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Recap:Sanskar’s accident


3 hrs have been passed after doctor informed that sanskar is fine..swaraglak and sumi are waiting for him to gain conscious…soon nurse came and informed that sanskar has got conscious..Everyone except swara went inside..Laksh hugged him and cried..Sanskar consoled him..then Sumi and Ragini spoke to him for sometime..He is restless all this time and his eyes are searching for his life his love his swara…Everyone noticed this.They went out and asked swara to go in.Swara came in after sometime..Her eyes r swollen the to continuous crying and face is looking pale..She silently went and sat in the chair beside his bed and was looking at his face..Sanskar also stared her lovingly..Silence prevailed in the room..Soon it is broken by sanskar


Swara: …..


Swara: …

Sanskar:Swara what happend??

She didn’t replied instead turned her face to other side..sanskar understood that she is angry on him for coming out without listening her words..He smiled seeing her anger..He is thinking deeply how to convince his princess

Outside sanskar’s room

When swasan were in sanskar’s ward inspector came to meet Laksh outside

Inspector:Mr.Laksh we found that truck driver and what he told is really shocking

Laksh:What did he tell

Inspector:He told is that this accident is not unfortunate but it is pre-planned

Hearing this Raglak and sumi are shocked…It is laksh who first came into his senses and spoke

Laksh:What r u saying inspector..Who did this??

Inspector:Mr.Adarsh Maheswari

Laksh (angrily):Whattt!

Inspector:Yes Mr.Laksh it is him who planned for this..We have got proofs against him…Now we r going to arrest him

Laksh:Ok inspector but before that I must settle something’s with him

Saying this he moved from there angrily..Sumi and Ragini tried to stop him but he didn’t listen and went in his car…Ragini also followed him with police…


Meanwhile in MM Adarsh is seen smiling happily thinking that sanskar is dead …At that time LAKSH entered in MM angrily and went towards Adarsh..He grabbed him with his collor and started beating him..Everyone became numb seeing laksh in that state…Soon they came in senses and tried to stop him but in vain

Laksh(beating him continuously):How dare you tried to kill my bhai

Everyone are shocked listening that..While laksh is beating him continuously Ragini came and stopped him

Ragini(holding him):Laksh stop it now

Laksh:Ragini leave me I will kill him

Ragini:No laksh if u do the same then what will be the difference between him and u…leave him police will see him.. (To inspector)Inspector arrest him

Soon inspector arrested Adarsh and started going..Rp tried to stop inspector but they didn’t stop…Raglak also left the place silently and reached hospital..Ragini assured sumi that everything is fine..

At night

Raglak and sumi went home as only one person is allowed to stay there and swara insisted that she will stay with him..Swara is still not talking to sanskar…Sanskar is trying hard to make her talk but she didn’t respond..Suddenly he got an idea and smiled…While swara is sitting on couch and reading some magazine she heard sanskar screaming


Swara hurriedly came towards him and held him:Sanskar what happened is it paining…Shall i call doctor

When she is speaking continuously she noticed sanskar smiling and understood that it is his prank..She pushed him and turned her face to other side angrily and was abt to go..Sanskar held her wrist and pulled her…She fall on him due to the sudden pull..She looked towards him angrily and was abt to go but he pulled her again..He is continuously staring her..Swara avoided looking towards him as she knows that she will melt of she looks in his face…Sanskar turned her face towards him and kissed her forehead..Swara closed her eyes feeling his touch..Sanskar smiled seeing her…He is abt to kiss her lips but their sweet moment got disturbed by the nurse who entered with sanskar’s dinner…Sanskar cursed the nurse for disturbing and swara chuckled hearing him…Nurse gave the dinner to swara and instructed swara abt his medicines and left the room…Swara made sanskar sit on the bed and sat beside him to read him…Sanskar is shocked seeing the food(Nurse brought veg soup and some rice with bhendi curry ) and spoke

Sanskar:Yuckk swara what is this…should i eat this tasteless food…no i cant swara…get me some tastly good swara

Swara(angrily):No sanskar…till u get fine u r going to eat this only…so chup chap khalo samjhi…

Sanskar:But swa..

But stopped in between as swara gave him a death glare…He gulped seeing her and ate his food  silently…After that she gave him medicines…Soon he slept the to the effect of medicines..

After he slept swara sat on the couch and started thinking abt the days happenings.The thought of looking sanskar even made her shiver..Soon thinking all these she drifted to sleep on the couch itself…

Next Morning

Sun rays fall on our beautiful sanskar..He slowly opened his eyes and looked around…He found swara sleeping peacefully on couch..She is looking cute while sleeping..He smiled seeing her…Soon swara also woke up and found him staring at her…She blushed a little bit soon reality hit her that she is angry at him..She turned her face to other side

Sanskar(in mind):Oh God sanskar beta she is still angry at u…u must do something soon to convince her otherwise u r gone

While sanskar is lost in his thoughts Doctor came there..He checked Sanskar and told

Doctor:Mr.SM u r fine now but u need to take rest for atleast 2 week as u r week and must take care of ur diet..

Sanskar:what 1 week no I can’t do that..My business will be in grt trouble as I must see abt my new project

Doctor:But Mr.SM (interrupted)

Swara:Don’t worry doctor I will take care…u give me his prescriptions and diet…I will see that he will follow…But when can we take him home??

Doctor:Ok Mrs.SM u come with me I will give u the details…and U can take him home in 2 days

Swara:Tq doctor

Soon doctor left the room and swara followed him…Sanskar is sad thinking that he is not going to office for 2 weeks as he know that his lady don is not going to allow him to go…

Screen freezes

Precap:Sanskar at home and mission swara


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