Swasan! Love of my life!!

Hey guys

I’m totally new to ff… Wait actually I’m not new to ff but writting an ff… But before I start I really wanna appreciate all the authors for ur mind blowing works u guys are just brilliant honestly more than serials I read ff… After reading ur amazing stories here I come with a new one..

I’m a swasanian… And this story is based on swasan I know I’m not a good writer but still there is no harm to give it a try… Right… I need all ur support to proceed with this story

Thanks for listening my bak bak


Sanskar Maheshwari – 27yrs a hot handsome young man girls drool over him but as u guys no our sanky don’t give a damn to them… Arrogant rude this is wat people say but if u peep in his house u can see an opposite person who is a fun-loving guy… And partner in crime of his bro’s son (ayan)… His family is his first priority… Shares everything with his bhabi thinks her as his second mother…

Ayan adarsh maheshwari- 5yr old cute little naughty boy.. Son of adarsh & parineeta… Partner in crime of his sanky chachu

Adarsh maheshwari – sanky’s bro… A sweet person and a loving husband… Loves his family… Ayan’s dad

Parineeta adarsh maheshwari – sanky’s Bhabi… Pampers him alot in fact thinks him as her first child.. They share a unique bond… Ayan’s mom

Dp and ap have already passed away in an accident…

Swara – orphan.. Lives with her bestie 23yrs a bubbly, fun-loving and a epitome of beauty… Lives her life to the fullest… She is a mini chatter box… In fact she don’t even know the meaning of silence… Her bestie (Kavita) is her everything love her to the core… Chocolate holic

Kavita – 23yrs have no one except her bestie… Loves swara a lot can d on anything for her…

So Kavita and swara r orphan here they live in a flat together… First they were in orphanage and after getting scholarship they started living in a flat.

So yes here is the character sketch of my story… If you guys like I’m going to proceed or else I’ll stop

Thank you :-*

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  1. Loved it. Continue soon

    1. AIRA

      Thank you

  2. Monaa

    Interesting.. Continue soon

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      Thanks for liking it

  3. Nagamanasa

    Interesting dear…continue soon

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      Thanks di… ??

  4. Phoniex

    Nice start

    1. AIRA

      Thank u?

  5. Neptune

    welcome to swasan family dear it was really nice concept and please continue it

    1. AIRA

      Thank u so much.. And I would love to be a part of this family…. Yess I’ll post the next part today..

  6. LostStories

    Loved it.. dude?

    1. AIRA

      Thanks yaar… I’m glad that u liked it…

  7. Rachna

    Awsm.. Update soon next part

    1. AIRA

      Thanks rachna…. Yess I’ll update soon

  8. Parulkashyap

    awesome continue dr n welcome to tu family

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      Thanks a lot… ???

    1. AIRA

      Thank you ?

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      Thank you

  10. awesome continue

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      Thank u… ??

  11. AIRA

    Thank you sooo much…

  12. Amazing dear. Continue soon even I had joined swasan family few days back.
    U know ur details are very similar to me like I m also hellyholic,swasanholic and love my bestie to the core.

    1. AIRA

      Wow that’s so cool… Lot of similarities ??and thanks for liking it

  13. Fabulous

    1. AIRA

      Thanks… ?

  14. Gayathri.visu

    Very good start dear…. Plz Continue

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      Thanks alot ?

  15. Tamil

    Amazing dear….continue soon….

    1. AIRA

      Thank u… Im a tamilian too

      1. Tamil

        Nice to meet you dear

      2. AIRA

        Nice to meet u too

  16. Fab…intrsting continue soooon

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      Thanks alot ?

  17. Independent

    nice proceed

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      Thank u… ?

  18. SNY

    Superb????next one soon….!!!

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      Thanks ?

    1. AIRA

      Thanks :-*

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      Thank you ??

  19. Seebu_s

    nice dear…continue soon

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  20. hey its nyc dear

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      Glad that u liked it dear

  21. nice dear

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  22. Manasvi

    R u on wattpad??
    Btw it’s so awesome..
    Loved Swara’s character..

    1. AIRA

      Yes I’m in Wattpad… Thank you glad u liked it ?

      1. Manasvi

        DII, Do you know Manasvi1005 on wattpad??

      2. AIRA

        Yeah I know… Wait *dimaak ki batti chal gayi ?* so it’s u right… And call me by my name na it’s so cute… Y do u want to make me so elder *pout*

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