Hi Friends
I am Nagamanasa..This is my first ever story.I have this idea in my mind from many days so though it to write it down..Hope u like it *Fingers crossed

This is the small intro of the story..

SANSKAR MAHESWARI-Male lead of the
story.27yrs old.Arrogant Business man.Owner of Karma Company.Have a painful past. Loves his brother a lot.People know him as SM.Lives alone in SM Mansion.

SWARA BOSE-Female lead.22yrs old.Doing final year of graduation.Bubbly girl.Daughter of Sekhar Gadodia and Sharmista Bose.After their parents separation lives with her mother in Bose house.Loves her mother and sister a lot.Singing is her passion.

RAGINI GADODIA-Half sister of Swara.21yrs old.Doing 3rd yr of graduation.Daughter of Sekhar Gadodia and Janki Gadodia.Knows abt swara being her sister and loves her a lot.Lives with her Father,Dadi and Dadu.

LAKSH MAHESWARI-26yrs old.Cousin of Sanskar.Loves him a lot.Handles Maheswari industries.Lives with his family at MM.

SHARMISTHA BOSE-Single mother of Aware.Loves Swara a lot.Working as a lecturer in college..

SEKHAR GADODIA-Father of Swaragini.

PARVATHI GADODIA-Dadi of Swaragini but hates Swara and Sumi as they r Bengalis


DP&AP MAHESWARI-Parents of Laksh.

Remaining characters r same as the serial.Janki Gadodia is dead and there is no DIDA Character here.

Finally done with the intro guys..I will try to post the 1st part soon..

Give me ur opinions through comments.

Yours Nagamanasa:-)

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  1. Abirsha

    Nice dr…. ?

    1. Nagamanasa

      Tq so much dear

  2. Interesting concept dear… Plz continue ??????

  3. Kakali

    Manasaaaa Diiiiii ,,,( i made u my new diiii*convert) .,,, *pinch my nose !!! ahhhh it’s true !!! goshhhh !!!
    puuuut puuuut !!! Love d intro,,,
    m sure u gonna rock with it ,,, love it Diiii !!! Thnk u. ;¤
    still unable to believe soooo *faint

    1. Nagamanasa

      Tq kaku dear I am happy that u liked it my sissy…my fainting queen u again fainted i must spill water on u now dear..This is my first attempt so pls give ur opinions in every episode so that I can improve myself…

      1. Huhhh Diii don’t tease me okkk !!! just bcz of ur cute n pleasant surprise m *lying on ICU bed…

        Diii but u know na i leaving in few days !! so it’s almost impossible for me to comment n read…but dun worry there r lots of people who will love to read ur work n will also give good good responses rit !!!
        Sooo all d very best fir ur further episodes…
        M glad i have one more dii now *pull ur cheeks n run

      2. Nagamanasa

        Don’t worry kaku dear I know that you r leaving in some days but in these days I will try to post most of the episodes within 10 days because even i will be busy after 10 days as I am going to start my coaching classes along with my college…so don’t worry my sissy. U pulled my cheeks and ran away na now i am gonna catch u and pull ur ears

  4. Waiting

    1. Nagamanasa

      I will post soon swasan

  5. Nice….

  6. Hemanshi

    Awesome intro……now I want the first part asap…..can’t wait for it nagamanasa??

    1. Nagamanasa

      Tq di…I will post soon may be by tomorrow

    2. Nagamanasa

      Di i posted it today morning check it out…A shock is waiting for u and kaku

  7. Srijah

    its simply superb…… i can comment as many times as i love u….
    congrts as u posted it here…. we will love to read them…. continu it

    1. Nagamanasa

      Tq so much sissy…love u too

  8. nice continue soon//

    1. Nagamanasa

      Tq dear and I will

  9. Soujanya


  10. Rabia

    Awesome dearr and all the best in advance for future episodes ????

    1. Nagamanasa

      Tq so much di??

  11. Nagamanasa

    Tq dear and I will

  12. Nice…..

  13. Pirassenadevi

    So who are the pairs???

    1. Nagamanasa

      Swasan and raglak dear

  14. Nice..continue soon..tc..

  15. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Interesting concept dear…plz continue… Waiting for first part…All the best for the further parts…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Nagamanasa

      Tq so much dear…I will upload soon

  16. SNY

    Awesome manasa di…..
    Plz nxt one soon.

    1. Nagamanasa

      Tq dear…I will upload soon

  17. Arshaanya

    Continue soin

  18. Mica

    waa.. dear!…let me enjoy your work.. update soon dear!

    1. Nagamanasa

      Tq dear…i will post soon

  19. Wow super continue dear

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