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Recap:Swasan engagement and marriage shopping…


Time passed and it has been one week since swasan had done their wedding shopping…It is finally the most awaited day for every one in the family that is swasan’s marriage day…


GM Mansion is decorated like a bride for the wedding of their younger daughter…The Mansion is full of hustle bustle with guests…SheMish are seen busy with arrangements of their daughter’s wedding while Ragini is helping swara to get ready and our little Ansh is busy in munching chocolates…Soon Maheswari family arrived there and are received by SheMish…

Sanskar is made to sit in Mandap for pooja…Soon swara also descended the stairs with Ragini accompaning her…She is made to sit beside sanskar for the rituals…Guests are admiring the couple as made for each other and are praising them while family members are happy for their children that they r stepping towards their beautiful life…

Swasan took saath phere (7 rounds) around fire…Sanskar filled her hairline with Sindoor and adorned her neck with mangalsutra…They r showered with blessings of flowers from guests and family..After the rituals swasan took blessings from elders while Raglak congratulated them…

After some time

Time passed and it is time for bidaai which is most difficult time for a girl…Swara is crying hugging her mother while all other r watching them with teary eyes…Ap went near them and broke their hug and told

Ap:Shona beta stop crying whenever u want u can come to meet ur parents.. (To Shomi)Shomi ji u don’t worry I will take care of swara like my own daughter..

Shomi:Ap ji I believe u..I know that u will take care of my daughter like ur own..I am so happy that my both daughters got u as their Mil…

Saying this she hugged swaragini..swara hugged her papa and bid him bye..Soon she is made to sit in car with sanskar and both headed towards their new phase of life…


Soon they reached MM and are standing at the entrance..Ragini did their aarthi and swara kicked the kalash which contain rice…Swasan entered the house holding each others hands…After all the rituals Ragini took swara to Sanskar’s room

Swasan Room

Swaragini entered his room and Ragini helped swara to sit in the middle of bed..Then Ragini sat beside her and spoke..

Ragini:Shona I know u r nervous but trust me swara marrying sanskar is going to be the best decision of ur life swara…Sanskar is really a nice guy and u will surely be happy with him..

Swara did not say anything but just nodded her head…Ragini last the room leaving swara alone in her room…

Swara is sitting and waiting for sanskar to come…Soon Sanskar entered the room and saw swara sitting on the bed..He locked the door and started walking towards bed..he sat on bed beside her and going her nervous..He slowly held her hand and started speaking..

Sanskar:Swara don’t take tension for anything…I already told u that we can be friends and I will never force u for anything..So feel free swara..

Swara:Thank u Sanskar..

Sanskar:it’s getting late swara and u r tired..Change ur dress and sleep…

Swara nodded and got down the bed..She took her dress and went to wash room to change..Sanskar also changed in the mean time and is arranging couch to sleep..Swara came out from washroom and saw him arranging couch..Sanskar turned towards her and told..

Samskar:Swara u sleep on bed I will sleep on couch..

Swara:But sanskar u may not be comfortable sleeping on couch u sleep on bed I will sleep on couch..

Sanskar:No swara it’s ok I will be fine..

Swara:Are u sure

Sanskar(smiled):Ha swara I am sure..now u sleep..Good night

Swara(smiling at sanskar):Good night

Saying this both of them slept on their respective places…

Next Morning

Swasan Room

It is again a beautiful morning with new hopes..Our swasan are sleeping peacefully in their respective places..Sun rays entered the room and fall on our swara’s place disturbing her beautiful sleep..She slowly opened her eyes and is shocked to find herself in New place…suddenly her eyes fell on couch and saw sanskar sleeping peacefully..Then she remebered her marriage with sanskar…She slowly got down the bed and went towards washroom after taking her clothes…

Soon she came out of washroom wearing red colour saree looking breathtakingly beautiful..She went towards sanskar to wake him up..

Swara:Sanskar get up..it’s morning..

Sanskar(sleepy tone):Swara let me sleep for some time..

Swara:Acha sanskar then come and sleep on bed…if any one saw u sleeping on couch it won’t be nice..

Sanskar woke up sleepily..he went towards bed and slept again..Swara smiled seeing him and started getting ready..She wore her mangalsutra and filled her hairline…She is feeling unknown happiness while filling her hairline with Sanskar’s name…

After getting ready she opened the door and found Ansh standing there..Swara smiled seeing him and picked him in her arms and went inside and spoke

Swara:Ansh what r u doing here early morning..

Ansh:Maasi woh I came to wake up chachu…u know everyday I only wake him up na

Swara:ok champ u wake him up I will go down

Ansh:No maasi u wait here and see now what will I do..

Swara confused with his words while Ansh got down from bed and went towards mini fridge in Sanskar’s room and took out ice cubes…He slowly went towards sanskar and sat on bed..Then he dropped those ice cubes in sanskar’s shirt…Swara is watching all these scenes with open mouth as she don’t know that Ansh will do all these…

Soon sanskar opened his eyes with jerk feeling cold..He sat on bed and saw Ansh sitting beside him with smirk on his face..He understood his prank and hosted him while Ansh ran out of the room..Sanskar took out ice cubes from his shirt while swara is laughing seeing him..Soon he got ready and went down together..Elders r happt seeing them together..Swasan took blessings from elders and performed puja together…Then Ap took swara to kitchen for her first rasoi..

Ap:Swara beta today is ur first rasoi so u need to cook some sweet..

Swara:Ok Maa but what shld I cook

Ap:Beta cook whatever u want to..

Swara:But maa I am confused

Ap:Acha ok then cook kheer it is sanskar’s favorite..

Swara(smiled):ok maa

Ap left the kitchen while swara started cooking..Soon she finished cooking breakfast and kheer…She asked Maid to place the bf on table…

Soon whole family except Ansh settled on dining table for their bf..Swaragini are serving them…Sanskar started speaking to Ragini..

Sanskar:Bhabhi where is Ansh..

Ragini:Sanskar he is in garden..Ramu kaka is bringing him..Waise sanskar how did he wake u today..

Swara(laughing):Di today he put ice cubes in sanskar’s shirt..

Everyone laughed hearing her..Ansh came there running and sat in Sanskar’s lap and told

Ansh:Chachu feed my bf fast i need to play..

Sanskar:Ok come champ

Saying this sanskar started feeding him..Family members adored their bond and continued eating…Soon they finished their bf and ev1 praised swara for her cooking skills..All family members gave gifts to swara…

After bf ev1 sat in living room chitchatting..At that time dp spoke

Dp:Sanskar laksh tomorrow we all r going to our village..u know na newly married couple shld perform puja in our kuldevi temple..Be ready tomorrow..we will leave early mrng…

Sanlak:Ok papa

Dp:Ap u ladies also make sure that u pack all necessary things as we r going to stay there for 2-3 days..

Ap:Ok ji

Ansh:Dadu then I will not go to  school na

Dp:ha beta u take leave

Hearing this Ansh started jumping in happiness while others smiled at his antics..

Screen freezes on their smiling faces…

Precap:Swasan in village for puja and some swasan moments..


Uff!Finally done with one more part of my ff…i am sry if u find it boring..

This episode is dedicated to my little sis Fireflies-yaz..BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAZZ..MAY THIS BIRTHDAY BRINGS U ALL THE HAPPINESS U DESERVE…LOVE U..???
Sry for the late wishes (*puppy face*)

Let me know ur views abt this part through ur valuable votes and commnets..

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