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Recap:Swara’s pregnancy


Same night

Swasan r sitting on bed in each other’s embrace enjoying their moments…After sometime sanskar spoke

Sanskar:Swara today I am so happy..We r going to be parents..soon our baby will come to this world then we both will form a team and tease u both…You and laksh irritates me so much na now it’s time for payback..

Swara(pout):Haww sanskar today only you came to know about our baby and you r loving the baby so much…and u forgot abt me

Sanskar smiled and pecked her pout and spoke:No swara how can i forget abt my princess ha..i love her more than anything in this world…

Swara(overwhelmed):Even I love my prince more than anything

Saying this both hugged each other..Soon both slept peacefully in each other’s embrace

Next Morning

It’s again a beautiful morning for our beautiful couple sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace…Sun rays fall on our sanskar’s face..He slowly opened his eyes and found his lovely wife sleeping peacefully cuddling him…Sanskar pecked her forehead and carefully placed her on bed and got down from the bed..He moved towards washroom to freshen up..Swara woke after sometime..she searched for sanskar but didnt fimd him in room.She heard round from washroom and understood that he went to fresh up..She got down from bed and went towards his wadrobe to take his clothes..At that time Sanskar came out from washroom and stopped her

Sanskar:Swara what r u doing you must take rest come

Swara:Sanskar I am fine and by doing small works nothing will happen to me

Sanskar:Swara listen it is not good for u to work u must take rest understand…you r not going to do any work

Swara:Sanskar i am just in my 1st month so please let me do my work

While they r arguing with each other they heard laughing round and saw towards that direction…They saw Raglak and sumi standing there and laughing..Swasan r embrassed and looked down…Sumi went towards swara and hugged her

Sumi:Swara today I am so happy..I am going to be nani..congrats swara

Swara:Tq ma…

Laksh:But maa when baby comes then I will not give her to anyone…only i will play with her..Baby loves her chachu more

Ragini:No baby loves her maasi more…She will play with me only

Both started fighting with each other while others looked at them shocked seeing them fighting like kids…Finally sanskar shouted

Sanskar:Stop it now…stop both of u…Baby will be with me not with u both so pls stop

Raglak looked towards him wide eyes while he chuckled…Like this they spent some quality time with each other..

Swasan are so happy thinking abt their upcoming life with their baby…Sanskar is taking gud care of her…Life is so perfect for both of them but will it always be???

Swara entered her 2nd month..It is again a beautiful morning for our couple sleeping in each other’s embrace…Sanskar is sleeping peacefully while swara is seen suffering to sleep..She opened her eyes and sat on the bed reasting her head over headboard…Sanskar also opened his eyes and asked her

Sanskar:Swara what happened..Why did u get up so early today??Are you fine??

Swara(Painful expression):I don’t know sanskar I am getting severe pain

Sanskar(worried):What!Is it paining more..it is btr if we would go to hospital now..chalo get up

Soon both woke up and went to hospital..Swara is taken inside for check up while sanskar is waiting outside…He is seen worried…Soon doctor came out after checking swara and called sanskar to her cabin..Sanskar followed her…Soon that entered cabin and doctor asked him to sit…Sanskar sat there and asked her

Sanskar:Doctor what happened to her she is fine na..our baby is fine na

Doctor:I am sorry Mr.SM u r wife has lost her baby

Sanskar is shocked hearing that…He felt as if someone has snatched his world from him…Tears r continuously flowing from his..But he slowly composed himself and spoke

Sanskar(with tears in his eyes):But doctor how did this happen..We r taking gud care of her…we r even taking care of her diet and see that she is taking medicines…Then how did it happen doctor

Doctor:No Mr.SM it is not abt her medicines..Sometimes it happens..She is in her 2nd month and it is the time when some ladies loose their babies due to some issues in their pregnancy…So pls u must take care of her…She is very week so take care of her diet also..And ha i am changing her medicines take care that she takes them on time

Sanskar(teary eyed):ji doctor

He came out from doctors cabin and cried his heart out…soon he composed himself and wiped his tears and went to swara..Swara smiled seeing him and asked

Swara:Sanskar what did doctor tell??

Sanskar(avoiding eye contact):Ntng swara she jst asked me to take care of u


She is confused due to sanskar’s behaviour but shrugged thinking that may be because of work pressure…Soon they reached home…Sanskar helped swara till room..He made her to drink juice and made her lye on bed and kissed her forehead

Sanskar:Swara take rest for sometime…

Swara:Ok but pls sit with me

Sanskar without any option set beside her..When he confirmed that she slept he slowly came out of the room and went to garden…He is sitting in garden and crying…Tears r continuously flowing from his eyes which he controlled till now…Suddenly be felt a hand on his shoulder..He turned and saw Sumi standing there..He immediately stood up and hugged her tightly and cried loud…Sumi is worried seeing him like that but she thought to calm him first then she will ask him the reason…

After 30 mints sanskar stopped crying and broke the hug..sumi cupped his face with one hand and asked

Sumi:Sanskar what happened that u r crying

Sanskar narrated her the whole thing with teary eyes…Sumi is also shocked hearing him..She has heard in her eyes…But she composed herself as her children needs her and spoke

Sumi(choked voice):Sanskar does swara know about this

Sanskar:No ma I didn’t tell her…I even don’t have courage to face her…You u only tell her ma…I can’t do that

Sumi:No sanskar…I can’t do that…it is only u who can do that…She needs you in this situation..You must be strong for her..Only you can control her in this situation sanskar..

Sanskar:But maa… (interrupted)

Sumi:No sanskar how much you want to cry you get now only but u will not cry in front of her…You must be strong enough to tell her the truth…

Sanskar hugged sumi again and cried loudly..Soon sanskar composed himself and prepared himself to face swara…

Here in room swara woke up and found the room empty…She is abt to get down from the bed when sanskar came into the room with dinner…He sat infront of swara and started feeding her silently..He did not speak a single word to her…Swara is getting doubt seeing him but ate silently…After feedind her sanskar gave her medicines and was abt to go but stopped hearing her


Sanskar turned towards her and spoke:Ha swara tell me

Swara:What happened to you sanskar you r behaving so oddly from the time we came from hospital…

Sanskar:Nothing like that swara…

Swara:Ok then tell me why did doctor changes my medicines..

Sanskar is shocked hearing her question and he is thinking what to answer her..When he is lost in his thoughts swara again asked him the same thing

Swara:Tell na sanskar


Swara stood from bed and went towards sanskar..She held his collor and asked:Sanskar will u tell me what happened..Why did she change my medicines…What happened to our baby sanskar pls tell me

Sanskar:Swara woh we lost out baby swara

Swara is shocked hearing him and started beating him and spoke:Sanskar why r u telling me such a bad joke ha…I will not leave if u again tell me such jokes understand..Now tell the truth what happened

Sumi came into the room hearing her shouts and is shocked to see the scenario..She went towards swara and held her tightly to stop her from beating sanskar…

Sanskar(teary eyed):Swara this only truth…We lost our baby forever swara…

Swara went numb on hearing this and was abt to fall on ground but sanskar held her on right time…She looked towards sanskar who has tears in her eyes and spoke

Swara:my baby sanskar…our baby sanskar….We lost our baby sanskar..

Saying this she hugged him tightly and cried loud..Sanskar and sumi tried to stop her but failed..Soon she slept in his embrace as sanskar gave her sleeping pills..He realised that she slept and took her in his arms and placed her on bed carefully…He caressed her hair and kissed her forehead…He also slept beside her after some time..

Precap:Don’t know


I know many of u don’t want miscarriage sequence but I choosed it as it is the worst part of one’s life..I jst want to show how a couple support each other and become each other’s strength when they r facing a worst situation in life…So hope u understand my Pov…

Let me know ur views abt this part through ur valuable votes and comments…posetive or negative comments accepted..If u don’t like anything in my story then u can tell me through ur comments…I don’t feel had instead it will help me to improve myself…

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    keep writing
    be happy always!

    1. Nagamanasa

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  2. Shrinjal

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    At 1st swasanraglak scene is vv lovely nd beautiful. …..bt after that left part is vv sad …..

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  12. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Mind blowing chappy..Aww,poor swasan??feeling bad for them..Hope they overcome the situation..It’s reality of our life..Everyday many couples lost their child in the world.. It’s a tough situation for them..Apne bacche ko leke jo sapne dekte hain vo 1 second main tutt ke bikar jate hain..You showed the reality through swasan,good job dear..Keep going.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Nagamanasa

      Tq uma dear…yup it is the reality of life…There r many couples who loose there babies and they will be shattered by knowing that the dreams that saw abt their baby will remain as dreams….Tq so much that u liked my work..I will post next one soon dear

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    1. Nagamanasa

      Kaku dear thank u for ur comment and also loving my story…I know leaving TU is impossible for everyone so u cant leave it that easily…
      Sry that u could not get laddu but don’t worry u r going to get ur laddos in upcoming parts..so wait till then
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