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Recap:Sanskar decided take revenge on Maheswari family..


Next Morning

It is again a beautiful mrng for our heavenly couple who r sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace.Sun rays fall on our hero.He slowly opens his eyes and found his lovely wife sleeping peacefully cuddling into him.He pecked her forehead and gently placed her on bed.He slowly got up and sat on the bed with support of headboard and started thinking.

Sanskar (thinking):Today is the most important day of my life.I have to win this deal at any cost as it is my first step towards destruction of maheswari’s.Today laksh is also going to join my company.All these yrs he Stayed in MM so that we can keep an eye on Dp and his family to find any clue against them.And now we got enough proofs to make him punished and we already submited them and Now he is going to be arrested in the conference hall infront of everyone.Now everyone got to know my identity it is not Safe for laksh to stay there anymore so he is coming here to stay..Now we should think of any other plan to punish that DP…

While sanskar is in his thoughts swara woke up and find him lost and called him..


Sanskar:Ha swara when did u woke up

Swara:Just now sanskar but where r u lost

Sanskar:Ntng swara just thinking abt today’s meeting

Swara:Don’t worry sanskar I am sure u r only going to win the deal..you worked so hard for it that u didn’t even spend time with me from the last few days..

Saying this she pouted.Sanskar smiled hearing her and pulled her cheeks..

Sanskar:sorry swara but I promise I will take u to ur favorite Ice cream parlour today I’m

Swara jumped with happiness listening him and told:Pakka

Sanskar:Ha baba pakka..Waise swara u remember na LAKSH is going to stay here from today.Is his room ready??

Swara:Ha sanskarΒ  it’s ready..

Sanskar:Ok now I will get ready you pls take out my clothes and u also get ready you should also go to clg right…


Soon sanskar to washroom to fresh up and swara took out sanskar’s clothes and kept them on bed then she took her clothes and went to other room to get ready…


In MM every one except laksh rΒ  at the breakfast table.Ladies r serving bf while men r seated and discussing abt the meeting

DP:Adarsh is everything is ready for the meeting.You know me today we have to get the deal at any cost.we have invested everything in this project and if at any cost we loose it then our company is going to face huge loss.

Adarsh:Ha papa don’t worry I myself checked the presentation and we r only going to win the deal

While they were discussing that saw laksh coming down with his luggage.DP called him

DP:Laksh are u going anywhere.Did u forget today we have meeting.

Laksh did not answer anything and gave him a letter.DP is shocked after reading the letter and asked LAKSH

DP:Laksh what is this

Laksh:Can’t u see Mr.Durga Prasad Maheswari it is my resignation letter.I am leaving my post of C.E.O in ur company and ha i am also leaving this house forever

Everyone r shocked hearing this.Dp fumed in anger and asked

DP:laksh what non sense r u speaking

Laksh:Not any nonsense I am speaking the truth I am leaving this house forever as I am free from my bhai’s promise so I don’t need to live with murderers

Saying this he left the house without paying any heed to their words.Dp didn’t care much about him and left to the meeting

SM Mansion

Soon LAKSH reached SM Mansion .He is received by our Swasan.Then trio took bf and left to their respective works.Sanlak dropped swara at her clg and left for their meeting.

At Conference hall

Sanlak reached the conference hall.Dp,Rp and Adarsh r already present there.Sanlak silently went and sat in their respective seats.Soon the meeting started and representatives started giving their presentions of their companies one by one.Adarsh represented Maheswari company.Soon it is turn of Karma company and sanskar presented it.Everyone present there r shocked by his presentation.Soon it is the time of results

Sanskar won the deal.Laksh hugged him and congratulated him.Dp banged his fist on the table in anger.Sanskar smirked seeing his anger and started to speak

Sanskar(smirking):What happend Mr.Durga Prasad Maheswari this much anger for just a trailor what will happen to you when u see the whole picture

RP:Sanskar don’t forget u r talking to ur bade papa

Sanskar:For ur kind information I don’t have any one except my wife and brother so from where this bade papa came from

Adarsh:Sanskar what is this non sense

Sanskar:This is not any non sense Mr.Adarsh Maheswari..

While Sanskar is telling police entered there and told that they r here to arrest Dp.

Officer:We r here to arrest Mr.Durga Prasad Maheswari for killing Mr.Sahil and also Ms.Uttara Maheswari (yup guys uttara didn’t commit suicide and is killed by Dp as he got know that uttara knows his deeds)

Everyone present there r shocked by the relevation and looked towards DP with disguisted look.Rp and Adarsh r shocked hearing that and looked towards sanlak only to find them smirking evily..

Soon Dp is arrested and Rp Adarsh also left the place with angry look.

Sanlak hugged each other and r happy that they r able to punish their sister’s culprit.Everyone present appreciated them for punishing the culprits..

Soon they left to Swara’s clg to pick her.They were standing near the car.Swara came running towards them happily and hugged Sanskar.Sanskar is shocked by the sudden hug but soon came to senses and hugged her back but laksh fake cough brought them into senses.They broke the hug and swara felt embrassed.

Sanskar:Swara what happened why r u so happy

Swara:Sanskar i got the job for the interview I attended last week..I am so happy sanskar my dream is fulfilled

Sanskar is happy listening her and congratulated her

Sanskar:Congrats swara

Swara:Thank u sanskar

Laksh also hugged her and congratulated her.Soon sumi also came there and both Sanlak took her blessings.Suddenly swara remembered abt his meeting and asked him abt that

Swara:Sanskar how was ur meeting

Sanskar:Its nice swara we won the deal and also that Dp arrested for killing my sister and frnd.

Sumi and swara r happy listening him.

Sumi:I am so happy for u both beta finally u punished ur sister’s culprit

Saying this she blessed both Sanlak.Soon swasanlak left from there

They reached ice cream parlour as he promised swara and swalak ordered their ice creams and sanskar is looking at them amused

Sanskar:Laksh when did u strt eating ice creams like kid

Laksh:Bhai u don’t know from the day I started going out with swara and Ragini I also started eating like them

Swalak hi-fi ed each other and continued eating and sanskar went to attend a call.After Sanskar
went swalak started talking

Laksh:So swara when r u going to confess ur feelings to bhai

Swara:I want to do something special for him so and I also thought abt it..So i am going to tell my feelings to him in a special way in a special place

Laksh:What is that tell me na swara pls

Swara:No I am not going to tell it to anyone.Anyways leave it you tell me when r u going to propose Ragini

Laksh(shocked):Swara how do u know that I love her

Swara:I know everything laksh and now this is not imp that how I know but it is imp that when r going to tell her

Laksh:I also went to tell her but I am afraid that she will accept or not

Swara:Don’t worry Laksh she will definitely accept you and pls tell her before it’s late

Soon they completed their eating and sanskar also came there.Trio went home happily

Screen freezes on their smiling faces

Precap:Swasan’s confession

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    Di from which country u r?😢

    • Nagamanasa



      Tq kaku dear and don’t worry u will get all ur things frm ur list to ur New dhaba dear…I am frm India only i stay in Andhra Pradesh..I got to know that u r from assam so I don’t ask u…Love u…Bye

  3. Niku


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    It’s an amazing awesome story…..
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