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Recap:Swasan in village…


After 1 month..

Now it is 1 month after swasan are married…In these one month there r some changes in the life’s of our swasan…Swasan started going to office and got busy with their respective works but always managed to spend some time with each other frequently as friends….Swara joined Ansh in playing pranks with Sanskar and our hero is also enjoying his wife’s and Ansh whom he love like his son playing their pranks on him…Swasan also developed feelings for each but are unknown to them…They say that they r just friends but the truth is smthng else which is unknown to both…Now let’s see what is going to be their future..

4 p.m

Swara’s office..

Sanskaar enters in Swara’s office…there present all female staff was drooling over him…and why not after all he is handsome charming…

Some girls which were spoil brats walks towards Sanskaar and blocks his way…they were wearing short dress

G1(giving seductive smile) : Hi handsome….

She is standing so close to sanskar and touching him in seducing manner…to Sanskaar so she could attract him…
Sanskaar don’t know what to say…he avoids her and was about to walk…just than one more girl came and block his way…

G2(flirting) : why aren’t you talking handsome…

G3(with attitude and proude) : yes handsome…we three are most pretiest girls in our office…(seducing him)what’s say let’s go on a date you and me…and some naughty…

Swara who just came out from her cabin fumes in anger seeing girls flirting with HER HUSBAND…

Sanskaar was he’ll angry on those girls…he wanted to slap them…but just thinking it will not be good…he keeps himself calm…

Sanskaar(controlling his rage and talks politely) : I’m sorry miss but I’m married…so please leave my way…

Girl1(with attitude) : so what’s the Big deal…if you are married…(winks making Sanskaar disgust from them)I don’t have any problem…

G2(smirks and moves her finger on his jaw while he jerks her hand) : and haven’t you heard…husband do cheat their wives…

G3(poking on his chest and flirting) : and I bet your wife will not be pretty than us…we are…

Suddenly whole office heard a Roar…


All turns and finds Swara standing there with red blood eyes…she moves towards those girls and gives a tight slap to G2…leaving all  shocked and scared from Swara…

Swara(roared angrily) : what were you saying husband’s cheat on their wives…then let me tell you all (points finger towards herself)I am HIS WIFE MRS SWARA SANSAKAAR MAHESWARI…(warning)and you all get a thing straight in your tiny dirty head that…(holds Sanskaar’s hand)HE IS MY HUSBAND AND HE CAN NEVER THINK OF CHEATING ME…NOT EVEN IN DREAMS…(shouts angrily making those girls shiver in fear)So stop roaming around him and three of you…get out from my sight and I shld not See u people again in my office

Three girls ran from there while Sanskaar was amazed to see calm Swara’s angry mode…
She sees him and drags him towards her cabin…

[P.S:Thank u so much RoseyBloom4 for writing this jealousy part for me…Love u loads my dear???]

Swara held Sanskar’s hand and dragged him towards her cabin…She is hell angry on those girls for flirting with her hubby…After reaching her cabin Sanskar asked

Sanskar:Swara what was that??

Swara:Sanskar how dare they flirt with u..ha…I can’t bear any1 flirting with my husband…Anyways leave this matter now

Saying this she closed her eyes to calm herself…Sanskar smiled at her and said:ok

Swara:Sanskar what happen u came here suddenly??

Sanskar:Swara woh tomorrow is Ansh’s bday so I thought to buy smthng for him..But u know na I can’t do shopping alone so I thought to take u with me

Swara:oh ha even I was thinking to go for shopping for him..Then we shall go together Sanskar…Just give me 5 mins I will wrap up my work then we will go..

Sanskar:Ok swara..

Soon swara completed her work and then both swasan together went for shopping…

In Car

Swasan r in car going for shopping…Sanskar is driving while swara is sitting in passenger seat…Silence prevailed in the car for smtime….Soon swara broke the silence and asked sanskar

Swara:Sanskar u love Ansh so much na??

Sanskar:Ha swara..He is the light of my life…His birth pulled me out frm darkness…After kavitha’s death I was so depressed that I stopped talking to ev1..At that time Ansh came into my life…I started spending time time with him and due to that I slowly came out of that depression and started living my life with my family…Ansh came into my life as bundle of joy swara who became my life now…

Swara had tears in her eyes listening him..She didn’t think that Sanskar love Ansh that extent…she is also happy seeing Sanskar’s love for Ansh…

In Mall

Soon they reached mall…SWASAN went inside the mall..Swara took some dresses and your for Ansh..After that she shopped r herself and Sanskar…As it is late they decided to have their dinner outside…They went to a restaurant and had their dinner together teasing each other and talking abt their day in office…It has become their daily routine to spend time with each other while talking abt the days events…After spending some quality time with each other swasan went to their home and slept peacefully in their respective sides of bed with smile on their faces… (*Guys after returning from village swasan started sleeping on same bed but with pillows between them*)

Next Day


It is next day evening and MM is beautifully decorated for their lovely Son’s bday…Guests started arriving…Dp and laksh are busy receiving guests while Ap and Ragini are seeing the arrangements…Now screen shifts to Swasan Room

Swasan Room

Swara is seen running behind Ansh to make him wear his dress…

Swara:Champ stop running and wear this dress…we r getting late for party…

Ansh:No maasi catch me if u can…

He is running and swara is running between him…At that time Sanskar who is in wash room came out and smiled seeing swaransh…He slowly went near them and caught Ansh in his arms and made him stand on bed and told

Sanskar:Champ why r u irritating ur maasi…come on wear ur dress and get ready fast… (To swara)Swara u gi and change..I will make him ready…


Saying this swara went to washroom while Sanskar is making Ansh ready…Soon swara came out from washroom wearing saree looking gorgeous…Sanskar is mesmarized seeing her and is completely lost in her beauty…He came to senses when Ansh tapped him on his shoulders…Sanskar got embrassed due to his act and spoke to swara

Sanskar:Swara u r looking beautiful..

Swara(Blushing slightly):Thank u Sanskar…

Soon she got ready and swasan along with Ansh went down..

MM Hall

All the family members are waiting for swasan to come down with Ansh as he is the main person for that party…Gadodia family also came there…

Ap:Ragini go and check once whether Swasan and Ansh r ready or not

Ragini:ji maa

Ragini was about to go towards swasan room she noticed that swasan are descending stairs with Ansh standing between them holding their hands from either sides…Ragini smiled seeing them and adored their bond…Swasan came towards their family and took their blessings..

Soon it is time for cake cutting..Dp started speaking..

Dp:Ragini laksh it is time for cake cutting…Come make Ansh to cut the cake

Laksh:No papa this yr swasan will do that…Afterall they are also parents of our Ansh..

Ragini:Ha papa laksh is right…Swasan has more right on Ansh than us..

Dp:Ok..Swara sanskar go ahead

Swasan who are seeing everything with amused expressions happily nodded and went towards cake with Ansh…Sanskar held Ansh in his arms and made Ansh hold knife and held his hand…Swara also held his hand..In this process swasan’s hands touched each others and swara shivered feeling his touch..She looked towards him and both are lost in each others eyes…Their eyelock is broken by Ragini’s fake cough..

Ragini:Ahem…ahem…If ur staring session is over can we cut the cake

Swasan were embrassed with her words and smiled sheepishly…Soon Ansh had cut the cake and fed first piece to Sanskar..Then he fed to  remaining family members…

Everyone are enjoying the party…At that time Laksh went to stage and started speaking

Laksh:Ladies and gentlemen thank u for coming here…As u all know this party is not only for my son’s birthday but also for my lovely brother’s wedding reception party..So let’s start the reception now

This came as a shock plus surprise to our swasan…Both looked towards their family and saw them smiling seeing our swasan…

Soon swasan are made to sit on stage…Guests are blessing the newly wedded couple while media persons are capturing their pics…

Soon it is time for dance…our swasan went on stage..Sanskar held her waist with one hand and her hand with other one..Swara kept her hand on his shoulder and they started dancing acc to the beat…They r lost in each others eyes and are dancing romantically…Their faces are so close to each other and they r abt to kiss but soon came into senses hearing claps sound…They went from the stage not able to face the other…

Soon the function is over and guests also left..All r happy as swasan’s relation is officialy announced to everyone…After the function everyone went towards their rooms and slept peacefully with a smile on their faces…

One side Maheswari’s are happy for their son while on the other side a dark room is shown where a lady is seen talking to Sanskar’s picture

Lady(To sanskar’s pic):Be happy Mr.Sanskar Maheswari how much u want to be..Bcoz u r going to loose ur happiness soon..Get ready Mr.Sanskar I am coming back to make ur life hell

Saying this she started laughing evily…

Screen freezes..



So what do u all think who might be that girl who is coming back???

I am so sry in advance if u feel this part boring..I just want to show sanskar’s relation with Ansh…Hope u all like it..

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