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Recap:Swasan consummation


It is a again a beautiful morning for our heavenly couple sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace.Sanskar’s sleep is disturbed for to sun rays sanskar’s face.He nuzzles his face in her neck and sleeps again.This disturbed swara’s sleep.She slowly opened her eyes and saw her hubby sleeping peacefully hugging her.She is blushing remembering last night staring sanskar lovingly…She came into senses when she heard Sanskar

Sanskar (sleepy tone):staring is rude wifey…

Swara jerked on hearing him suddenly but composed and told: I am not staring any random guy I am only staring my husband so nothing is wrong hubby…

Sanskar is shocked by hearing her bold answer and smiled naughitily and started kissing her neck..Swara is shocked with his sudden attack and is completely lost in his touch but soon came into senses and spoke

Swara:sanskar what r u doing??

Sanskar:Can’t u see i am romancing my wife

Swara:Sanskar leave me we r getting late for office..

Saying this she pushed him and was abt to get up..But sanskar held her wrist and pulled her again towards bed..she is lying over him..She is struggling to get out of his grip and he is making his grip tight

Swara:Sanskar pls let me go we r getting late

Sanskar:Ok fine I will leave but before that give me my good morning kiss and ha no cheating this time

Swara blushed hard hearing him.She closed her eyes and leaned towards his lips..Soon their lips met firstly it was a simple kiss but soon it turned into passinate one..They broke the kiss when they r out of breath…swara hugged him tight feeling shy…soon both got ready and went to office together..

Sanlak started working on the project they got the previous day while swara is helping them..They r doing work while teasing each other and spending quality time with each other..

At Maheswari office

At the same time in Maheswari office Adarsh is seen talking to someone in phone

Adarsh:Is everything ready

Os:Yes sir everything is ready and we r following him

Adarsh:Ok..See that my name should not come out understand

Os:Yes sir

Adarsh:Ok come and take ur money after the work is over..

Os:Ok sir…

Saying this Adarsh cut the phone and smirked and told:Mr.SM ur countdown has been started..because of u I lost my everything and now it is ur turn and u r going to die.After u die no one can do anything to me…

He laughed saying this..

Sanskar’s office

Soon the day passed and it is the time for them to return home…Swasanlak started to home when sanskar noticed that someone is following his car and he stopped the car to see but the person sensed that and went in other direction..Sanskar shrugged and started the car again when laksh asked

Laksh:Bhai what happened why did u stop

Sanskar:Nothing laksh

Swara:Are u sure

Sanskar:Ha swara

Soon they reached home..They took their dinner together and slept

Next Morning

Sanskar woke up and found that swara already woke up and went down..He slowly got down from bed and went towards washroom to freshen up..Soon he got ready and went down..He saw swara setting the bf table and went towards her..She smiled seeing him and wished him

Swara:Good morning

Sanskar:Good morning

Saying this he came towards her and kissed her cheek while swara blushed.Soon he sat and started eating his bf..suddenly he realised something and asked her

Sanskar:swara where is laksh

Swara:He said he has somework so he went early

Sanskar:Ok..Acha why you didn’t get ready r u not coming to office

Swara:No sanskar I am not feeling good pls u also don’t go na

Sanskar:it’s ok u take rest at home..I have one imp meeting after that I will come

Swara:Pls sanskar I am getting feeling that something bad is gonna happen pls don’t go

Sanskar:Swara pls don’t worry nothing will happen to me and I will come back soon

He bid bye to her and left to office..He was driving the car talking to laksh in phone when a truck came in opposite direction and hit his car..Within no time sanskar is lying on road in pool of blood..Laksh heard the sound in phone and got worried

Laksh(worries tone):Bhai bhai what happend pls speak bhai

Hearing no response from other side he got more worried and traced sanskar’s location using the chip that is in sanskar’s phone..He soon reached the place and is shocked to see sanskar lying in pool of blood…He ran towards him and kept his head in his lap and started talking to him

Laksh(crying):Bhai bhai get up bhai pls see i came bhai ur laksh came bhai pls get up

He is crying continuously seeing sanskar’s condition..Soon police and ambulance also reached there and shifted sanskar to hospital..Swara also reached there along with Ragini and sumi…Swara ran towards laksh crying and asked him

Swara:Laksh what happend to my sanskar where is he I have to see him now

Laksh is unable to speak anything and pointed towards icu..swara went towards icu and saw sanskar through glass door and is crying continuously..Sumi is consoling her…swara hugged sumi tightly and crying hard while ragini is consoling laksh..

After sometime doctor came out and swara ran towards him along with others

Swara:Doctor how is my sanskar he is fine me

Doc:we can’t tell anything now Mrs.SM..He needs blood immediately as he lost so much blood but we don’t have his group blood

Laksh:Doctor I will give blood to him..pls save him doctor..

Doc:What r u to the patient

Laksh:i am his brother doctor

Doc:Ok then u come with him..

Laksh went with doctor to give blood while swara sat on the floor crying while sumi and ragini are consoling her…

After 2 hrs

2 hrs have been passed and all r waiting outside to know abt sanskar..Doctor came out of the room…seeing him swara ran to him again and asked him

Swara:Doctor how is he

Doc:Don’t worry he is out of danger now

Swara felt relied after listening to the doctor..She is happy that Sanskar is fine now…Laksh asked the doctor

Laksh:Can we see him now

Doc:No Mr.Laksh he is still unconcious now after some time he will get concious then u can meet him

Laksh:Thank u doctor thank u so much..

Doc:Its my pleasure

Saying this the doctor left the place…All the family members felt happy that sanskar is fine now and they r waiting for sanskar to gain consious…

Screen freezes

Precap:Swara angry on sanskar…


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