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Recap:Swasan confession


It is again a beautiful morning for our heavenly couple who r sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace.Sun rays fall on our beautiful swara.She slowly opened her eyes and found her hubby sleeping with his one hand under her head and other hand around her..She smiled at him pecked his forehead and freed herself from his grip and went to fresh up…Soon she came out in her blue suit and found him still sleeping and smiled.She went towards him and started waking him up

Swara:Sanskar get up u must go to office

Sanskar:Hmm swara let me sleep

Saying this he turned other side and slept again but out swara is swara so she took a glass of water and poured it on his face..He woke up with a jerk and Stared her..Swara started laughing at him..sanskar glared her.He held her wrist and pulled her towards him.Due to sudden pull she fall on him and both again fell on bed with swara on top of him.Sanskar rolled and now he is top..Swara widened her eyes in shock..Sanskar kissed her forehead..She came to sense with the kiss and spoke

Swara:Sanskar what r u doing..leave me we r getting late

Sanskar:Why so fast wifey u did a mistake by disturbing my sleep so u have to get punishment right


Sanskar:Ha wifey punishment

Swara:Ok I agree…tell me what is it

Sanskar(smirked):Give me my morning kiss

Swara widened her eyes hearing him and she blushed hard..her cheeks turned red…Sanskar smiled at her and told

Sanskar:Don’t blush so much wifey that I lose my control and then don’t blame me

Swara again shocked and hit his chest playfully and hide her face in his chest blushing hard..

Sanskar:Swara stop blushing and give my kiss…then i will leave u

Swara(feeling shy):Ok fine

Saying this she leaned towards him closing her eyes…Sanskar also closed his eyes.She slowly missed him on his cheeks pulled him and ran away…Sanskar opened his eyes and shouted

Sanskar:Swara this is not fair yaar..

Swara(standing at door):Everything is fair in love and war patidev

Saying this she ran out of the room..Sanskar smiled and got down to get ready…

Days r passing like this and with each passing day their love for each other has been increasing…Finally after 6 months

After 6 months

6 months have been passed and there r many changes in these 6 months…Raglak r officially engaged with the consent of Her family..Sekhar and Dadi also changed their behaviour towards swara as she is the reason for racing’s happiness..

Swara completed her studies and is going to join her job..Sanskar also got bust for his next project…Now today is the day swara has to join her office

That day morning asusual swara is sleeping..She extended her hand in sleep for sanskar but didn’t find him..She opened her eyes slowly and set on the bed..She understood that sanskar is in washroom so she got down the bed and took out his clothes..Sanskar came out of the washroom and got ready hurriedly and spoke

Sanskar:Swara I have an important work so I am going to office and don’t worry I will eat my bf in office

Saying this he left without even giving her chance to speak..

Swara(to herself):Huhh this sanskar don’t even remember to wish me as today I am going to join my new job..Did he even remember or not…Let him come I will not even talk to him

Sanskar who is listening her talks standing outside the room smiled at her talks and went from there.Soon swara also got ready and went down.She met laksh at the bf table and wished him

Swara:Good morning

Laksh:Good morning swara.so all set for today


Laksh:What happened r u ok

Swara:Ha I am fine

Laksh:Ok come let’s have bf then I will drop u

Soon both had bf and went to office.Ragini and sumi also called swara and wished her..Soon they reached her office…Swara went inside after bidding bye to Laksh..After swara went inside laksh called someone and informed that swara reached the office and left the place..

Swara went inside the office…She went to the receptionist and showed her appointment letter..Receptionist asked her to go and meet their boss and have her the directions towards the cabin…

She knocked the cabin and went inside..She is shocked to see the person sitting in the chair…The person sitting there smirked at her and slowly came towards her.He hugged her from back placing his hands around her waist and started Kissing her nape.With his touch she came to senses and asked him

Swara:What r u doing here

The person didn’t even bothered to answer her and continued his work..Swara is also enjoying his touch and also confused to see the person there so she forcefully broke the hug and turned towards him and asked

Swara:SANSKAR pls tell me what r u doing here…this is not ur office na

Sanskar(Dramatically):Hey bhagwan now what should I do my wife has become such a boring…not even allowing me to romance with her

Swara hit his chest playfully and asked him to tell her

Sanskar:Ok fine come..

He made her sit on the couch and sat beside her..He took her into his embrace and started speaking

Sanskar:Swara i bought this company 2 months ago


Sanskar:Ha swara actually this company belongs to my friend but he was going to settle in u.s due to his problems so he sold his company

Swara:And u didn’t even bothered to inform me right.

Saying this she broke the hug and turned to other side poutingly.Sanskar got up and went to her side and pecked her pout…Swara blushed

Sanskar:Sry swara i thought to surprise u…pls maaf kardo(Saying this he told her ears…)

Swara:Ok but this is the last time..

She smiled and both hugged each other again…Suddenly she realized something and broke the hug

Swara:Sanskar now I have to work with u


Swara:Then where is my cabin

Sanskar:This is only ur cabin swara

Swara:What no…we can’t work in the same cabin

Sanskar:Why what is the problem

Swara:If we both r in same cabin you will not work instead u will start romancing with me and will not let even me to work

Sanskar(smirking):So my dear wifey is afraid of me


He started walking forward and swara started walking backwards.She stopped when she hit the wall.sanskar came towards her kept his both hands on her either sides to stop her from moving..She closed her eyes understanding his intentions.Taking it as acceptance sanskar slowly placed his lips on her lips and started Kissing her slowly swara also started responding him…They broke the kiss when they r out of breath and are staring each other lovingly…They came to senses by the knock on the door

Sanskar:Come in

Sanskar’s pa Aman came in and told him: Sir all the staff members are waiting in the meeting room

Sanskar:Ok you go we r coming

Amen went from there.Sanskar held Swara’s hand and started moving .Swara is confused with his act

Swara:Sanskar where r u taking me

Sanskar:Didn’t you hear what Aman told we r going to meeting room

Swara:Ha I know but why r u taking me

Sanskar:You come with me then u will get to know

The reached the meeting room and entered in..All the staff members r shocked seeing sanskar coming with a girl but they stood and wished him

Sanskar:Good morning everyone..Today i gathered u all here to introduce the important person of my life…Meet my wife Mrs.Swara SM..From today she is going to work here so pls co-operate with her as u do with me

All the staff members greeted her and congratulated her….then they all left..Swara went towards sanskar and hugged him and muttered thank u…Sanskar smiled at her and hugged her back

Then both of them went to their cabin and sanskar started working while swara asked him

Swara:Sanskar what r u doing

Sanskar:Swara I am checking the presentation..we have a meeting tomorrow for the prestigious government contract and if we get that then we r going to get a huge profit

Swara:Ok then tell me shall I help u

Sanskar:No swara it is completed

Swara:Then what should I do here

Sanskar:Swara this is ur first day right so for today u take test and don’t worry slowly I will make u work

Swara(making faces):Ok fine

At Maheswari office

At the same time in Maheswari industries Adarsh and Rp r seem talking to each other

Rp:Adarsh did u make the presentation

Adarsh:Ha chachu don’t worry I completed it and even checked it

RP:Don’t forget at any cost we have to win this project…Already we r in loss the to last project…Now if we didn’t get this project then we must close the company so pls be careful

Adarsh:Ok chachu…don’t worry we will get it

Rp:Ok..Did u get to know how much amount Sanskar coated for the tender…

Adarsh:Ha chachu I got to know so don’t worry..I coated 2rs less than sanskar’s amount

Saying this Adarsh and Rp smirked

Screen freezes

Precap:Sanskar’s accident


Guys I told u that I am going to end my ff..I took this decision due to some of my problems but now I decided to continue this ff…So guys tell me whether u want me to continue or not…if u don’t want me to continue then next part would be the last part…so let me know ur opinions..



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