands starts to explore her. He sucks her lips passionately. Swara too tries to respond. But still she didn’t want this.
Sanskar bit her lower lip hardly. She tries to move back but Sanskar didn’t leave her.
Tear escapes from her eyes
He leaves her when out of breathe.
He makes her sit on his lap and explores her body.
He was about to open her dress.
Swara : Sanskar !
Sanskar is shocked as she never stopped him.
Sanskar : what ?
Swara : what does discovery means ?
Sanskar : where you saw that ?
Swara : in TV.
Sanskar : in tv..but how did you read it ??
Swara bites her tongue.
Swara : woh…i didn’t read i heard people saying in television
Sanskar : ohh..discovery means to find something…. Its a channel
He as going to give a wet kiss on neck but…
Swara : and titanic ?
Sanskar : oh…that was a ship
He lies on top of her on the bed and buried his face on her neck.
Swara : and platinum ?
Sanskar was damm irritated. He can’t tolerate any disturbances in romance.
Sanskar holds her arms tightly.
Sanskar : what you will do by knowing ? U not be able to use this knowledge… And im not a dictionary…
Swara(scared +curious) what’s a dictionary?
Sanskar : urghh…where you can find words meaning and now please shut up.
Swara : and where can we find it ?
Sanskar : swara ! Stop it….
He shouted. Swara was damm scared. He nuzzles his face in her neck and bites it.
Swara moans in pain.
Sanskar melts.
Sanskar cups her face.
Sanskar : don’t do this again. All this is not for you… You cant do this. Your real place is with me here.
Swara nods and closed her eyes while Sanskar continues kissing her passionately. The night goes like this.
He became tired and slept by hugging her tightly. He pecks on her lip and dozes off.
But swara couldn’t sleep. She kept looking at her sleeping husband. She too kissed his forehead .
Swara : i know Sanskar… All this is not easy… Infact very tough for me… But i can do anything for you.. You said right i belong with you but not only in the bed but everywhere… Where ever you go i want you too take me with pride not with shame…please trust me a little …i can do anything when you are with me…please….

It’s afternoon
Sanskar is in office. Swara is reading that book for the sixth time.
Kamla: bahurani…reading for thousand time won’t change it….
Swara : then what to do….we don’t have any other book…and Sanskar’s book are very difficult. I can’t spell so big words. Even i don’t understand meaning.
Suraj : there is a library nearby… You can go there and buy book…do u have money ?
Swara : yes kaka..he gave me for households shopping…. I have saved some money…. But how can i go outside.. I don’t know the way…
Kamla : bahurani….i know the way I’ll take you have come to kolkata 13 days ago and haven’t step out of house.
Swara : but….
Ksmla : come on..someday you have to go out na…..
Swara : yes…your right
Kamla :let’s go… We will come back early.

Swara looks outside…. She is scared should she cross the dehleez of house.. Her husband have forbidden her…
But she is curious too… She wants to see the world also.. After all she is doing this for her husband.
She closed her eyes and comes out.
She is walking on footpath carefully she is observing everything and asking question.
Kamla is answering gladly
At library
Swara : oh my god soo many books… Its triple if our sonagora library!!
Librarian : yes?
Swara answer scaredly : i want a kindergarten section ABCD learning books.
Librarian : sure…for your child ?
Swara feels uneasy
She nods swara : for me
Librarian looks suspiciously
Swara : and… What Sanskar had said.. Yes.. S dictionary too
Librarian : here you go.
Man : new edition of joy mittal’s book has come.
Librarian brings book inside.
Swara looks at book
Swara : Joy mittal…yes the same one..ohh so he is a writter too ?
Swara Reads “Wom…en’s develop…me..n.t”
Women’s development
Swara : wow…i want to read it it’s even in Hindi
Librarian : mam will you take it…he is a very good writter.even runs NGO..
Swara : yes please pack it…how much
Librarian : 500 please
Swara gives the money and returns back.

Precap: i will not say….

Guyd I’m going to post a OS please read that also tomorrow.

Credit to: Sinin

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