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Recap:Swasan conversation and Raglak’s wedding


Swasan and Raglak reached swasan mansion..Swara did Raglak’s Grahpravesh..She took Ragini with her to Laksh’s room and made her to sit in the middle of the bed…Swara stopped laksh at the entrance..Laksh started to speak seeing her stopping him..

Laksh:Swara what r u doing…let me go inside…

Swara:Not so easy devar ji…first give me my gift then u r allowed to go inside…

Laksh:Swara pls let me go inside I will talk to u tomorrow

Swara:No devar ji…

At that sanskar comes there and saw them and smiled…Laksh saw him and spoke…

Laksh:Bhai pls take ur wife from here…she is not allowing me to go inside

Sanskar:No laksh pls don’t involve me between u two..(Saying this He shrugged his shoulders)

Laksh:Ok fine tell me what u want

Swara:That’s gud..listen I want ur credit card for one day..and u r going carry our bags…

Laksh:Swara you want me to become a bankrupt or what

Swara:think laksh..u can go to ur wife if u grant my wish..

Laksh:Ok meri maa ur wish granted

Swara:Gud…(She moved aside)

Laksh went inside and locked the door…Raglak consummated their marriage and slept peacefully in each other’s embrace dreaming abt their upcoming life…

While outside the room sanskar came towards swara and picked her in his arms in bridal style while swara wrapped her arms around his neck..They went towards their room and he made her stand…He closed the door and came towards her.He hugged her from behind and started kissing her nape…Swara started mourning his name when he is biting her neck and sucking to soothe her pain…Unable to control herself swara turned towards him and hugged him tightly…Sanskar smiled and hugged her back…After some time sanskar broke the hug and cupped her face.He started leaning towards her and swara understood his intentions closed her eyes giving posetive sign…Sanskar places his lips over hers and started kissing her slowly..swara also responded equally…Soon the kiss turned into hungry and passionate one…They broke the kiss when they r out of breath..Sanskar placed her on bed and came on top of her..He started kissing her neck..Swara turned her face to give him more access…Soon sanskar switched off the lights and covered themselves with blanket and both got involved in their passionate love making after a long time…Both slept peacefully in each other’s embrace when first ray of sun entered their room…

Next Morning

It is a beautiful morning for our lovely couple sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace like sanskar is lying on top of swara nuzzling his face in her neck and his one hand holding her waist…Sun rays fall on our swara disturbing her sleep..She slowly opened her eyes and found her hubby sleeping holding her tightly…She smiled seeing him and pecked his forehead..She placed him in pillow and was abt to get down frm bed when she felt a strong grip on her hand..She saw towards that direction and saw sanskar seeing towards her..He pulled her towards him such that she collide his chest…Swara widened her eyes while sanskar wrapped his arms around her waist…Swara came to her senses when sanskar kissed her forehead and spoke

Swara:Sanskar early morning u started ur romance…let me go…I must prepare bf and wake up Raglak also…

Sanskar:Swara they r newly wedded couple yaar let them enjoy their time and let me to my work yaar…

Saying this he rolled over the bed such that he is on top and muzzled his face in her neck and left his hot breath there…Swara shivered due to his touch…Sanskar started kissing her neck and swara is completely lost in him..Their moment is broken by a call on his mobile…Sanskar cursed the person who called while swara chuckled…He left her to attend the call while swara took it as a chance and got down the bed…She went to get ready…

She came out of washroom after sometime and found sanskar doing some work in laptop…She called him and asked to get ready…

Swara:Sanskar go get ready..we must go to office also na

Sanskar:Ha swara we have meeting now..pls check these files till then I will get fresh..

Swara nodded while sanskar went towards washroom..He came out after some time..Both got ready and went down for breakfast…They greeted raglak and all of them had their bf together teasing each other…Then swasan went to office leaving Raglak at home…

After 3 months

3 months have been passed after Raglak’s marriage…Everything is finally falling into place..Swara finally moved on from past…The happiness of the house is back..Swalak are not leaving any chance to tease Sanskar while Ragini is supporting sanskar and helping him to tease Swalak…Sumi is also happy to see her daughter’s happy…Now one fine day after 3 months

Night 11p.m

Swasan room

Swara is seen walking angrily murmuring something to herself…

Swara(to herself):Oh God it’s already late and this sanskar didn’t even reach home till now..everyday he is doing that only…let him come home today he will face the hell of me…it became his habit now a days…coming late to home and saying some lame excuses…

While she is talking to herself sanskar who is standing at the door listened to her and smiled at her…He slowly went towards her and back hugged her wrapping his arms around her waist and placed his chin on his shoulder…Swara smiled feeling his touch but soon changed her expression..She jerked him and went away..Sanskar held her wrist and pulled her towards her…Swara shivered due to his closeness and struggled to few herself but he tightened his grip on her and spoke

Sanskar:So my wifey is mad at me now but may I know the reason why..

Swara(angrily):Don’t you know the reason that you r asking me

Saying this she pushed him hardly and went towards bed..She lye down on bed and covered herself with blanket from head to toe..Sanskar smiled and spoke to himself

Sanskar(to himself):Sanskar beta ur wifey is really angry at u..u have to do something to convince her…think something sanskar think…

He smiled naughtily on getting an idea..He slowly went towards het without making noise and lye down on bed beside her..He also covered himself with blanket and moved towards her…He wrapped his hands around her waist and nuzzled his face in her neck and started kissing her…Unable to control swara turned towards him and asked

Swara:Sanskar what r u doing..

Sanskar:Ntng jst romancing my wifey..

Swara:But I am angry at u sanskar

Sanskar:I know that’s why i am convincing her

Swara:Is this the way to convince

Sanskar:Ha swara intact it is the best way to convince u know…

Saying this he captured her lips in a kiss..Swara also responded equally…sanskar smiled winningly..They broke the kiss when they r out of breath and hugged each other tightly…They broke the hug when they heard swara’s scream


Sanskar(worried):Swara what happened…Are u fine

He made her sit on bed and made her drank water…Swara relaxed herself and spoke

Swara:Ntng sanskar jst felt a little pain in stomach…I am fine now

Sanskar:Swara come lets go to hospital

Swara:No need sanskar…I am fine

Sanskar(strictly):No swara I am observing u frm past few days u r feeling dizzy..let’s go to hospital once

Swara(gave up ):Ok we will go tomorrow mrng…

Sanskar agreed and went to fresh up..Soon he changed into his night clothes and lye down on bed..Swara placed her head on his chest and sanskar wrapped his arms around her…Both slept peacefully in each other’s embrace…

Next Day

Next Morning swasan went to hospital for swara’s check up…Doctor did all tests to swara and swasan r waiting for reports sitting in waiting room..swara asked sanskar to go to office but sanskar denied her..Soon doctor called them to her cabin…Both entered the cabin and sat infront of her…Sanskar asked her

Sanskar:Doctor what happened..is there anything to worry

Doctor:Relax Mr.SM ur wife is perfectly fine…infact it is a good news Mr.SM..

Sanskar(confused):Good news

Doctor:Ha Mr.SM ur wife is 2 weeks pregnant…

Swasan r shocked hearing her..Tears of happiness started flowing in her eyes…sanskar is also happy hearing the news of her pregnancy..But swara remembered something and goy worried..Doctor noticed her worries face and spoke

Doctor:Swara I understood what u r thinking now..ur baby and u both r perfectly fine swara…Don’t worry nothing will happen to ur baby..it is just that u take care of urself and be happy always….Everything will be alright

Swara smiled at doctor and nodded her head…Soon swasan left the cabin after taking the instructions given by doctor…Both r so happy listening the news..Sanskar noticed that swara is being worried for something and thought to ask her after going home…

Soon they reached home..The house is empty as raglak went to their respective works..Swasan reached towards their room and sanskar made swara to sit on bed and sat beside her..He embraces her tightly and spoke

Sanskar:Swara i am so happy today…I told u na everything will be fine one day..See now everything is fine…we got the news of our baby… (While he was talking he felt his shirt wet and broke the hug..He cupped her face and asked

Sanskar:Swara what happened why r u crying…r u not happy with the news of our baby..

Swara:No sanskar I am so happy but somewhere I am getting afraid thinking abt last time…

Sanskar:Swara don’t worry nothing will happen…Everything will go well..Bas u be happy always and take care of urself..Within some months we will hold out baby in our hand..

Saying this he hugged swara tightly…Swara also reciprocated the hug..

Screen freezes

Precap:Swasan listens to their baby’s heartbeat and swara’s mood swings..


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