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Recap:Swara angry on Sanskar…

After 2 days

2 days have been passed and sanskar is going to be discharged…He is happy that he is going to home and also sad that swara is not talking to him…Soon he reached home..Sumi did his aarthi…All r sitting in hall chit-chatting and spending time with each other..Swara is completely ignoring sanskar and he is feeling bad for that…Sumi and Ragini left to their home..And Sanlak went to their respective rooms while swara is working in kitchen…Sanskar is waiting for his princess to come…Soon his wait is over as swara came into the room…

Swara came towards the bed and found a box of chocolates there with a sorry note…She took the chocolates in her hand and looked towards sanskar.She saw him holding his ears and whispering sorry to her…Swara smiled inside but maintained her angry face to him…When she was abt to go sanskar held her wrist and pulled her to bed..She colluded his chest due to sudden pull…She bow her head down…Sanskar held her chin with his finger and lifted her face..There is an eyelock between them..sanskar broke the eyelock and started to speak…

Sanskar:Swara i am sorry pls talk to me…talk to me..if u r angry with me then beat me,scold me but pls talk to me…Your ignorance is killing me swara.. (He had tears in his eyes while he was saying these words..)

Swara wiped his tears and spoke:Sanskar pls stop now I am not angry on u but I was afraid..I was afraid to loose u sanskar…u know na i cant even think of my life without u…If anything happens to u I will di…

She is unable to complete as sanskar places his lips over hers to stop her from talking…She is shocked by the sudden kiss..When sanskar senses that she is not responding he got her lower lip..With that she came to senses and started responding him equally…sanskar smiled between the kiss and continued kissing…They broke the kiss when they r out of breath…Sanskar joined his forehead against hers and asked

Sanskar:Am I forgiven

Swara(acts like thinking):Yup

Swara:waise sanskar did u take medicines???


Swara(angrily):i know u will not take medicines

Sanskar:Arey swara why to take medicines when u r there to give me he

Swara:Stop buttering me now and chup chap eat these medicines…

saying this she gave medicines to sanskar and he ate silently…After taking medicines our swasan slept peacefully on bed..

Days are passing like this…swara is taking good care of sanskar…She is not letting him go to office..but he is allowed to work from home as he kept a condition that he works from home else he will go to office..Laksh is handling the office and swara is helping him..

After 2 weeks

2 weeks have been passed and now sanskar is perfectly fine..But he didn’t start going to office as he have something in his brain

That day swara went to office with laksh for a meeting while sanskar is at home..Evening swara reached home alone as laksh went out with ragini..

Swara entered the house and found it dark…She called sanskar but didn’t get response from him..She slowly went towards their room but didn’t found him instead she found a more on the bed…She took the note and read it..it reads “wear this and come to retrace my love”…She blushed on reading the note and took the saree that is kept on the bed and went to washroom..Soon she came out…She is looking stunning in her Royal blue colour saree went to terrace…She is awestruck to see the decorations…She is completely lost admiring the place decorated romantically…She came into senses when she felt a hand around her waist and kiss on her nape…


Sanskar:Did u like it

Swara:No!I loved it sanskar thank u so much

Sanskar turned her towards him and sat on his knees and started speaking

Sanskar:i love u swara…Thank U so much swara for coming into my life and making it perfect…For being with me all the time…For becoming my strength…For bringing me out from that darkeness…I love u swara…Will u be with me for my whole life…Will u be my soulmate

Saying this he extended his hand towards her…Swara kept her hand in his with tears in her eyes…Sanskar made her wear the
ring…swara made him stand and hugged him tightly as if her life depends on him…He reciproted the hug…They broke the hug after sometime and swara told him

Swara:I love u too Sanskar

Saying this she captures his lips…Sanskar is shocked by his wife’s bold act but soon he reciprocated to the kiss…They took their dinner together getting each other…Then sanskar took her in his arms and moved towards bed…Soon both the love birds involved in their love making and the screen got blurred…

After 1 month

1 month have been passed…Adarsh is punished for his deeds…. swasanlak r living their life peacefully with each other..Everything became normal…Sanskar also started going to office…swalak together form a team and they irritate sanskar to the core…

It is asusually a new morning…Swasanlak woke up and got ready…They are sitting at dining table having their bf…Swara is serving them..Suddenly swara felt dizzy and was abt to fall but sanskar held her on time..Swara fainted in his arms…He took her in his arms and started taking her to their room..He asked laksh to call doctor….He made her lie on bed and tried to wake her but she didn’t get up…He is worried to see her unconcisious…Soon doctor reached and sanskar told her

Sanskar(worried):Doctor pls check her…don’t know what happend she is not getting up…

Doctor:Relax Mr.SM…I will check her…You pls wait outside

With no option left sanskar went outside with laksh…Sanlak r waiting outside for doctor to come out…Sanskar is getting worried while laksh is telling him to be strong…Soon doctor came out and Sanskar literally ran towards her

Sanskar:Doctor what happened to her…is she fine…Is any thing wrong

Doctor:Relax Mr.SM…Ur wife is perfectly fine

Sanskar:Perfectly done then why did she faint…

Doctor:Mr.SM congratulations ur wife is pregnant..

Sanlak are shocked hearing her answers of happiness flowed from sanskar’s eyes…

Sanskar:What is it true doctor

Doctor:Ha Mr.SM u r going to be father soon…

Sanskar:Tq doctor tq so much..

Doctor:U r welcome Mr.SM and ha bring her to hospital for regular check up Soon

Sanskar:Ok doctor

Soon doctor went from there…Laksh hugged sanskar and wished him..Then sanskar went into his room..He say beside sleeping swara and kisses her forehead…Soon swara gained senses and looked towards sanskar who is looking at her teary eyes…He helped her to sit on the bed and took her in a none crushing hug…Swara is confused with his behaviour…Soon sanskar broke the hug and spoke

Sanskar:Tq swara tq for the precious gift

Swara:What r u saying sanskar…I didn’t understand anything

Sanskar held her hand and placed it on her belly…Swara understanding something looked towards sanskar…He assured her through eyes…Tears start to flow from her eyes and hugged him tightly…Both r silent and feeling the most beautiful moment of their life…Laksh came into the room and saw them…He is so happy that his bhai is getting everything in his life…He faked cough to bring them to senses


They came to senses with his voice and broke the hug and looked towards him…Seeing them laksh spoke

Laksh(dramatically):Someone wish me also…I am also going to be chachu of the baby

Swasan smiled hearing him and trio shared a group hug…

Screen freezes on their smiling faces…

Precap:Swara’s Miscarriage


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