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Recap:Dp arrested and swalak conversation…

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Next Day evening

7.00 p.m

Sanskar is sitting in his cabin doing his work..Someone knocked his cabin door.Without looking he asked them to come inside and continued his work.Suddenly the person came inside snatched the file he is seeing from his hand.He got annoyed and looked towards the person but mesmarized to see the person intront of him looking like an angel in her red long gown and completely lost in her..swara blushed slightly feeling his continuous gaze but composed and shaked him..He came into his senses and spoke

Sanskar:Swara what r u doing here

Swara(pouted):Why should I not come here

Sanskar(Smiled at her):you can come here whenever you want as this is ur office in

Swara:Ok.But for now take this and get ready fast.

Saying this she gave him packet

Sanskar(Seeing the packet confusedly):Swara what is this

Swara:Sanskar stop ur question session and go dear

Sanskar:Ok madam

Soon sanskar went and changed his dress and came out.He is looking handsome in his yellow shirt white pant and white blazer.Swara is completely lost in her handsome husband but soon came into senses and told him

Swara:Sanskar u know you r looking so cute and pulled his cheeks

Sanskar:Swara don’t call me cute yaar you can call me handsomeΒ  na and pls stop pulling my cheeks if anybody see us what will they think the great bussiness tycoon is called cute by his wife

Swara:So what I am ur wife I can call u whatever I want and where ever i want understand

Sanskar:Ok.Now tell me why did u asked me to change

Swara:Oh God i forgot abt it.Now come we should go

Saying this she started dragging Sanskar without paying attention to his words.She made him sir in the car and asked the driver to start the car.Sanskar started irritating her with his questions…

Sanskar:Swara tell na where are we going

Swara:Sanskar pls have patience u will get to know soon

Soon the car stopped in front of a hotel.Both came out of the car and swara took him inside and directly took him to the lift.Soon the reached the terrace of the hotel.Sanskar is shocked to see the scene infront him.The place is beautifully deacorated with rose petals and the view of the city from the terrace is really beautiful at one side of the terrace a table is set for 2 people to sit with the dishes set on the table..The decorations r completely creating a romantic environment.He turned to see swara but did not find her beside him.He heard her calling him and saw towards that direction and found her kneeling in front of him..She started speaking

Swara:Sanskar i don’t know when and how I fall for u but I am sure that I fell for u Sanskar.Yes I LOVE U MR.SANSKAR MAHESWARI I LOVE U A LOT AND I MEAN IT SANSKAR

Sanskar is having tears in his eyes hearing her.He held her by her shoulders and made her stand and gave her a bone crushing hug.Soon he broke the hug and told her


Swara is happy hearing her and hugged him immediately.He hugged her back.Soon what seemed like eternity they broke the hug and Sanskar kissed her forehead then her eyes then cheeks then his face went towards her lips and he looked towards her for permission and she closed her eyes.Taking it as acceptance he joined their lips.He is missing her pouring all his love for her she also responded with him equally.Soon they broke the kiss and joined their foreheads and muttered

Swasan:I love u

They had their dinner feeding each other and talking to each other.After eating sanskar asked her for a dance.She happily agreed and gave her hand to him.

They started dancing romantically following the tune.Like that they spend some time together.Soon they left the hotel and Sanskar took her to get favorite Ice cream parlour and ate ice creams feeding each other.They reached home late night

They went to their room and got changed into their night clothes.Sanskar saw her coming out of the washroom and is staring her with love and swara blushed feeling his gaze.Sanskar moved towards her and she is moving backwards until she hit the wall.Sanskar kept his hands in either side of her to prevent her from going.Soon their lips met again and they kissed each other again with all the love.After breaking the kiss sanskar started Kissing her neck and she mourned his name.He pick her in his arms and placed her on bed and came above her.He is about to kiss her but he saw some dear in her eyes and understood that she is not ready for this now so he kissed her forehead and slept beside her

Sanskar:Its late swara sleep now.Good night

Swara turned towards him and placed her head on his chest and her hand around him with years in her eyes

Swara:I am sorry sanskar

Sanskar(sat on the bed):why r u telling sorry swara there is no mistake of urs.It is my mistake that I didn’t think about u

Swara:No sanskar don’t think like that I am ur wife and you have full right on me u can do anything with me but it is just that I want sometime for all this(She is all this with tears in her eyes)

Sanskar wiped her tears and told:Its ok swara you take how much time you want i am ready to wait for u till my last breath

Swara is overwhelmed hearing him.She hugged him and kissed his cheek tightly.Sanskar is shocked with the sudden kiss and hugged her back.There is complete silence in the room.swara broke the silence and spoke

Swara:Thank u sanskar for being such a loving and caring husband..I love u

Sanskar:I love u too

They stayed like that for some time and broke the hug.Sanskar laid on the bed and spread his arm for her.Swara smiled and placed her head on his chest and soon both slept peacefully dreaming about their upcoming life with their partner’s…

Precap:Swasan romance and last part


So next part will be the last part and it will be followed by the epilogue…Trust me even i don’t want to end this but I can’t continue as I have two reasons for that…Firstly i don’t want to spoil it by dragging it and secondly my clg has been started and i may not get time to upload as I am already full with my workload…So hope u all understand

And coming to the part this the first time I am writing something like this and i don’t know whether their confession reached ur expectations or not…if is not upto ur expectations then please pardon me…Love u all guys😍😍😘😘😘

Let me know ur views about this part through ur valuable comments…

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