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But before that I want to clarify that except Sanlak everyone in MM knows abt Dp’s plan..they did this to save their respect in society as Sahil is an orphan and they can’t make her married to him so they killed Sahil and when uttara came to know about it they killed her also..Adarsh and Rp also supported Dp…So hope now all ur doubts r cleared

Now let’s start the next part…

Recap:Swara in sanky’s office


Same day
9 pm
Sanskar’s office

Sanskar is working in his laptop while swara is jst checking the previous files sitting on the couch in his cabin…Swara after completing her work spoke to sanskar


Sanskar(without taking his eyes from laptop):hmm


Sanskar:Ha swara tell me

Swara:What about ur previous office who is looking that one

Sanskar:Swara laksh is taking care of that one

Swara:Oh…wait..Matlab laksh knows that u bought this company


Swara:Idiot he also didn’t tell me..now he is going to die in my hands for sure

Saying this swara smirked while sanskar laughed imagining his brothers condition after going home..Swara saw him laughing and told

Swara:Don’t laugh so much I am not going to leave u also

Sanskar came and sat beside her and told in her ears huskily:Even I want that only wifey…

Swara blushed hard hearing his statement….Soon both reached home.At that time laksh was sitting in living room talking to Ragini in phone.Swara slowly went towards him and snatched mobile from his hands and started speaking

Swara(on phone):Hello Ragu now I am going to kill lucky now so bid bye to him.

Laksh gulped in fear while ragini chuckled hearing her and kept the phone bidding them bye..Swara glared laksh and laksh started running in the whole house and swara fan behind him

Laksh:Acha swara sorry year leave me ur hubby only did not let me tell u

Swara:sorry not accepted

Saying this she caught him and started beating

Laksh:Ouchh swara stop it yaar it’s paining

Finally swara left him after sometime..Trio spent quality time together and went to their respective rooms

Swasan Room

Sanskar is lying on the bed playing in his mobile.At that time swara came and laid down on couch silently.Sanskar is shocked seeing her on couch and asked her

Sanskar:swara what r u doing

Swara:Can’t you see i am sleeping

Sanskar:I can see that but why r u sleeping in couch

Swara:This is ur punishment for not wishing me today mrng

Sanskar:But swara I did this to surprise you na


Saying this she closed her eyes while smiling inwardly..soon she opened her eyes with a jerk when she felt that she is in air but she is not in air instead she is in her hubby’s arms…She protested him and asked him to put her down but he didn’t paid any heed..He made her lye on bed and came on top of her and pecked her forehead then her eyes then cheeks and finally he placed his lips on her…Swara is shocked with this sudden kiss but soon responded to him equally..they broke the kiss due to lack of breath…He joined his forehead with her’s and told

Sanskar:I love u swara

Swara(smiled):I love u too hubby

Saying this she hugged him tightly.He also reciprocated the hug..Soon both slept peacefully in each other’s embrace

Next Day
10 a.m

Sanlak reached the meeting place.At the same time Rp and adarsh also reached there..Adarsh smirked seeing them as he is confident that he is going to win the deal(*in his dreams*) but sanlak didn’t pay any damn to them and went inside…

Soon the meeting started and everyone gave their presentation and waiting for the results to be announced..The results r announced and Sanlak won the deal..Rp and adarsh are shocked hearing the result while sanlak smirked at them..Soon everyone left the room except sanlak Rp and adarsh..Rp started scolding Adarsh

Rp:Adarsh what is this u told me very confidently that we r going to win this deal but how did we loose it

Adarsh:I don’t know chachu I will try to know it soon…

Sanskar interrupted them and spoke:I will tell u Mr Maheswari how u lose it..What u think if u buy my employes with ur money and they will cheat me by telling u the tender amt then u r mistaken

Fb strts

Fb is shown when that employ came and informed sanlak abt Adarsh’s deal and Sanlak making him to accept the deal..Then the employ told wrong amt to Adarsh and he made him believe that he is cheating sanskar

Fb ends

Sanskar:My employs r very loyal and never they can cheat me..U can never ever think that u can win SM..so btr be in ur limits

Saying this Sanskar left the place and laksh follwed him..Adarsh banged the table with his fist in anger and Rp controlled him

Adarsh:No I can’t be like this I must do something with that Sanskar otherwise I will lose everything…yes i will do something

Saying this he left the place with a devilish smile on his face….(*God knows now what he is going to do huhhh*)

Same night

Sanskar reached home alone.. laksh went to his friends house as he is organising a party..When sanskar entered the house he found it completely empty..He called swara but she didn’t respond to him..He went towards his room and found it dark..He switched on the lights and surprised to see the room completely decorated with rose petals and scented candles..it is creating a complete romantic environment..His eyes searched for his life his swara but didn’t found her..Suddenly he felt two arms across his chest from back and a weight on his back…she is our swara who hugged him from back..She closed her eyes and whispered


Slowly sanskar turned towards her only to find her looking gorgeous in her baby pink saree…Sanskar is mesmerized seeing her and kept staring her..Swara blushed feeling his continuous gaze on her…

Sanskar cupped her face and whispered against her lips


With this he captures her lips in a kiss..They kissed each other passionately..They broke the kiss when they r out of breath and r staring each other lovingly..soon swara broke the eyelock and took him towards the cake holding his arm..then both had cut the cake together and fed each other..

They both had their dinner together feeding each other…After dinner they both r standing in the balcony talking to each other..Suddenly swara remembered something and went inside..Sanskar is confused seeing her..Soon she came out with a packet in her hand and gave it to Sanskar

Sanskar:Swara what is this

Swara:You only open and see it

He opened the packet and found a beautiful watch with SS written on back of that watch.He is looking towards it lovingly.Swara asked him

Swara:Sanskar did u like it

Sanskar:Swara like I loved it..This is the best gift in my life

Swara smiled hearing him and made him wear the watch..Then sanskar also made her wear a beautiful heart shape pendant with SS written between the heart..Swara kissed the pendant..Then sanskar asked her for a dance to which she agreed happily

They both danced romantically while the song janam janam plays in the background..Soon sanskar lifted her in his arms and took her towards bed..He made her lay on bed and came on top of her..He started kissing her to which she also responded equally..after they broke the kiss looked towards her eyes for permission..She is overwhelmed with his gesture and closed her eyes giving him permission..He smiled at her and covered themselves with blanket and consummated their marriage…Soon both slept peacefully in each other’s embrace unaware of the storm that is going to come in their lives…

Screen freezes

Precap:Same as before


Huff!Finally done with this part..I am so bad in describing romance and I wrote it with great difficulty..it took 1 full day for me to write this part..Hope it is upto ur expectations…

Let me know ur views through ur valuable comments…

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