Swasan – does love need perfection ? (Decision making time)


Hello friends sinin here good morning ! Sorry to disturb in early morning…. And sorry it is not a chapter… Thank you all for comments…
Guys i saw many of you are not liking the Sanskar any more…high five…same here…and I’m also going very slow according to my flow… Actually i just write whatever come on mind that time…without any planning… But as this story is not my alone…so you all please give your views

First option is speed up

In next 2 episode i will end the education track..then you will see good bonding between joy nandini swara…swara will be self a confident and give reply to Sanskar… And ask about kavita…. And direct swalak bonding…

Second option go with flow

In this i will go in my way..it may take time but you will see some nokjhok then friendship… Sahil…Laksh knowing the truth…and swalak friendship… Kavita may also create some siyappa…

Take the decision… And everyone please give their views… After education… Sanskar will get punishment then realisation and love..
Majority will win here….so all give their views…
And pray for me going to give my ICT exam.

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  1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Option 1..Speed Up.,

  2. Deborah Thomas

    Option 2 plz

  3. No cavity drama. Option 1

  4. 1 option & swalak or swara with j bondi

  5. Soujanya

    Option 1

  6. Arshaanya

    Option 1… make swara strong n confident… n swasan seprtn… snskr knowing sahilzz truth… n sanskarz punishment jealousy…

  7. Option 1 and 2

  8. Arshi

    Option 1 has many votes…

    But option 2 looks so promising…. bcz … sanky s such a strong character also swara s more dumb…. so slowly slowly.. when swara becomes cunning.. also when sanky have a feel of losing swara should be shown in a gradual way…

    But anyways… i m sure.. u gonna choose 1st one as it got many comments… but i badly need 2nd one…

    1. Sinin_kabir

      Arshi im sure you will also like the speed up track.. It will not look awkward

  9. 2nd option..sannskar hastto fall in love with swara his insecurrity for her thenn seperaationn thts punishment. N realizatioon of his mistake..u can show swaragini bondin instead of sswalk

  10. Subi

    First step.. Speed up

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