SWASAN-LOVE AFTER MARRIAGE (part-20) (last part)

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Here I am back with the next part or probably the last past of my story…

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Recap:Swara pregnant again..

Swasan broke the hug after sometime..Sanskar took out a chocolate from his pocket and unwrapped it while swara looked towards him confusedly..seeing her face sanskar spoke

Sanskar:Swara today we got the best happiness of life..So for that we should celebrate right…

Saying this he fed a bite to swara then swara also gave him a bite..Both r spending their time with each other but swara is seemed to be lost somewhere..Sanskar saw her lost and is abt to speak to her but r interrupted by Raglak who came there looking worried..Ragini came towards swara hurriedly and sat beside her and started during her questions on swara

Ragini:Swara I heard that u r not well and u want to hospital..what happened to u..Why didn’t u tell me anything..What did doctor tell..

Ragini was continously firing her questions and when she didn’t get any answer she got irritated and spoke

Ragini:Swara speak something yaar I am getting worried here and u r not speaking anything…

Laksh:Arey Ragu if u let her speak then only she can speak na…

Swasan chuckled while Ragini gave a death glare to laksh.He gulped in fear seeing her glare..Ragini continued

Ragini:Swara tell me yaar

Swara didn’t speak anything..She jst gave her reports to Ragini and asked her to see them..Ragini looks on confused and saw those reports..Tears of happiness started flowing from her eyes seeing the reports..Laksh snatched the reports from her saw them..He is also happy to know that swara is pregnant..He immediately went towards her and hugged her..Ragsan also joined the hug…All r so happy with the news of swara’s pregnancy..That broke the hug and Ragini spoke

Ragini:Swara I am so happy…I am going to become maasi..Congrats swara..

Laksh(To swasan):Congrats both of u for this good news

Swasan:Thank u

Ragini:Swara frm today u r not going to do any work..you r going to take full rest and eat ur food on time…ok

Swara:Par Ragini how can i take rest for whole day..

Ragini:Swara this is my order and u will follow its final

Swara(Making faces):Ok fine meri maa..

Sanlak chuckled seeing swara’s face but gulped on earning a glare from swara..Later they informed the news to sumi..She is also happy for her daughter..Swasan and Raglak spend sometime together and had dinner together and went to their respective rooms…

Swasan Room

Swara changes her clothes and is seen sitting on bed thinking something deeply..Sanskar who came out after changing saw her lost and went towards her and gave a peck on her cheek..She came to senses with his kiss..She hugged him and spoke

Swara:Sanskar when did u come

Sanskar:When u r lost in ur thoughts..tell me what r u thinking

Swara(avoiding eye contact):Nothing sanskar…come let’s sleep

Sanskar:Swara from when did u strt hiding things frm me ha

Swara:No sanskar…I am not hiding anything

Sanskar:Swara now tell me the truth

Swara:Sanskar I am feeling afraid sanskar..everyone is so happy with this news…I don’t want their happiness to be shattered like last time..Even I don’t have fits to face if anything happens to our baby…

Sanskar(hugging her):Swara believe me nothing will happen to our baby…She will be fine and she will come to her papa’s hands soon…u believe me na

Swara nodded her head..Sanskar smiled..Suddenly our swara realized something and broke the hug..She looked towards sanskar and spoke

Swara:Sanskar how can u tell that it is girl..It may be boy also na

Sanskar:No swara u see it will be girl only and she will be papa’s princess

Swara:No it will be boy and he will be mamma’s boy

Sanskar:Huh let’s see

Swara:Ha let’s see

Sanskar:Acha swara it’s late come lets sleep now

Saying this he made swara lye down on bed and covered her with comforter..He too lye down beside her and took her in his embrace..Soon both slept peacefully…

After 2 months

Now swara is in 3rd month of her pregnancy..Sanskar is taking good care of her..He is not leaving her alone at all..He is reduced his office timings and staying with swara most of the time..Ragini also reduced her work and being with her most of the time…

It is time for swara’s sonography..Sanskar took her to hospital and doctor took them inside..She asked swara to lye down and sanskar stood beside her holding her hand…Doctor started swara’s sonography…

Doctor:Swara see here it is ur baby and ha listen carefully you can listen heartbeat of ur baby…

Swasan looked towards the monitor and r happy to get the glimpse of her baby and to listen heartbeat of the baby..Sanskar kissed swara’s forehead in happiness and tears of happiness started flowing frm their eyes..Doctor left the room after sonography asking swasan to be there for sometime and feel their baby..

Swara touched the monitor and she is so happy to feel her baby for the first time..They came out of the room after sometime..They took instructions from the doctor and left frm there…

When they were leaving home swara saw something and shouted

Swara:Sanskar stop

Sanskar:Swara what happened u r fine na

Swara:Ha sanskar I am fine

Sanskar:Then why did u ask me to stop

Swara:Sanskar woh i want to eat ice cream (Saying this she pointed towards the Ice cream parlour)

Sanskar:Swara no it is not good for ur health now

Swara:Sanskar pls

Sanskar(strictly):Swara I said na no means no that’s it

Swara(crying):Sanskar now u don’t love me na that’s why u r scolding me and not even letting me eat Ice cream

Sanskar(murmered):Drama queen (to swara) ok come

Swara smiled happily listening him..Both went towards ice cream parlour and swara started eating her ice cream while sanskar is admiring his cute wife..Soon both went home happily

After 4 months

Now swara is in her 7th month..She is seen sitting on the bed holding her bump..She looked towards sanskar who is sleeping beside her peacefully..She started talking to her baby

Swara:Baby u know ur mumma is feeling so much hungry now but what to do ur papa is sleeping peacefully and i can’t even wake him up..Already be is doing so much for us..He is spending his whole day with us and fulfilling all my needs..But I can’t do anything now come we will wake him now

Swara:Sanskar get up…Sanskar

Sanskar(sleepy):swara pls let me sleep

Swara:Sanskar pls get up I am feeling hungry..

Sanskar immediately open his eyes and sat on bed and asked swara

Sanskar:Acha tell me what u want to eat now

Swara:Sanskar I want to eat pani puri

Sanskar:Ok u did here only i will come

Saying this he went out of the room..He came in after some time with a tray in his hand..He came and sat on bed in front of her and started reading her..Swara is eating happily and also heading him in between..After completing sanskar kept the tray aside and he made her drink water..Then he saw that swara has tears in her eyes..He immediately cupped her face and asked

Sanskar:Swara what happened..Why r u crying

Swara:Sanskar I am so bad wife na i am not even letting u to sleep properly and disturbing u always with my cravings..u r not even able to go to office because of him

Sanskar hugged her tightly and spoke:Swara don’t tell like that..u r not bad wife..u r giving me the most precious gift of my life and i am so happy to do all this for our baby understand

Saying this he placed his lips over hers and kissed her…She also responded equally to him..Sanskar broke the kiss soon as he don’t want to take any risk of swara’s health..After breaking the kiss swara told

Swara:I love u

Sanskar:I love u too..

At that time swara felt pain in her stomach and screamed


Sanskar(worried):Swara what happened shall we go to doctor

Swara(teary eyes):sanskar out baby kicked..

Sanskar is so happy listening her and placed his hands on her belly and started speaking to the baby:Baby u know papa is waiting for u..come soon beta..I Love u so much

At that time they felt the kick again..Sanskar is so happy to feel their baby and kissed swara’s belly..Then sanskar kissed swara’s forehead and hugged her..Soon both slept peacefully in each other’s embrace..

After 2 months

Swara is in her 9th month now…She is looking cute in her baby bump..Sanskar stopped going to office as doctor told that she can go into Labour any time and it is not good to leave her alone..

One fine day swara is seen sleeping in her room while sanskar is working on his laptop and Ragini is working in kitchen..Swara suddenly woke up due to pain and started shouting..Ragsan came into room listening her screams and tensed seeing her..Sanskar immediately picked her in his arms and took her towards car…he made her sit in car and Ragini kept swara’s head in her lap and sanskar started driving..Soon they reached hospital..Swara is going to be taken inside OT but she is not leaving sanskar’s hand..Sanskar kissed her forhead and told

Sanskar:Swara I am here only don’t worry..everything will be fine..be brave

Swara is taken inside while sanskar is moving in the corridor worriedly..Sumi and laksh also reached there..All r eagerly waiting for the doctor to come out…After some time they heard a crying voice of baby from OT and r relieved..Laksh came and hugged sanskar immediately and congratulated him and sanskar also responded happily..Soon doctor came out with a baby in her hands and went towards sanskar

Doctor:Congrats Mr.SM it’s a baby girl..

Saying this she gave the baby to sanskar..Sanskar is so happy to hold his baby in his hands..He got tears in his eyes..He kissed baby’s forhead..He suddenly realised something and asked the Doctor…

Sanskar:Doctor how is swara…

Doctor:Don’t worry Mr.SM she is fine..you can meet her once we shift her to ward.

Saying this doctor went from there..Sanskar gave the baby to sumi’s hands and took her blessings..Then Raglak took the baby and played with her..

Swara gained conscious after sometime and looked around..She saw everyone sitting on the couch of the room..Sanskar came towards her and helped her to sit on bed…

Swara:Sanskar our baby..

Sanskar pointed towards the other side of the bed where many is sleeping peacefully in cradle..Sanskar took the baby in his arms and placed her in swara’s lap..Swara kissed the baby’s forehead and looked towards sanskar

Swara:Sanskar our baby sanskar

Sanskar:Ha swara our princess

Saying this he kissed swara’s forehead…Everyone smiled seeing the happiness in swasan’s faces…After sometime Ragini asked swara

Ragini:Swara what is the name of baby

Swara(smiled and replied):Sanskriti…Sanskriti Sanskar Maheswari

Sanskar looked towards her shocked while swara smiled at him..Sanskar hugged her sideways while baby is in swara’s lap…Laksh captured their moments..Then Raglak and sumi joined them and they all had a group hug..



With this I am ending my story..I will try to give an epilogue for this but I can’t promise it early as I am going out of town for 1 week..so I will try to give the epilogue after that..

Thanks to each and every person who r with me in this entire journey..ur support means a lot to me…It is jst because of ur support that I am able to complete my story and receive such a huge response from u people..Thanks to the silent readers too..

Let me know ur views abt this part through ur valuable votes and comments..

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