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Before going to the stry let me tell u guys it is gng to be an SS..so it will have only less parts…



Scene starts from a girl who is seen sleeping in her room but not peacefully…suddenly she woke up with a jerk and realised that she had seen a bad dream…tears started flowing from her eyes remembering her eyes as what she saw was not a dream but the sad reality of her life…when she was lost in her thoughts a person entered her room and is worried seeing her and rushed towards her and hugged her bring her to senses…she looked towards that person and cried loudly hugging that person…she calmed down after sometime..the other person started speaking

Person:SHONA…(Yes guys the person is our swara) Shona stop crying now…its been 2 yrs to that incident and u r still not forgetting abt that…pls shona u have to forget that and move on

Swara(still crying):But dii(The other person is Ragini) I am unable to forget di..i am trying to forget but these nightmares on not leaving me..

Ragini:Ssshhhh…baccha stop crying now..leave all this and get ready fast..ur jiju is waiting for u down..

Swara nodded her head and went towards washroom while Ragini went down and told everyone abt the happenigs in swara’s room…

Swara came down after sometime getting ready and saw whole Maheswari family sitting in hall with SheMish and Ragini…Seeing her come Ansh ran towards her and hugged her tightly…swara also hugged him back…Then she went towards elders and took their blessings from ev1…Then all had bf talking to each other but all this while swara is sitting silent and having her food…All observed her and felt sad seeing her so pale and sad…Later she completed her bf and went to her office bidding bye to ev1…

After sometime ev1 settled in living room..Silence prevailed between them for sometime..Finally Dp broke the silence and spoke..

Dp:Sekhar ji today we came here to ask u something..

Sekhar:Dp ji..why r u hesitating..ask what u want ask Dp ji..after all we all r one family..

Dp:Ha Sekhar jii that’s why i came here..Woh I want ask ur daughter swara’s hand for our Sanskar..

Shemish r shocked hearing him..They both looked towards each other and then towards sekhar..Silence prevailed again in the room…After sometime Sekhar finally spoke..

Sekhar:Dp ji I am so happy that u r asking my daughter’s hand for sanskar..I know sanskar is very good guy and will keep my daughter happy..I don’t have any problem with this relation..

Shomi also agreed with him…Then all congratulated each other on giving the relation..Then Ap spoke

Ap:Ji we fixed their marriage but what abt swara and sanskar..will they agree for this marriage..Sanskar toh after kavita’s demise he is not agreeing to marry any1..

Shomi:Ha Ap ji even I fear whether swara will agree for this marriage..After whatever happen 2 yrs ago shona is completely changed..Now she is not interested in marriage like stuffs also..

Laksh:Arey u both stop worrying…leave everything on us..Me and Ragini will make them agree for this marriage at any cost…

Ragini:Ha Maa laksh is crct…we will talk to them and make them agree..

Family members relieved hearing them and smiled…Laksh and Ragini looked towards each other with determined faces..

Same day evening..

Screen shifts to an office where a person is seen sitting and working in his cabin..He is looking handsome in his formals…He is so much engrossed in his work that he didnt even feel that someone is entering his cabin..The person saw towards him with angry pout and went towards him like a storm and snatched the file from his hands..Sanskar turned towards that person getting irritated but on seeing that person he gulped in fear and spoke..

Sanskar:ANSH.. (*yes guys the person is Ansh..waise whom did u all think..*) Ansh what r u doing here..waise how did u come here..Did u come here alone..

Sanskar is firing questions while our little Ansh got irritated and shouted

Ansh(hitting his forehead):Offo how many questions will u ask chachu…I didn’t not come here alone…I came with papa..Waise i am angry on u..I won’t talk to u

Saying this he went towards couch and sat there..Sanskar smiled at his cute antics and went towards him and sat on couch and spoke

Sanskar:What did i do

Ansh(with pout):u r always dng ur work not even spending time with me

Sanskar:Acha so tell me what shld I do to make ur anger less

Ansh(Acting like thinking):u shld buy ice cream for me..

Sanskar(smiling):Ok fine..chalo

Saying this Sanskar took Ansh in his arms and went from office…Both went to ice cream parlour and enjoyed their ice cream and went home…

At night


After dinner swara is sitting in her room lost in her thoughts..At that Tim she felt a hand on her shoulder and saw towards that direction only to find Ragini standing there..Seeing her swara spoke..

Swara:Dii u here at this time…do u want anything

Ragini:Ha shona I want to talk to u..

Swara:Ha dii tell na what u want to talk..

Ragini:Shona I want to talk abt ur marriage

Swara is shocked listening her and spoke:Dii u know na i don’t want to marry

Ragini:No shona this time I am not going to agree with that…till when will u live in past shona..it is all over..u should forget that and move on in life..

Swara:Butt diii.. (interrupted)

Ragini:No shona not this time…Did u think about maa and papa..did u see their condition seeing u in such state..Shona pls atleast for me…for maa and papa u agree for this marriage..pls Shona..Sanskar is very gud guy..he is not like the one u think..He will keep u happy Shona..Trust me for once..

Saying this Ragini left from the room with teary eyes leaving confused swara to fight with with her thoughts..


When Ragini is trying to convince swara here in MM laksh came to Sanskar’s room..When laksh entered the room he found Sanskar engrossed in his work..He sighed and sat beside sanskar on couch..Sanskar saw him and smiled..He closed his laptop and turned towards laksh and spoke

Sanskar:Bolo bhai…

Laksh looked at him amazed and spoke:Sanskar how do u know that

Sanskar:Bhai I know that if it is not urgent u will not come here at this time..

Laksh:Hmm..Sanskar I will straightly come to the point..Maa papa has selected a girl for u..tomorrow we r gng to her house to see her

Sanskar(shocked):Bhai what r u saying…u know i don’t want to get married again

Laksh:But till when Sanskar.

Sanskar:Bhai I am not gng to marry again…not in this life…

Laksh:Sanskar what r u talking…I know ki u love kavitha and I am not even telling that u shld forget her..I jst want to tell u that u shld move on Sanskar..U shld start ur new life with new hopes…See maa and papa once sanskar…how they r worried thinking abt u..Think abt them once Sanskar…u already did one mistake earlier but pls Sanskar this time don’t repeat the same mistake..

Laksh:And ha tomorrow we r gng to meet swara’s family for marriage and that is final..

Saying this Laksh left the room…Sanskar lye down on bed lost in his thoughts…

Screen freezes on swasan confused faces…


What might be swara’s past that is haunting her???

What mistake did Sanskar do earlier???

Will swasan agree for this marriage???

If they agree how will their relation gng to be???

Is kavitha really dead???

Will she come between swasan???

Guys keep thinking abt my questions and keep guessing…I will be waiting for ur answers..

I know this part is boring guys…I wrote this part in sleepy mode…I don’t know what i wrote..if u didn’t find it good pls don’t curse me…


Let me know ur views about this part through ur valuable votes and comments…positive or negative views accepted…See u all soon..Till then

Keep smiling:-)
Take care

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