Swasan! Love of my life!! (prologue)

Hey guys
I’m glad that u people liked this story… Thank you for ur response guys… Seriously ur response was like a glucose.. U guys encouraged me to write further thanks for ur support guys…. Never in my dreams I thought that even I would write something… Thanks once again…

So this is just a small part but I’ll try my best to make it lengthy… As I’m a new one so at start I may post small parts… But as I go further I may post a lengthy one…

Forgive me for mistakes

We can see a palace like mansion with a name plate as MAHESHWARI MANSION so let’s peep inside the house to know wat is happening… We can see four people with different reactions on their faces…

our little Ayan is giggling whereas parineeta was giving death glares to her loving husband adarsh who was in return having puppy face with a pout and Atlast we can see our handsome hero sitting with a crying face or u can say fake cry… So let’s get into a small flashback to know wat is the reason behind these reactions….

Flashback ?

We can see parineeta preparing breakfast for everyone where as our two handsome r playing vedio game

Sanky : see champ today for sure I’m going to win… Get ready to loose

Ayan : chachu u r saying this from past one month but still everytime u loose… (giggling)

Sanky while making faces : it’s because u always cheat…

Ayan’s mouth was O shaped

Ayan : meeeeeeeeee ? chachu let me remind u it’s u who always try to cheat me by diverting my mind using chocolates

Sanky while diverting the talks says : OK OK so let’s see who is going to win today… ?

Ayan : yes today also u r going to loose…. Get ready to give me DMs

While parineeta who was witnessing all these was having a smile seeing their bond…

Whereas sanky and Ayan where so much engrossed in vedio game… When sanky was about to win the TV was switched off which made sanky frown and Ayan squeal in joy…. When they tilted their head they saw pari standing with a frown and seeing her angry both gulped in fear

Pari : Wat r u both doing… I’m shouting for past 5mins but u both r least bothered to listen and totally engrossed in this stupid vedio game

Ayan : mom don’t call my vedio game stupid…

Sanky in a complaining voice : this is not fair Bhabi… I was about to win but u switched off the TV….

Pari gave a death glare to both of them which made them shut their mouths

Pari : Now both of u go and get ready for ur school and office respectively but before that Gi and wake up my kumbkaran patidev… In half an hour I want to see u three of them in the dining table Being ready… I’m I CLEAR

She pressed the last word to which both of them nod in fear and run to adarsh room to wake him up…

In adarsh room

He was sleeping so peacefully dreaming about his wife

Sanky and Ayan entered the room

Sanky was trying hard to wake up his kumbhkaran bro..

Sanky : bhai wake up… How much will u sleep… Come out of ur dreamworld… If we don’t reach down within half an hour then Bhabi would surely throw us out without giving food… Bhai wake up

While sanky was waking him up adarsh was still dreaming…. And pulled sanky with a jerk thinking it to b his wife…

Adarsh while caressing his cheeks : jaan why is ur cheeks so rough when did u grow a beard… While saying this he was leaning to kiss…

Where as sanky who was hell scared of the sudden pull was now terrified as adarsh was leaning closer… And


Before adarsh could move further sanky screamed out loud…

Seeing all these Ayan who was till now giggling broke into a fits of laughter…

And hearing the scream pari came running to the room to k hw wat happened whereas adarsh who was now out of his dreamworld was terrified seeing sanky so close… Before he could do something sanky pushed him and faking cry….

Pari gave a glare to Ayan who was rolling on the floor laughing uncontrollably which made Ayan stop laughing but couldn’t stop his giggling…
And adarsh was having a puppy face with a pout

Flashback end ??

Sanky immediately hide behind pari and said faking his cry

Sanky : Bhabi see Wat bhai was about to do… Thank god u came on time or else I would have not able to face anyone…. And again started his acting…

Pari was just giving death glares to adarsh who was in return giving sheepish smile to her… When adarsh was about to say something pari shouted….

Pari : enough all of ur dramas… Now get ready within 15mins or else Ill throw all of u out without giving anything… GET READY NOW

saying this everyone run to heir respective rooms to get ready

So guys here is the fun-loving sanky who is quite dramatic

Sorry for not showing swara but pakka in next epi u can see swara’s character

Do let me know how was it…

Thank you :-*

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  1. AIRA

    Guys I’m sorry for the typing mistakes
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    Saying this pari strom out of the room giving death glares to adarsh… And after pari’s exit sanky and Ayan run to their respective rooms to get ready…

    And let me say this… Sanky’s fun-loving side is only for his family his other side is yet to see…

    Do let me know how was this epi if u find some mistakes pls do Say I’ll try to change it… Thank u for so much support

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