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Recap:swasan’s breakdown and raglak’s wedding fixed


Sekhar and dadi part to their house after fixing Raglak’s wedding..After some time Swara went to her room and started setting sanskar’s wadrobe…Sanskar saw her engrossed in her work and went towards her..He hugged her from back placing his hands around her bare waist and started kissing her nape.Swara gasp due to the sudden touch and asked

Swara:Sanskar what r u doing?leave me I have work(saying this she tried to push him…Sanskar left her and spoke)

Sanskar:Swara what is this now a days u don’t have time to spend with me…Even during nights you r coming to sleep after i sleep…for u only work is important na so go to ur work (He said all this to her with anger or say fake anger)

Swara:it’s nothing like that sanskar…

Sanskar:No need tell anything swara..leave it

Saying this sanskar went out of the room showing fake anger to swara and started talking to himself

Sanskar(monologue):Sry swara I know my words hurted you but what to do u r engrossing urself in work full day so that u can forget everything swara but I know abt u very well and I know that u r blaming urself for whatever happened…I will surely bring u out of this swara…this is my promise..ur sanskar’s promise

Saying this sanskar went from there with determined face while in room swara is thinking abt sanskar’s words and tears welled up in her eyes..

Swara(to herself):What did i do…I did a big mistake by avoiding sanskar…in my sorrow I forgot that he also lost his baby..He controlled his tears jst for me..but what i did i left him alone all these days still he didn’t complain…Now i will not let him suffer anymore…I will be with him from today…(she smiled with a determined face)

At night

Sanskar reached home and see swara setting coming table..He directly went to his room and changed…Swara came to the room to call him for dinner…Sanskar didn’t talk to her but silently followed her…Both had their dinner silently…

After dinner sanskar went to his room and slept on his side silently…Swara came and saw him sleeping she went and lye on bed and hugged him from back…Sanskar closed his eyes to control himself..After some time he felt his back getting wet and immediately turned towards her..He cupped her face and asked

Sanskar:Swara why r u crying…

Swara:Sanskar I am sry pls don’t ignore me…I can bare anything but not ur ignorance sanskar…

Saying this she hugged him tightly and cried continuously..Sanskar broke the hug…He cupped her face and wiped her tears with his thumb and spoke

Sanskar:Swara sshhh baccha stop crying…how can i ignore u ha..u r my life swara and I can’t live without u..

Saying this he leaned towards her and kissed her passionately…Swara also responed to the kiss equally…it is most important to them at that time…the kiss is pouring out all their pain..They broke the kiss when they r out of breath and hugged each other tightly…Sanskar started speaking without breaking the hug



Sanskar:Swara we can’t change whatever happened but we can forget that and start our life in a new way na.

Swara:Ha sanskar even i am trying to forget whatever happened that’s why i engrossed myself in work all these days and even I avoided u sanskar..I am sry

Sanskar:Sshh swara leave all that..from today no matter what we will be together in each and every situation and overcome it together…we r going to start a new life from today

Swara didn’t speak anything but placed her lips over his..sanskar is shocked due to sudden kiss…when swara is abt to break the kiss sanskar came to senses and captured her lips and started kissing her…They broke the kiss after some time…Swara unable to have him hide her face in his chest…Sanskar smiled and hugged her back…Soon both slept peacefully in each others after many days…

Next Morning

It is a beautiful mrng bringing New hopes for our lovely couple sleeping in each other’s embrace..Sun rays fall on our sanskar..He opened the eyes and found his lovely wife half lying upon him and sleeping peacefully..He pecked her forehead due to which she opened her eyes…She smiled seeing him and pecked his lips…Sanskar eyes wide open by his wife’s bold act…Swara laughed seeing his reaction and was abt to get down the bed but sanskar pulled her towards him and pinned her to bed…Swara is struggling to free herself but he tightened his grip…

Swara:Sanskar let me go

Sanskar:Not so soon wifey…first give me my kiss then i will leave

Swara:jst now I gave na

Sanskar:Seriously swara is it called a kiss..wait let me show u

Saying this he kissed her..it was a slow kiss showing his love..Swara also responded to him equally…After breaking the kiss that joined their foreheads and swara spoke

Swara:Sanskar now leave me we should get ready..today is raglak’s mehandi na

Sanskar left her..Soon both got ready and went down and checked the arrangements (*Mehandi and sangeet will be held in SM mansion and marriage will be held in Gadodia house *)

Soon Ragini with Sekhar Dadi and Dada…Swara went towards them and greeted them…She brought ragini in and made her to sit…They started applying mehandi to Ragini’s hand..Ragini made swara to sit and asked Mehandi girl to apply mehandi to swara also…

After sometime swaragini are seen sitting with mehandi applied to her hands completely and talking to each other

Swara:Ragini why this mehandi is not getting dry soon…I am feeling so hungry..

Ragini:Ha swara even i am feeling so much hungry…

While they r busy in talking that saw Sanlak coming towards them with plated in their hands…They came towards them and sat infront of their respective partners..They started feeding our swaragini and our girls r happy to see their partners love towards them..After completing eating swara whispered to sanskar without any one’s notice

Swara(whispered):I love u patidev

Sanskar:I love u too wifey

Raglak smiled as finally swasan are becoming normal forgetting the incident..

Like this all the rituals for Raglak’s marriage r completed and finally it is the day of marriage…

Swasan room

Swara is seen standing infront of the mirror…She is looking beautiful in her pink lehanga…Sanskar came out from washroom after getting ready…He is mesmarized seeing his princess…Swara felt gaze on her and turned only to find her hubby looking handsome in his brown sherwani..Swara blushed seeing him staring her continuously..Finally she spoke

Swara:Staring someone is bad Mr.

Sanskar(Came to senses):I am staring by beautiful wifey only na…so no problem

Saying this he came towards her and wrapped the arms around her waist and pulled her close to him…Swara tried to free herself but sanskar is sanskar he didn’t let her go…He slowly leaned towards her ears and whispered

Sanskar(whispered):Looking beautiful wifey..

Swara blushed by his statement..Sanskar smiled seeing her blushing and told

Sanskar:Don’t blush so much that I will end up doing something and you will miss marriage

Swara’s eyes widen hearing his statement and muttered:sanskar did i tell u that you r getting shameless day by day..

Sanskar(smiling):only for u sweetheart…

Swara:Sanskar stop it now we must leave..

Sanskar:Not so easy madam

Saying this he started leaning towards swara and placed his lips over swara’s…Swara’s eyes widen the to sudden kiss but soon came to senses and responded to him equally…

Soon both got ready and went to baadi along with laksh..

At Baadi

Laksh is welcomed inside by Dadi and is made to sit in mandap…Swara brought Ragini to mandap..Laksh is mesmarized seeing her and is staring her..He came to senses when sanskar report on his shoulder..Soon the wedding rituals have been started…swara did their Ghatbhandan..Raglak took 7 pheras..Laksh adorned her neck with mangalsutra and filled vermilon in her hair…All this time swara had tears in her eyes reminiscing her marriage..Sanskar saw her and kept his arm around her shoulder..She saw towards him and kept her head on his shoulders while she is smiling with tears in her eyes…

Soon the wedding is completed and pandit announced them as wife and husband…They took blessing from pandit then they went towards dada and dadi followed by Sekhar then sumi and finally they went towards swasan…Ragini hugged swara while sanskar hugged laksh and wished them..Then they 4 shared a group hug…All the family members are adoring their bond…

Screen freezes..



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