swasan – Does love need perfection ? episode 1

Hello friends I’m back. Thank you all very much for comment. Let’s start our first episode…..

Swara point of view
I woke up and found myself in the embrace of my husband. He was holding me tightly.a smile appears on my face. I carefully leave the bed trying not to make any sound. I am feeling pain in my body. But I tried to forget it. I take my bath and went in the kitchen. There is no servants in this house. He said ” what is the need of servants ? You will be able to work or else you will feel bore whole day ” actually he was right. He cares for me so much. Even there is not much work for two people. Only we both live in this big mansion and a watchmen at out house.
I quickly make coffee for him. He always wants coffee in the morning. I went in our room. He was still sleeping peacefully.
I touched his forehead and feeled immerses pleasure. I really don’t know what good work I have done in my life to get a husband like him.
Swara : Sanskar wake up

He slowly opened his eyes and gave a angelic smile. Oh I will die for this smile.
Sanskar : Good morning sweetheart
I love it when he calls me that.
Swara : your coffee
Sanskar : thanks dear I have to go to manali today I will be back tomorrow night.
Please pack my bags.

He gave a peak on my lip and went inside the bathroom.
I felt someone stabbed my heart. Really today is tenth day of my marriage and I can’t stay with out him. I just wait when he will come. But now… the work is also important. But can’t he take me with him ? I swear I will not disturb him. Just I will sit in a corner.oh god please make him ask me once.
He came back and went down stairs.
I packed his bags. I gave all the necessary things. I packed my things also who knows if he asks at last moment.
He came back and hugged me from back. His hands were exploring my body. I felt a little uncomfortable. But it is not right…. maybe it is his way to show love.
He kissed my whole face. He looked atme intensely. I tried to find love in his eyes… but… he leaned over me and we both fell on bed. I know where will this go.
Swara : you have to go.

Sanskar looked disappointed. I cursed myself for ruining his mood. He wear his formal and I helped to wear the coat.
Time was passing and I couldn’t wait…
Swara : can’t you take me with you I swear I will not disturb you
Sanskar : are you mad ? How will I introduce you to all ? And all will speak in English you will feel shame sweetheart
All this is not for you.
He kissed me and went in his car.
I started crying. But I should not… it’s true how will he take me ? I am an illiterate.
I shouldn’t have asked him now he might be sad too. Why do he care for me this much why he loves me so much ?

PRECAP – Flashback starts
Guys this was the first episode. Please shoot your comments. I will post royal love by tonight

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  1. SwaSanFan

    Awsum..loved it..Sanskaar is soo Bad.jst using Swara..hope he understands Swara’s Imp soon ..N Continue soon wid A Longer Part..cnt wait

  2. awesome!! waiting for next part!! Please make it long!!

  3. Interesing Sinin.

  4. Ameera

    Wow awesome amazing

  5. thamiazh magan

    feels some mystery is there.. waiting

  6. Interesting

  7. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Oh my poor swara….. Plzzz update next part soon

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    Awesome…… Continue soon…

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  11. Nice….plz make it long dear

  12. Waa it was nice

  13. Nice…but how swara cant see sanskar real face…it’s not love from his side…..& she dont feel sad when he taunt her??????

  14. Awesome…

  15. Tamanna

    Awesome….. Plz update next one soon and try to make it a longer one….

  16. its called blind love

  17. Vyshu10

    awesome….oh god, swara is innocent. She is thinking sanky is doing all these for her sake….she will break if she gets to know d truth

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