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Recap:Swasan are married..


Next day

It is next day and whole Maheswari family reached village for puja..They reached temple and swasan are made to sit for puja..Swara is wearing red saree with pallu above her head while sanskar is in pink colour sherwani..Both swasan silently prayed for their partner’s well being and also families well being…Family members blessed swasan and prayed for their upcoming life…Soon they returned to their mansion when they r done with puja…By the time they reach their home in village…

At MM in village

Ev1 entered the mansion with tired faces as they didn’t eat anything since morning due to puja…They r greeted by the caretakers of the house Rajesh and his wife Meena..They all had their dinner silently and sat in the hall chitchatting…

At Hall

Whole family is sitting in hall after dinner..Ap started speaking

Ap:Ji by God’s grace puja went well today..I am so happy

Dp:Ha Ap everything went well..I hope now our families happiness stay like this always..

Laksh:Don’t wry papa..now everything is fine and we will live like this happily forever..

Sanskar:Ha papa bhai is crct..

Dp:Hmm…ok now everyone go and take rest..it is a hectic day for all of us..go to ur rooms and sleep..tomorrow sanlak will show our village and our farms to swaragini..

Swaragini&Sanlak:ji papa

Saying this everyone went to their respective rooms…

Swasan Room

Swasan entered the room and changed into nightwears…They were about to sleep..At that time that noticed that there is no couch in that room…They saw towards each other and sanskar spoke

Sanskar:Swara u sleep on bed I will adjust on floor..

Swara:No sanskar how can u sleep on floor it is too cold outside and u will catch cold if u sleep on floor…

Sanskar:But swara..(interrupted)

Swara:Its ok sanskar..bed is big enough and we both can share it..

Sanskar:But Swara are u comfortable…I mean if i sleep on bed

Swara:Ha Sanskar I TRUST U..

Sanskar smiled at her and went to right side of bed and slept…Swara also went and lay down on left side of bed..



Swara:Good night

Sanskar(smiled):Good night swara

Soon both of them drifted into peaceful sleep with smile on their faces…

Next Morning

It is again a beautiful morning and our swasan are sleeping peacefully in their respective sides of bed…Soon Sanskar’s sleep broke due to sunrays..He slowly opened his eyes and smiled seeing his wife sleeping peacefully hugging her pillow..Sanskar unknowingly leaned towards her and slightly pecked her forehead while swara smiled in her sleep feeling his touch…Then Sanskar got down the bed and went towards washroom by taking his clothes…

Soon swara’s sleep broke due to knock on the door..She opened her eyes and found Sanskar missing..She got that Sanskar is in washroom by hearing shower sound…She went towards door and opened it…There she found Ansh standing there..swara took him in his arms and spoke..

Swara:Arey champ u came..

Ansh:Ha maasi I need to wake up chachu na

Swara:But champ ur chachu already woke up..He is getting fresh

Ansh(with a pout):Hawww now how can i play my prank on him..

Swara(laughing seeing his antics):Don’t wry champ u can play it tomorrow…

Ansh:Ok Maasi

Saying this he hugged her and kissed her cheek…Swara also hugged him back…Sanskar who came out of washroom saw both swaransh and admired them…He started speaking to them..

Sanskar:Ahem ahem what u both r planning against me..

Ansh:No chachu we r not planning anything against u..we both r just playing..

Sanskar(raising his eye brow):Ahaaa

Ansh:Sacchi chachu..

Sanskar smiled at him and came towards him..He bend to their height to kiss his cheek but our naughty Ansh moved his face such that Sanskar kissed swara’s cheek…Swara saw towards him wide eyed while sanskar is shocked…Ansh went out of the room silently with naughty smile..swasan are seeing towards each other and are lost in each others eyes…Soon they came to senses with ring in Sanskar’s phone..Both r feeling Awkward after the recent kiss..Sanskar spoke

Sanskar:Swara woh I am sry..

Swara(feeling shy):Its ok Sanskar..

Saying this she ran to washroom while sanskar went out of the room…Soon swara came out of washroom and for ready in simple Anarkali..After getting ready she went down and helped Ap and Ragini in preparing bf…Then all family members had their bf together..

After having bf Dp and Ap went to meet Dp’s old friend while Sanlak with Swaragini went to see the village…Sanlak are showing their farms to their partners..Swaragini are admiring the beauty of the village…

Swara:Sanskar,Laksh jiju till now I only heard that villages are beautiful but today I am seeing it…Really it is too beautiful…I am loving this place..

Ragini:Ha laksh Shona is telling correct…This village is really beautiful..

Sanlak smiled hearing them…They are seeing the village by walking..While they are walking many people who know sanlak’s family talked to them and blessed swasan for their future…Our swasan felt happy hearing their blessings…

While walking Swara’s foot slipped and she is about to fall but at the Nick of the time Sanskar held her through waist..Both r lost in each others eyes again…Raglak who came there saw them lost in each other and smiled…They went near swasan and made sound to bring them to senses…Hearing the noise Sanskar helped swara to stand and both avoided looking towards each other being embrassed….Laksh understood their situation and spoke

Laksh:Sanskar chalo now we will go home and take some rest…Evng we must go for a fair in nearby village…

Sanskar:Ok bhai

With this All 4 headed to their home…They had lunch together and went to their respective rooms to sleep for smtime…


Like this day passed and it is evening time…Swasan,Raglak and Ansh got ready to go for the fair in the nearby village…They informed Dp and started their journey…Soon they reached their destination…They all got down the car and Ansh’s eyes sparkled seeing the place

Ansh:Papa this place is so nice…we will stay here only from today..

Ev1 smiled listening his talks and Laksh spoke:No champ we vany stay here…for now we shall enjoy here okay..

Ansh:Ok papa

Sanskar:Champ be careful there r so many ppl inside…so don’t leave our hands ok

Ansh:Ok chachu..

With this they all went inside..Ansh is holding Laksh’s hands while Ragini is also with him…Swasan are together with swara holding Sanskar’s hand…Sanskar saw towards their interwined hands and towards swara’s face…Both passed a smile towards each other and proceeded further…

All r enjoying inside with each other..They r spending quality time with each other which is not possible once they return to city due to their works…They captured many pics and took selifies for memories…Sanskar took a pic of swaransh eating candy where swara is competing with Ansh and eating like kid secretly while admiring her childishness…At last they reached towards giant wheel…Swara is afraid to go for that but Ansh took her forcefully…Finally Swasan and Ansh went and sat in giant wheel…Sanskar and Ansh are enjoying the rise while swara being afraid hugged Sanskar tightly…After the ride is over Sanskar called swara who is hugging him tightly and closing her eyes…

Sanskar:Swara now u can open ur eyes ride is over…

Swara slowly opened her eyes and found herself hugging sanskar tightly..She immediately broke the hug and went frm there being embrassed…Sanskar smiled seeing her going and went behind her with Ansh in his arms…

Then they all went to nearby dhaba and had their dinner..After dinner they reached their mansion and directly went to their rooms with tired faces…

Swasan Room..

Swasan entered their room with tired faces…First swara changed and then Sanskar went after her..while swara is arranging bed Sanskar came after changing his clothes…He went towards bed and lie down in his side..Swara also went to her side and lie down..Both wished Good night to each other and slept peacefully with smile on their faces…

Screen freezes..

Precap:Don’t know


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