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Recap:Swara’s miscarriage


Next Morning

Sanskar woke up due to sun rays and found his wife sleeping beside him peacefully due to the effect of pills…Soon reality strikes him and tears started flowing from his eyes…but soon he composed himself and got down the bed and went towards washroom..After freshing up he came out and got dressed…After that he went towards wadrobe and took out all the baby clothes and toys which swara bought for their baby and went out of the room…He kept all those things in one box and locked it…After that he went down to bring bf for swara…

Here in room swara woke up after sanskar went…She slowly sat on the bed..She started crying remembering last night…Sanskar who came into the room with her bf and shocked to see her crying…He went near her and sat on the bed..He cupped her face and spoke

Sanskar:Shhh swara calm down…ur health is not good…it is not good for u to cry..calm down mera baccha..

Saying this he hugged her tightly..She hugged him back and cried hard…After sometime they broke the hug and swara spoke

Swara(choked voice):I am sorry sanskar…it is because of me that all ur dreams abt our baby are shattered…pls forgive me sanskar

Sanskar hugged her tight and spoke:Swara pls don’t talk like that..it is not ur mistake swara..it’s our fate that we lost our first baby swara…pls stop blaming yourself swara…

Both r crying hugging each other…Soon swara composed herself and broke the hug..She was abt to get down the bed while sanskar stopped her and asked

Sanskar:Swara where r u going..

Swara(trying to be normal):Sanskar I am going to fresh up…u and laksh must go to office na I will prepare bf..

Sanskar:Swara you don’t need to do anything…Waise i am not going anywhere today…And abt breakfast maa and ragini r there for that one…Now you come and have bf silently…come

Swara:No first let me get fresh and ha i will have my bf down with everyone..so u go down i will come in 10min

Sanskar:Swara r u sure

Swara:Ha sanskar u go now

As soon as sanskar went out of the room swara closed the door and started crying hard…After some time she stopped crying and spoke to herself

Swara(to herself):No swara you should not fall week like this…Seeing u like this what will happen to everyone…what will happen to sanskar…i know He is shattered from inside but not showing to me..I must stay strong for him…Pls God give me courage so that I can stay strong for my sanskar and for my family….

She wiped her tears with determined face and went to washroom for fresh up…After getting ready she went down and saw ragsanlak and sumi waiting for her..She wished everyone

Swara:Gud mrng everyone..Chalo all of sit I will serve bf to u…

She is saying all this by avoiding age contact with everyone…Sumi stood up and went towards her and told

Sumi:Shona no need to act for us that u r fine swara…I know that u r doing this to keep us happy…

Swara brokedown completely with sumi’s words and hugged her tightly…Sumi broke the hug after some time and made swara to sit and fed her bf…Sanskar is seeing all this with tears while laksh assured him through eyes…

After having bf sumi took swara to her room and made her lye in her lap and told:Shona I know you have lost ur baby and this is not an easy thing to forget but u should try to forget and move on beta..but it does not mean that u will act being normal…u should try with ur heart to forget this and move on beta…This is only life…we should leave our sorrows behind and move on to awaiting happy times of our life…

Swara didn’t speak anything but she had nodded her head…Soon sanskar entered the room and sumi got up after seeing him and told

Sumi:Sanskar take care of her..

Sanskar:ji maa…u don’t worry

Sumi smiled listening him and went from there.Sanskar locked the door and came towards her…He sat on bed before her and kept her head in his lap…Swara closed her eyes…He started caressing her hair..None of them spoke anything…They r just feeling each other’s presence..After some time Swara sat on the bed and spoke

Swara:Sanskar I want to come to office

Sanskar:Ha swara that is ur office..U can come whenever u want…

Swara:Then come we shall go

Sanskar:No swara not today u r still week…U need rest…first get fine then u can come to office

Swara:But sanskar I don’t want to stay alone in house

Sanskar(trying to lighten the mood):Why will u throw ur hubby out of the house or what

Swara:What r u saying why will I throw u out

Sanskar:Then what swara if u don’t throw me out then how will u be alone..

Swara:Sanskar woh u will go to office na that’s why I told

Sanskar:And who told that I will go to office…Swara i am not going anywhere I am going to stay at home today and spend some time with u understand….

Swara smiled fairly listening him..She kept her head on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her…

After 1 week

1 week have been passed to this incident…Now swara and sanskar r spending more time with each other…Both r trying to overcome the incident and to move on in their life…

One fine day after 1 week in swasan house swara is seen doing some work in kitchen while Sanlak r sitting in hall discussing something…At that time they heard a knock on the door…Swara opened the door and found Dadi and Sekhar standing there…She asked them to come inside..Sanlak took blessings from them and asked them to sit (*Guys sekhar accepted swara as his daughter but Dadi still didn’t like her*)

Swara asked them the reason for their sudden arrival and Sekhar answered her

Sekhar:Swara woh today maa went to pandit ji for fixing Raglak’s marriage date and he told that next week there is a gud muhurat and after that there is no lighter for next 6 months…So maa wants to fix the marriage next week itself…Are u ok with that Muhurat

Before swara could speak anything laksh spoke

Laksh:No baba I don’t want to marry soon…Recently only swara and sanskar faced so much and they still didn’t come out of it completely then how can i see my happiness now

Dadi:Par laksh beta next muhurat is after 6 months..How can we wait till then when u r already engaged 3 months ago

Laksh:Dadi pls this marriage…(interrupted)

Swara:This marriage will happen Dadi that too for that muhurat which u fixed

Laksh:Swara what r u talking

Swara:Ha laksh I want this marriage to happen…u r doing this for me only na laksh then agree for this marriage for me…

Finally laksh agrees after being convinced by our swasan…Laksh took blessings from Dadi and sekhar…He hugged swasan…

Screen freezes

Precap:Raglak’s marriage



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