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Recap:Ansh’s birthday and Swasan Reception…


Next Day


It is again a beautiful morning with new expectations and hopes…All the members of MM are having bf happily…At that time Dp spoke

Dp:Ap u remember na we need to attend ur sisters son’s marriage

Ap:Ji I remember…we will leave today after lunch..


Ap:Laksh Ragini did u pack all ur bags

Ragini:Ha maa…everything id ready…

Sanskar:But maa I can’t come…i have an important meeting today evening…

Ap:but sanskar u told that u will come

Sanskar:Ma woh meeting is fixed suddenly…

Dp:It’s ok sanskar…u take care of meeting here..Swara will also stay with u..it’s ok na swara..

Swara:Ji papa..I will stay with him..

Soon Sanskar went for his office…All the family members also went to their respective rooms to pack their luggages…


Swasan’s Room

Soon it is afternoon time and All family members left for attending marriage…As Swara is alone in the whole house she is feeling bored so she thought to clean their room..

Swara(To herself):Huhh..it is not been 2hrs since all had home for wedding and i am feeling bored here..I shall clean this room atleast I will not feel bored…

Saying this she started cleaning the room…After that She went towards Sanskar’s wadrobe to arrange his clothes…She is shocked seeing his wadrobe as all the clothes are thrown one on the other one in a messy manner…

Swara(laughing to herself):I thought this sanskar don’t know to select clothes but now I understood that he don’t know to keep his wadrobe neatly…I told him many times to let me arrange his wadrobe but he won’t listen to me…Frm now I will only arrange this wadrobe…

Saying this she started arranging his wadrobe…At that time her eyes fell on one photo album…She took it and got to know that it is an old album…She went and sat on couch and started seeing that album…Whole album is full of Sanskar’s childhood pics and his teenage pics…Swara is admiring her handsome hubby..At that time sanskar came and saw swara seeing his album..He sat beside her and asked

Sanskar:Swara where did u find this album..I am searching for this album since many days..

Swara:Sanskar if u arrange ur wadrobe atleast once in a month then u can find it

Sanskar smiled sheepishly and told:Swara woh I didn’t get time to do all those u know na..

Swara:Ha ha i know..From now onwards atleast allow me to do that

Sanskar:Swara it’s ok I will manage..

Swara:Sanskar we both r friends right…I can do atleast this much for u..

Sanskar:Ok then…ur wish

Swara:Sanskar waise I got to know one thing seeing this album

Sanskar:And what is that

Swara:I got to know that Ansh is looking exactly like how u used to be when u were in childhood

Sanskar:Ha that Toh everyone tells the same about us..

Swara:Sanskar Ansh is very lucky to have a chachu like u…U Love and care for him so much..

Sanskar just smiled listening her..like that they saw the album together and sanskar told some of his childhood memories…After spending some time talking to Sanskar swara went to kitchen for preparing dinner and Sanskar went to washroom to get fresh…


Swasan are sitting on dining table having their dinner together…They are talking to each other abt that day’s events..At that swara realised smthng and asked him..

Swara:Sanskar how was ur meeting

Sanskar:Swara it went good…we got that deal..

Swara:Wow sanskar…Congrats..I want treat now

Sanskar(smiling):Acha tell me what u want

Swara:Ice cream

Sanskar:Ok..First have ur dinner then we will go..

Soon they completed their dinner and went out…They went to an ice cream parlour and our swara started eating ice creams like a kid..Sanskar is laughing seeing her…Swara saw him laughing at her and asked

Swara:Sanskar why r u laughing like that

Sanskar:Swara seeing ur way of eating everyone will laugh…

Swara:what do u mean by that Mr.Sanskar Maheswari

Sanskar didn’t say anything but took a tissue paper and started wiping her face which is full of icecream…Swara saw towards him and they both have a romantic eye lock…They broke the eyelock hearing some noises around…Soon they completed eating and went home…They changed their clothes and slept peacefully with smile on their faces…

Next Morning

It is again a beautiful morning and sunrays Fall on our sanskar leading him to open his eyes…He smiled seeing swara sleeping peacefully beside him…Soon swara also woke up with pale and tired face…Sanskar became worried seeing her and asked

Sanskar:Swara what happen…Are u not well

Swara:Nothing Sanskar…just a little headache..and i am feeling tired

Sanskar touched her forhead and shouted:Oh my God swara I have fever…let me call doctor

Swara:Sanskar no need to go to doctor…I will take tablet..

Sanskar gave a glare to swara and called doctor…Soon doctor arrived and checked her…

Doctor:Mr.Maheswari nothing to worry it is normal fever…She will be fine within two days…Just take care of her and give these medicines on time…

Sanskar:Ji doctor..

Soon doctor left the place…Sanskar sat on bed beside swara and told:Swara u heard na what He told..u shld take rest..Today u r totally restricted to get down the bed…ok

Swara:But sanskar if u sit here who will cook

Sanskar:Swara u dont worry abt that…Servants are there na that will do it..For now u sit here let me bring smthng for u to eat..

Saying this Sanskar left towards kitchen…He came after sometime with a bowl in his hand and sat on bed…

Sanskar:Swara come drink this soup..u have to take medicines also…

Swara (making faces):Sanskar i can’t eat this..This is yuckk..No no I can’t…being smthng tasty for me

Sanskar(sternly):Swara u r not well..so u r going to eat this
only..so now keep quiet and eat

Swara:But Sans… (interrupted by sanskar who fed soup to swara)

Sanskar started feeding her whitout hearing her..Having no other choice swara also kept quiet…After finishing it he made her have medicines and told

Sanskar:Sleep for sometime swara..I will comr

Saying this he went and brought cold water bowl..He took wet cloth and placed it on her forehead..He took care of her like a baby while swara is overwhelmed with his care….Soon she drifted into peaceful sleep..

After somedays

Days are passing like this…MF family also came back from marriage…Swasan are more close to each other…There is no awkwardness between them…Swara is confused about her feelings towards Sanskar…Now lets see whether swara realizes her feelings or not



It is night time and all the family members are having their dinner feeding each other happily…At that time Sanskar started coughing suddenly..Swara immediately gave him water and patted his back to make him calm…At that time Ragini observed swara and smiled seeing her care and love towards sanskar..Laksh also smiled and told to Ragini

Laksh(talking slowly so that no one can hear):Ragini I think swara loves Sanskar

Ragini (same tone):He laksh…even i am thinking the same..I will talk to swara tonight..


After dinner everyone went to their rooms to take rest while swaragini are cleaning the table…Ragini found it as a chance to speak to swara and asked

Ragini:Swara it has been many days since we spend sometime..so shall we talk for sometime..

Swara:Sure di..First u make Ansh sleep then we will go and sit in garden..

Ragini:Arey don’t think about Ansh..He is playing with sanskar..Come we will go to garden

Saying this both swaragini went towards Garden and sat opposite to each other..Silence prevailed between the sister..Swara is lost in her thoughts while Ragini started speaking

Ragini:So swara tell me

Swara(coming to senses):What shld I tell di

Ragini:That my little sister had fallen in love

Swara(shocked):No no di what u r talking…

Ragini:No need to pretend swara I know that u love sanskar

Swara:No di it’s not like that…we r just friends…

Ragini:Swara to whom u r telling…I am ur sister..I can easily tell u that u r in love with ur hubby

Swara:But dii..

Ragini:Acha swara leave it..I will ask u some questions..u find answers for those questions…u will get to know whether u love him or not

Swara:Ok Di

Ragini:So first question…Do u feel protective when sanskar is around u??

Swara(thinking):Yes di

Ragini:Can u imagine sanskar being with any other girl??

Swara remembered office incident and immediately shouted:Nooo

Ragini(smiling):Now close ur eyes and tell me whose face are u seeing

Swara closed her eyes and started remembering her moments with Sanskar…From their first meet to till date…Him consoling her while she is narrating her past to him…Their marriage..Their day out in village..Office incident..His care when she got fever..Finally she saw sanskar’s smiling face..Her lips curved into a beautiful smile..Ragini smiled seeing her sister…Swara opened her eyes with excitement and told

Swara(hugging Ragini tightly):Dii I am in love…I love sanskar..(She is dancing with happiness on her lifes biggest realization)

Ragini:Swara I know that..and i am happy so happy for u…Sanskar is the best partner for u..Now don’t waste time..go and tell Sanskar abt ur feelings

Swara:No dii..Not now…First i shld know whether sanskar loves me or not..Then only i will tell him..

Ragini:But swara..

Swara:Di don’t worry if he don’t love me then I will make him fall for me…then i will confess my feelings for him…

Ragini:Ok..but don’t be late..

Swara:Ok dii..Now come it is getting late..we should sleep now

Ragini:ha chalo..i shld take Ansh also from ur room..

Saying this both the sisters went towards swasan room

Swasan Room

Swaragini entered swasan room only to find Sanansh sleeping peacefully with Ansh keeping his head on Sanskar’s arm and his hand around sanskar’s neck,leg wrapped around Sanskar’s tummy…Swaragini smiled seeing them..Then swara turned towards ragini and told

Swara:Dii let Ansh sleep here for today…If u disturb him then he will not sleep for whole night..

Ragini:Ok swara…Good night..

Swara:Good night di..

With this Ragini went to her room..while her swara closed the door and went to washroom to change…After changing she came into room and went towards sanansh..She covered them properly with blanket and pecked their foreheads..Both of them smiled in sleep feeling her touch..Then she went and lye down on her side and wrapped her arm around Ansh…At the same time Sanskar also wrapped his arm such that he is holding swara’s hand..Swara opened her eyes feeling his touch..She saw towards their hands and blushed slightly and told..

Swara:I love u Sanskar…I will tell u abt my love soon…good night

Saying this she also slept peacefully…

Screen freezes…

Precap:Not yet decided


So finally swara realized her love for Sanskar..What u all think will she be able to confess her feelings or not??

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